Videos 500 - 599

Running Time: 123:15

Sleeper Hold Finishes: Vol 2
65 Segments with 44 Different Ladies

Sleeper Hold Finishes Vol 2 is a compilation tape featuring 65 sleeper KO’s with 44 different ladies. This 2 hour tape sells for $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 123:00

Winners & Losers: Vol XXII:

Vol 22 of our Winners & Losers series contains both indoor and outdoor footage. There are 23 climactic scenes and 30 different ladies featured. This 2 hour tape sells for $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 54:10

4 Matches in France: Bertha, Kira, Dutch & Marilyn
Little Drummer Girl

We went to France and found four English girls eager to wrestle: Bertha (5’1”- 109 1bs), Dutch (6’01”- 161 1bs), Kira (5’11"- 159 lbs) and Marilyn (5’4" - 111 1bs). We arranged four matches: two were pins only and two were pins and subrnissions. The wrestling was done outdoors on grass. In Little Drummer Girl Bertha has to deal with three unexpected house guests.

Running Time: 71:40

2 Competitive Mixed Matches:
David Vs Brigette
David Vs Lita

David goes up against two newcomers: Brigette (5’7” 135 lbs.) and Lita (5’9” 147 lbs.) in two thirty minute pins and submissions matches. A total of eight pins were recorded over the course of the two matches.

Running Time: 76:10

Woman’s World Championship Match: Best of 7 Falls:
Aquel Vs Randi
Weapon’s of Smother: Best of 5 Falls: Jade Vs Staci

The champion Aquel consents to a best of 7 falls submissions match with the challenger Randi. Aquel is extremely confident and enjoys the benefits of having a cornerwoman Suzanne. Five submissions were recorded: leg spread, atomic drop, sleeper, leg lock and 10 count KO In Weapons of Smother Jade (5’9” 123 lbs) and Staci (5’6” 134 lbs) agree to a best of five falls smother submissions rules match. The smothers used to achieve victory included: breast, face and hand smothers.

Running Time: 46:50

5 Encounters: Sarah Vs Steve

Sarah has to handle Steve in five different scenarios. She wrestles in jeans, dress, shorts, bikini and topless with the emphasis being on subduing and dominating him.

Running Time: 54:50

David’s 50th: A Handicap Match
David Vs Lita & Staci

David decided to celebrate his 50th birthday by wrestling Lita (5’9” 147 lbs) and Staci (5’6” 143 lbs) in a 45 minute pins and submissions handicap match. This match was going to answer the question of whether youth can triumph over experience since the two opponents combined age was still six years younger than David’s. A total of 7 pins and 1 submission were obtained in this fast paced and high spirited match.

Running Time: 64:05

Catfight Rendezvous: Jill Vs Brigette
The Assignment: Candi Vs Brenda & Sarah

Both videos were filmed on location. In Catfight Rendezvous Brigette lures Jill to her apartment for a bra and panty catfight. In The Assignment Candi agrees to dispatch office workers Brenda and Sarah at their work place.

Running Time: 62:30

KO & Pass Out: Jade Vs Jessica

Jessica (5’7” – 139 lbs) and Jade (5’9"-.124 lbs} wrestle in a unique rules match that requires both a knockout and a tickle torture pass out to win. Knockout finishes included: face sit, breast smother, headscissors, jack-knife pin smother and Iron claw. Following each knock-out the loser was subjected to a two minute tickle torment in which she struggled not to pass out.

Running Time: 65:25

Slowdown for a Showdown: Lee vs. Shelli
Exercised: Sasha Vs Zora

Lee and Shelli agree to a toe to toe bare fisted punch out to settle matters between them. Punches fly and bodies drop until one is left, barely standing. Zora and Sasha agree to a wrestling match with the proviso being that the winner can have the loser do whatever she decides. Needless to say with that hanging over them neither lady was about to risk defeat.

Running Time: 123:00

Competitive Compilation: 50 Different Ladies In 37 Matches

This two hour tape is entirely made of competitive match segments with the majority ending with a pin or submission. There are 37 matches featured with 50 different ladies included. This tape sells for $49.95 and would count as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 53:45

Club Challenge: 4 Matches
Josie Vs. Samantha, Rashon, Casey & Rose

Josie (5’4” 121 lbs) came to Woman’s World and challenged four ladies to competitive submissions matches. Her opponents were: Samantha (5’7” 119 lbs), Rashon (5’6" 120 lbs), Casey {5’6” 115 lbs) and Rose (5’8" 124 lbs). All matches were intense and hard fought.

Running Time: 56:15

Freckle Count: Lee Vs. Marie
I’ll Take Care of Her: Candi Vs. Staci

Marie’s freckles become the cause of confrontation when Lee discovers that her boyfriend is also fascinated by them. Candi assures a cell phone caller that she will take care of Staci then proceeds to do so.

Running Time: 37:10

The Professional:
Candi, Jessica, Kaye, Lee, Staci & Xena

The Professional (Candi) takes an assignment to infiltrate and eliminate a nest of nasty vixens. Fights occur in the pool, bathroom and jucuzzi as each is finished off as per instruction.

Running Time: 58:00

Masked Death: Four Ladies in 12 Scenes

Four masked hellcats clash and collide using knives, spears, a club, ax and bolo, leaving the opponent bloodied and destroyed.

Running Time: 42:20

Competitive Bikini Match:
Brigette Vs. Marie

Brigette (5’7" 133 lbs) and Marie (5’5" 121 lbs) wrestle for 30 minutes in this competitive encounter. A total of 8 pins and submissions were recorded.

Running Time: 69:30

10 Count KO: Best of 5 Falls:
Beth Vs. Marie
Staci Vs. Xena

These two extreme matches required a 10 Count KO to win each fall .We paired Beth (5’4" 129 lbs) against Marie (5’4" 124 lbs). Two KO’s and one sleeper KO decided it. Staci (5’6" 133 lbs) and Xena (5’8" 126 lbs) took their match to five falls in a very intense struggle.

Running Time: 53:10

Black Angel: Grim Reaper
Lee Vs. Staci, Candi, Zoë, Jessica, Fran & Kaye

Black Angel (Lee) rampages thru a bevy of beauties, leaving each gasping for precious breath after administering her lethal kiss of death. A toe- tagging finale has five of the six victims laying naked in the grass for display.

Running Time: 68:20

Cuffed: 7 Falls: Kaye Vs Marie
To The Victor Go The Spoils: Tori Vs Lee

Kaye (5'0" 131 lbs) and Marie (5'4" 115 lbs) battle in a seven falls thirty minutes submissions match. Finishing holds include: bearhug, reverse hangman, over the shoulder back breaker, sleeper, head-scissors, stomach claw with hand smother and pressure points KO. Tori and Lee tangle in scissor struggle which leaves one lady naked, bound and at the mercy of the victrix.

Running Time: 82:10

Another Defeet: 5 Scene's: Brigette Vs Steve
30 With Lita: Lita Vs Jackson

Poor Steve gets on Brigette's last nerve with the result being a heel crushing , foot smothering defeet. Lovely Lita ("the man beater") agrees to take on the always ready Jackson for a 30 minutes wrestle.

Running Time: 123:00

Winners & Losers: Vol. XXIII
21 Scenes With 26 Different Ladies

Winners & Losers Vol. XXIII captures the climax of the fight with 21 offerings featuring 26 different ladies. This two hour tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 123:00

Boxing & Fisticuffs:
48 Scenes With 36 Different Ladies

Boxing and Fisiticuffs is dedicated to fans of boxing and bare fisted brawling. This compilation tape includes 48 scenes with 36 different ladies. All scenes end with a decisive winner. This two hour tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 60:15

Tickle Match: KO & Pass Out
Rose Vs Jessica

Rose (5'8" 123 lbs) and Jessica (5'7" 139 lbs) were paired in this match which required a submission KO and a tickle passout to win. Submission KO's recorded were: heart punch, breast smother, pin & hand smother, figure-four headscissors and jack-knife pin and smother. Instruments of tickle used included: fingers, feathers and beads.

Running Time: 123:00

Wilted Rose: Defeated Again
Vol. 3: 24 Scenes With 19 Different Ladies

Rose is the subject and her various defeats are the theme of this compilation tape. There are 24 scenes which capture Rose in the throes of losing to 19 different opponents. This two hour tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 51:40

Secret Agent Girl (II): Candi
Mixed Wrestling Match

Secret Agent Girl Candi has to battle her toughest male opponent in a no holds barred all-out battle with numerous KO's before the winner emerges.

Running Time: 47:25

Shampoo Queen: Three-peat: Staci Vs Zoe
Masked Match: Jill Vs Jessica

Shampoo Queen Zoe defends her title for the third time against an aggressive and determined Staci. The wrestle/catfight that ensues ends with a sleeper finish, a head to toe shampoo and a head shaving. Jill challenges Jessica to a masked shaving cream match. Once again a sleeper decides matters and the loser is left covered in shaving cream.

Running Time: 61:10

Masked Death: 6 Scenes
Catfight Rematch Request: Staci Vs Jessica

Two masked warriors battle to the finish using spears, knives, clubs, bolo and a shield The end is bloody as one masked battler triumphs completely. A rich patron of the catfighting scene arranged to have Staci and Jessica renew their rivalry in a hair pulling, butt-slapping, breast-gouging match. The end comes with a face-sit finish and the loser is stripped naked by the triumphant winner.

Running Time: 92:00

Candi: Sleeper Finishes
44 Matches With 30 Different Opponents

Candi has been billed as the Sleeper Queen and here is all the proof you need to buttress the claim. We have compiled 44 segments against 30 different opponents with the outcome being the same: each victim is put away by Candi's vicious sleeper hold.

Running Time: 56:00

2 Custom Videos:
Hair Trilogy: Jill Vs Lita
The Housekeeper: Amy Vs Sasha

We released these two custom videos as a set. Hair Trilogy pits Jill against Lita in a hair-pulling action at its fiercest. Amy and Sasha lock-up in an apartment to settle who the housekeeper will be.

Running Time: 122:40

Competitive Compilation: Volume 2
33 Matches With 39 Ladies Featured

We compiled this competitive action tape where each match ends with either a pin or submission. There are 33 matches and 39 different ladies featured. This two hour tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 123:00

Winners & Losers: Vol XXIV
25 Scenes With 27 Different Ladies

We know that you can't get enough of a good thing so we rolled out our very latest Winners & Losers Vol XXIV ahead of time. Once again you get a variety of indoor and outdoor action with a decisive and climatic finish. This two hour tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 69:00

Agony KO Challenge:
Aquel Vs Lee

Aquel and Lee subject themselves to the agony of a best of nine falls KO Challenge Match. This wrestle and catfight leaves both beauties naked, bloody and unconscious until one finally prevails.

Running Time: 76:30

Tickle Match: KO & Pass Out
Candi Vs Rose

Candi and Rose are paired in a match that requires both a submission KO and a tickle pass out to win. KO included: sleeper, Cobra Clutch, smother, Atomic Drop, Reverse Hangman and pressure points. Each victor then tied and tickled their opponent for a full three minutes in an effort to render them unconscious by means of tickle torment.

Running Time: 52:30

Endurance Match: Jill Vs Staci
One Fall Submission: Sasha Vs Brigette

Endurance Match has Jill and Staci wrestle in 12 fall marathon. The only way to win is when your opponent can no longer continue. Among the many submissions used were the following: Iron Claw,
Bow & Arrow, Cobra Clutch, Boston Crab, Reverse Hangman,
Reverse Face Pin and Atomic Drop. Sasha and Brigette were paired in a one fall submission which ended with a strange chin lock and Bikini wedgie combo.

Running Time: 67:50

3 Part Competition: Candi Vs Staci
Scissor Submissions: Best of 7 Falls
Lee Vs Jasmine

Candi (5'7"-129lbs) and Staci (5'6"-134 lbs) compete in a 3 part match which included: pins, submissions and extreme (boxing & wrestling). Each loser was K.O.'ed and stripped. In Scissor Submissions we paired veteran Lee (5'8"-124 lbs) against Jasmine (5'6"-126 lbs.) against who made her wrestling debut. The only way to obtain a submission was by scissor hold which included: figure-four headscissors, standing head-scissors, reverse and neck scissors.

Running Time: 71:15

30 Minute Match: Anka Vs Tom
Competitive: Randi Vs David

Anka (5'5"-107 lbs) went up against Tom in a 30 minutes pins and submissions match. Finishing holds included: arm & ankle lock combo, bear hug, Boston crab, figure four headscissors, reverse headscissors and reverse schoolgirl pin. The next match was also a 30 minutes pins and submissions format which paired Randi (5'6"-135 lbs) against David (5'7"-147 lbs). Three pins were recorded in this evenly fought match.

Running Time: 49:40

Mistress At Work:
Candi, Anka, & Aquel

Mistress Candi has her naked slave-girls Anka and Aquel battle for her pleasure. Two K.O.'s ensue before Candi joins the fray as she dominates her slaves and dispatches them by the following means: Sleeper, headscissors, hand smother, Iron Claw, pressure points and foot smothers.

Running Time: 62:15

Another Masked Match: Jessica Vs Lita
The New & Improved Shampoo Queen:
Staci Vs Shelli

Jessica challenges Lita to a masked match: the loser being given a shaving cream facial. The two wrestle and catfight fiercely as they strip one another naked. The end comes with a sleeper finish and wrist tie. The loser is the awakened and forced to view her shaving cream humiliation as she is sat in front of a mirror. The "New & Improved Shampoo Queen" Staci makes her first title defense against the tough and beautiful Shelli. The ladies wrestle and hair pull until a sustained sleeper finishes one of the two. The head to toe body shampoo and the head shaving finale make for a complete triumph.

Running Time: 51:20

Submissions: Zoe Vs Clark
Candi Meets Her Match

Pretty, blonde Zoe (5'8"-134 lbs) is matched against Clark 6'0"-178lbs) in this submissions only match. Finishing holds included: full nelson, hammerlock and sleeper. Candi tangles against a masked male in a hard fought action filled struggle which leaves one wrestler unconscious on the mat.

Running Time: 64:00

The Autograph: Rachel Vs Jack

Fan-struck Jack seeks the Rachel's autograph, but only succeeds in incurring her wrath. She proceeds to work him over with scissors and pins while subjecting him to a steady barrage of verbal abuse and humiliation.

Running Time: 60:00

Vodka Strategy: Anka Vs Candi
Freckle Girl: Coco Vs Xena

Anka and Candi start out naked except for stiletto heels and masks. They begin with a bare fisted brawl. The action continues with the following finishes: bearhug, reverse hangman, standing surfboard, jackknife pin and reverse face sit. The end comes with one lady hog-tied on her back and forced to drink vodka until she is passed out. Freckle Girl (Xena) incites Coco into a three falls submission match by bragging about how beautiful she is and how men are attracted to her freckles. Submissions finishes included: double hammerlock & chin-lock combo double arm stretch and chin-lock & ankle lock combo. The end comes with one grappler stripped and tied as the other begins her work.

Running Time: 61:20

3 Encounters: Aquel Vs Steve
Candi Conquers: 2 Scenes

Foot and face sit smothers are the orders of the day in these two matches. Steve has the repeated misfortune of getting on the fiery Aquel's bad side. He then pays the price for doing so in full. Confident Candi is ready for action as she dominates her opponent in two separate encounters.

Running Time: 70:45

The Long Match: Randi Vs Jackson

Pretty brunette Randi (5'6"-137 lbs) grapples with jolly Jackson in this marathon of scissors and pins we call "The Long Match"

Running Time: 57:45

Final Payback: Kaye Vs Sasha

Bodybuilder Kaye is angered that fitness model Sasha is getting all the work and plans to put an end to it. Of course Sasha is not about to let that happen without a fight. The Catfight and wrestle rages back and forth in the carpeted confines of an office until both are naked. The end comes for one and the punishment begins. The Final Payback has the unconscious loser hog-tied with green duct tape.

Running Time: 63:15

Mixed Match:
Candi Conquered: 5 Encounters

Candi comes out the loser in these 5 encounters (as a Boxer, Harem Girl, Huntress, Dominatrix & While getting a oil massage) as she is continually K.O.'d and tied up by her ruthless male opponent.

Running Time: 123:00

Winner & Losers Vol. XXV
27 Scenes with 34 Different Ladies

Volume XXV of our popular Winners & Losers series continues to capture the climax of the action in these 27 scenes with 34 different ladies. This 2 hour tape sells for $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 69:15

Wrestle My Way: Lee Vs. Lita
Shampoo Queen: You're So Over: Staci Vs. Rose

Lee (5'8"-126lbs) and Lita (5'9"-137lbs) wrestle in this best of five falls submissions match. Finishing holds included: reverse standing chin lock, chin lock and double ankle lock, standing surfboard and Atomic Drop. Defending Shampoo Queen Staci is up to the challenge of veteran Rose. A breast smother ended the match. A head to toe body shampoo awaited the naked and tied loser.

Running Time: 72:45

Super Kaye: Mighty Mistress: Kaye Vs. Anka & Jade
Deep Sleep: Fran, Lita & Rose

Mighty Mistress Kaye has her slave girls Anka and Jade wrestle for her pleasure. She then joins in to administer wrestling discipline to them via headscissors, backbreakers and sleepers. In Deep Sleep Rose knocks out Lita and Fran with chloroform before stripping and working them over.

Running Time: 52:20

Mixing It Up: Toni Vs. Lex

Athletic Toni keeps Lex pinned and scissored with a combination of skill and sensuousness.

Running Time: 45:10

Wrestling Debut: Pins Match: Tonya Vs. Renee

Making an auspicious debut Tonya (5'3"-119lbs) and Renee (5'2"-119lbs) tangle in an action packed thirty minutes pins match. After the elapsed time the two decided on a sudden death overtime so that a winner could emerge.

Running Time: 51:45

Nude Submissions: Best of 5 Falls: Shelli Vs. Kaye

Shelli (5'6"-135lbs) and Kaye (5'0"-134lbs) wrestle naked in this best of 5 falls submissions match. Finishing holds included: sleeper, Iron Claw, figure-4 headscissors, Atomic Drop and reverse face sit.

Running Time: 60:35

Match, Strip & Sleep: Anka Vs. Raquel
Katie Vs. Lee

Anka (5'5"-110lbs) and Raquel (5'6"-111lbs) are paired as are Katie (5'6"-123lbs) and Lee (5'8"-127lbs). Each wear matching outfits. The only finishing hold allowed is the sleeper. The loser is then stripped and posed over.

Running Time: 77:10

Mixed Competitive: David Vs. Sasha
David Vs. Candi

These two mixed matches feature seasoned veterans: David (5'7"-148lbs) going against Sasha (5'5"-134lbs) and Candi (5'7"-132) in these thirty minute pins and submissions formats. The match with Sasha had two submissions and three pins. The one with Candi had two pins and one submission. There were no draws.

Running Time: 123:00

All Aquel: One Tough Cookie

This compilation tape features the feisty Aquel (5'0"-122lbs) in action in 19 matches with 21 different opponents. This two hour plus tape costs $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 69:40

Tickle Match: K.O. & Pass Out
Jade Vs. Lita

Jade and Lita were paired in this Tickle Match. To win required a submission K.O. and a tickle torture pass out. Finishing submissions included: front face sit, Camel Clutch, figure-four headscissors and reverse hangman. The loser of each fall was tied and tickled for a three minute interval in an effort to make her pass out.

Running Time: 123:00

Winners & Losers: Volume 26
20 Scenes with 25 Different Ladies

Another volume of triumphant winners and devastated losers was compiled from our vast video archives. You follow the action at the point of climax. This two hour plus tape costs $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 43:10

Special Assignment: Navel Maneuvers
Lee Vs. Katie, Anka, Kaye, Candi, Staci, Lita & Shelli

Agent Lee is assigned to take out a group of tough girls. Using her special technique of belly punching and navel clawing she finishes them off one at a time. Lee lays them out, strips, gags and toe-tags them before departing.

Running Time: 55:00

Another Go At It: Brigette Vs. Steve

Steve decides to challenge Brigette again evidently having forgotten what happened the first time around. Brigette takes him up on the idea and proceeds to scissor and smother him into unconsciousness.

Running Time: 123:00

Ravishing Raquel: In Total Control
24 Scenes with 19 Victimes

This compilation tape features the sultry, red-haired Raquel (5'6"-115lbs) defeating her various victims before subjecting them to her total domination. This two hour plus tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 123:00

Alluring Anka: Losing Moments
24 Scenes with 19 Different Ladies

This compilation tape features the beautiful, blonde Anka (5'5"-112lbs) as she fights in vain to avoid defeat and the humiliation heaped on to her by the victor. This two hour plus tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 53:30

Two Custom Videos:
K.O. Threesome: Lee, Shelli and Tonya
Them: Katrina Vs. Rose

We packaged these two custom videos for your entertainment viewing. K.O. Threesome has two veterans (Lee and Shelli) joined by a newcomer (Tonya) in a knockout, butt patting, lift and pose battle. In Them Rose battles a possessed Katrina who wishes to possess her and have Rose join "Them".

Running Time: 70:35

Mixed Rematch:
David Vs. Staci
David Vs. Lita

David was so impressed the first time he wrestled them that he insisted on a rematch. In two thirty minute pins and submissions matches he wrestles Staci (5'6"-148lbs) and Lita (5'9"-143lbs). The first match had 4 pins and 2 submissions. The second had two pins recorded.

Running Time: 86:00

562 Battling Rivals: Jill Vs. Sasha
18 Matchups

Beautiful fitness girls Jill and Sasha have had a long and storied rivalry since joining the ranks here at Woman's World. This tape is the proof as we match them 18 times in fierce and spirited action.

Running Time: 46:45

Footworks: Sasha Vs. Steve

All that hardworking Sasha asks Steve for is a foot massage. Instead of obliging he proposes a wrestling match. The ever willing Sasha goes along. She then proceeds to scissor, pin, face sit and foot smother him into submission.

Running Time: 123:00

Luscious Jade: Lose Then Win
25 Scenes with 16 Different Ladies

The voluptous Jade (5'9"-126lbs) is featured in this compilation tape. The first part has her being defeated. The second part has her victorious. You get to see both beautiful sides of her. This two hour plus tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 67:00

Double-Teamed: Lex Vs. Candi & Jade

In what started as a handicap match Jade and Candi worked as a tag team against Lex. At some point in the match the girls decided to double team him. The rest was all scissors and pins. The poor guy didn't stand a chance.

Running Time: 122:15

Winners & Losers Volume 27

Winners & Losers Volume 27 contains 20 spectacular finishes featuring 25 different ladies. This two hour plus video is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 74:20

Submissions: Best of 5 Falls
Candi Vs Tonya
Aquel Vs Shelli

These two Best of 5 Falls Submissions Matches went the distance as the evenly matched opponents gave it their all. The first match paired veteran Candi (5'7" 126 lbs) against new girl Tonya (5'3" 119 lbs).The second pairing was between Aquel (5'0" 120 lbs) and Shelli (5'6" 131 lbs).

Running Time: 122:30

Candi Conquered (By Female Fury)

This two hour plus compilation tape features the crafty Candi against fierce female competition. The tape contains 20 segments with 25 different opponents. The end however is always the same: Candi is left defeated. This two hour plus video is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 60:10

Maximum Punishment: Kaye, Sasha & Shelli

Kaye has a score to settle with Sasha and Shelli. As part of her plan to extract her revenge she forces them to strip and wrestle naked in a best of 3 falls submissions match. The loser of the match is then further tormented and punished.

Running Time: 44:00

Chloroform Dreams: Rose, Lita & Xena

Rose, Lita and Xena take turns knocking out one another with chloroform. The unconscious ladies are then
stripped and oil massaged as they remain in their blissful dream state.

Running Time: 47:45

Too Late: Sasha Vs. Steve

Sasha takes to task a time challenged Steve who has the habit of keeping her waiting one time too many. Although Steve apologizes and promises to mend his ways it is already too late.
Sasha punishes him with a series of scissors, smothers and face pins.

Running Time: 73:25

Submissions: 3 Falls: Gabriel Vs. Xena
Submissions: 30 Minutes: Shelli Vs. Anka

Gabriel (5'6"-122lbs) makes her wrestling debut against scrappy veteran Xena (5'8"-126lbs). The ladies wrestle in 3 one fall submission matches wearing matching white body stockings, green Chinese underwear and black dominatrix studded g-strings. Finishing holds included: Camel Clutch, bow & arrow and sleeper. Lithe Anka (5'5"-116lbs) tangled with muscular Shelli (5'6"-129lbs) in a 30 minutes submissions match which included: reverse & standing head scissors, surfboard, bearhug, over the knee back breaker & hangman.

Running Time: 80:25

Submissions: 30 Minutes: Anka Vs. Katie
Submissions: Best of 7 Falls: Lita Vs. Rose

Blondes Katie (5'6"-121lbs) and Anka (5'5"-112lbs) square off in this topless 30 minutes submissions match. Nine submissions were recorded: full nelson, one arm choke-out, Camel Clutch, hand smother, neck breaker, head scissors, Boston Crab, reverse headlock and pressure points. Rose (5'8"-127lbs) and
Lita (5'9"-138lbs) were paired in a topless best of 7 falls submissions match which featured: figure-four head scissors, double ankle-lock and chin lock combo, grapevine with breast smother, Camel Clutch, full nelson, sleeper and reverse hangman.

Running Time: 57:45

Wave Bye Bye: Jade Vs. Rose
Best of 5 Falls: 10 Count K.O. Tonya vs. Staci

Jade and Rose tangled in this topless knock out match. The first to get five k.o.'s would be the winner. Punchouts, chokeouts and a sleeper k.o. all contributed to the submission total. We next paired Staci (5'6"-131lbs) against Tonya (5'3"-128lbs) in a best of five falls extreme rules 10 Count K.O. Match. Knockouts came fast and furious as the match went the full five falls before a winner emerged.

Running Time: 74:15

Punishing Pony: Jade Vs. Sasha
More Chloroform (and Oil): Shelli Vs. Xena

Jade and Sasha take turns playing rider and pony until one emerges as the mistress. Shelli and Xena K.O. one another in three episodes using chloroform. The sleeping beauty , remaining helplessly unconscious throughout, is then stripped naked and oil massaged by the other.

Running Time: 61:10

Tickle Match: K.O. & Pass Out: Aquel Vs. Staci

Aquel (5'0"-120lbs) and Staci (5'6"-127lbs) are paired in this special rules tickle match which required both a submission K.O. and a tickle pass out to win. Submissions included: hand smother, neck twist, reverse face sit, chokeout, breast smother and pressure points. Fingers, feathers and beads were then employed during the three minute tickle torture sessions in an effort to get a tickle passout of the tied victim.

Running Time: 53:40

The One & Only (Shampoo Queen): Lita Vs. Staci
The Price Just Doubled: Randi, Lee & Katrina

Shampoo Queen Staci agrees to defend her title against Masked Match Queen Lita. The two wrestle right out of their bikinis before a finishing sleeper settles the matter. The tied and defeated victim is then made to endure the special punishment the victor inflicts. In The Price Just Doubled two hit-ladies (Randi and Lee) are sent to terminate office secretary Katrina. In the process one of the two decides to kill two birds with one stone and thus collect a double pay day.

Running Time: 122:30

Winners & Losers: Vol 28

Winners & Losers Vol. 28 features 20 finishing scenes with 25 different ladies. This two hour plus tape is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 63:15

Three Custom Mini Videos:
It's All About Ray: Tonya Vs. Lee
Anka in 3 Fantasies
Gladiatrixes Battle

We compiled these three mini custom videos into one eclectic wrestling mix. Tonya and Lee have a series of apartment brawls over the affections of a mutual boyfriend. Each encounter leaves the loser stripped and K.O.'ed. Next we have Anka in three fantasy scenarios: blue-jean girl, gladiatrix and mysterious bondage massage. Our final offering has two masked spear carrying and knife wielding buxom beauties battle for ultimate supremacy.

Running Time: 43:20

Finishing Touches: Lee Vs. Rose and Sasha

Special Agent Lee tracks the one who got away (Rose) to a swank townhouse. Rose's accomplice Sasha is
there as well so Lee has twice the work to do. A bare-fisted, belly punching, naval clawing battle ensues until Lee has the two just where she wants them: stripped and tied. Lee then torments them by mutual breast smother and smother with a bathroom plunger. She finishes the job by hooking each to a scuba tank with mask and regulator before turning off their oxygen supply.

Running Time: 54:15

Mixed Match: Candi Vs. Lex

Candi puts on her thong bikini and comes ready to wrestle against Lex, dominating him with scissors and pins.

Running Time: 50:00

Handicap Match: Best of 7 Falls
Team Muscle (Kaye & Christine) Vs.
Team Fitness (Rose, Shelli & Katie)

This best of 7 falls submissions only match answers the question whether fitness girls stand a chance against their bodybuilder rivals. We stacked the deck somewhat as we matched three fitness models against two bodybuilders. Finishing holds included: pile driver, stomach claw, reverse hangman, chinlock, over the shoulder back-breaker and sleeper.

Running Time: 87:40

You Are LeCarre:
Rose, Raquel, Niki, Aquel, Kaye, Lita, Katrina & Staci

Hitlady Rose is in hot pursuit of the mysterious LeCarre through Germany and France. Her first encounter takes place in a tanning salon. That in turn leads her to the house which holds the key to what she is seeking.

Running Time: 56:15

Submissions: Best of 5 Falls: Jessica Vs. Kaye
Submissions Series: Sasha Vs. Shelli

Buxom Jessica (5'9"-143lbs) takes on bodybuilder Kaye (5'0"-131lbs) in this best of five falls submissions match. Finishing holds included: reverse face sit, breast smother, head scissors, & sleeper. Sasha (5'5"-130lbs) challenges Shelli (5'6"-131lbs) to a submissions challenge series which included: stomach claw, figure-four leglock, grapevine, bearhug, Boston Crab, Camel Clutch and pressure points K.O.

Running Time: 122:40

Mixed Bag: VOL V

This two hour plus compilation tape contains 32 individual mixed wrestling scenes featuring 23 different ladies and 20 different men. This tape sells for $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 50:00

Expiration: Lee Vs. Jade & Jessica
More Expiration: Lee Vs. Shelli & Rose

Special Agent Lee takes them two at a time in a pair of breath-taking videos. In the first encounter Lee goes up against the tandem of red-haired Jade and Jessica. The end comes with one hooked to a scuba tank and the other scissored between her legs. In More Expiration Lee pursues her victims to a tanning salon where she beads one and pressure points the other in a bloody final finish.

Running Time: 121:00

2 Mixed Matches: Jerry VS. Sandy
David VS. Isis

This mixed competitive tape features two matches: one from our archives (1992) and one filmed this year. This first match is between Jerry (5’11”-163lbs) and Sandy (5’8”-145lbs) in a 5 count pins match. This fast paced and spirited match had multiple pin victories. The second match is between David (5’7”-144lbs) and Isis (5’4”-139lbs)who is making her mixed wrestling debut. There were two submissions recorded: cradle pin and head scissors in this evenly fought contest.

Running Time: 122:30

Winners & Losers: Volume 29

Volume 29 contains 30 different ladies in 24 climactic scenes in the finishing action you have come to expect. This two hours plus tape is priced at $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a 4 for $100.00 deal.

Running Time: 57:00

Mixed Wrestling Marathon

Seven ladies are featured from this original Female Sports Video tape made in 1992: Kim, Mari, Sasha, Christie, Ann, Christine & Kathy. Also included is a mixed jello wrestling match filmed on location here in Fort Lauderdale in a local nite club.

Running Time: 78:00

1993 Club Tournament

From our archives we have put together this memorable video oldie for your enjoyment. Eight ladies are featured in competitive tournament wrestling action filmed in October & December 1993: Christine, Aquel, Lori, Raquel, Sasha, Michelle, Roxy & Kathy.

Running Time: 50:00

Spy Combat: A Fight Film
11 Girls In Action:
Rose, Soleil, Rachel, , Zora, Sasha, Jill, Laura, Chelsea, Yvette, Hayley & Lisa Marie

Rose & Soleil team up to steal a spy film from Rachel, meeting her on a secluded beach. That film then goes with Zora and Sasha to England to be sold but not before special investigator Jill confronts Sasha in a no holds barred catfight. Once in England Laura and Chelsea take possession of it with special agent Yvette in hot pursuit. Another fight occurs outside. Rose then arrives from the U.S. to help Laura as they try to hand the contents to foreign agent Hayley who is assisted by Lisa Marie. The result is non-stop catfight action throughout.

Running Time: 121:00

Pressure Point Knockouts: VOL 3
38 Scenes with 23 Different Ladies

This two hour tape highlights the agony of being put asleep by the use of pressure points. You see the lead in to the hold, the application of the pressure points and the end result: an unconscious lady. This tape costs $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00

Running Time: 81:10

Breast Battles: Jade Vs. Shelli
Smother Submissions: Rachel Vs. Katrina

Jade (5'9"-128lbs) and Shelli (5'6"-128lbs) are paired in this breast taking best of seven falls match highlighted by breast smothers, breast scissors and breast bearhugs. Rachel (5'9"-147lbs) and Katrina (5'8"-137lbs) face off in this best of five falls smother submissions match. Finishing submissions included: breast smother, front face smother and reverse face smother.

Running Time: 52:50

Woman's World Wrestling Club Title Rematch:
Aquel Vs. Randi

The challenger Aquel (5'0"-119lbs) is given a chance by reigning Club Champion Randi (5'6"-129lbs) to regain the title she lost last year. A best of five falls match is agreed upon with Lee refereeing the event.
The wrestlers are prepped and pampered with oil massages as they get ready for what will be a grueling

Running Time: 56:30

Catspat: Jade vs. Cheyenne
The Dominant Woman: Sasha Vs. Rose

Jade and new girl Cheyenne get into an old fashioned nasty catspat over the affections of a mutual boyfriend. Both ladies tear into one another then tear off the other's clothes in the course of the fight. In The Dominant Woman fitness trainerSasha has a plan to steal client Rose's husband. Rose is not about to let that happen without a fight andSasha is more than eager to oblige. The result is a very one-sided and humiliating defeat for one lady, who is then forced to body worship, foot kiss and toe suck the victrix.

Running Time: 83:10

When Tigresses Tangle: Xena & Shelli Vs. Isis & Lee
2 Submission Handicap Matches:
Rachel Vs. Staci & Carly

Xena and Shelli tangle with Isis and Lee in a tag-team match which ends with a wild four girls on the
mat finale. Two of the four tigresses are eventually tied and tamed. Rachel takes on the tag team of Staci
(5'6"-124lbs) and new girl Carly (5'6"-124lbs) in two submission handicap matches; one is decided with a face pin while the other is settled with headscissors and sleeper.

Running Time: 45:40

Operation Anaconda: Kaye Vs. Jack

Secret Agent Jack gets his signals crossed when he runs into Special Agent Kaye. She proceeds to work him over with friendly fiendishness: scissoring him with her muscular legs and suffocating him with face pins until she extracts the vital information she seeks.

Running Time: 82:45

Pony Up: Katie Vs. Shelli
Toe Ring Snatch Match: Rose Vs. Isis

Katie and Shelli take turns mounting and dismounting one another before a brief wrestling match breaks out.
The loser is then unceremoniously stripped and tied. Rose (5'8"-126lbs) and Isis (5'4"-138lbs) square off in a best of seven falls smother submissions match. Finishing smothers included: foot, hand, breast and face sit.

Running Time: 121:40

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