Videos 400 - 499


Running Time: 53:45

Sleeper Control The More The Merrier

Sasha, Sarah and Jill dominate their victims with face sits, stomach claws, iron claws, pressure points, head scissors, sleepers, camel clutches and hand, foot and breast smothers. As they compete to see who can put their adversaries to sleep the fastest.

Running Time: 64:15

Knockout Girls and Catfight House

The knockouts come fast and furious as Jill, Sasha and Toni pound away to acheive victory in this three sided bikini brawl. The K.O. 'ed contenders are hoisted over the shoulder of the victors. Rose and Zoe arrive at a private house to arrange a no nonsense, old fashioned catfight in bra and panties. Slapping, hair pulling, face gouges, breast grabs, smothers, strangles and pins are all employed until one comes out on top.

Running Time: 56:15

Nude Slave Fight

Mistress Sarah arranges for a competition between slaves Candi and Toni. The naked gladiatrixes wrestle hard to achieve dominance over their rival. Finishing holds included: bearhug, head scissors, iron claw, camel clutch, over the knee back breaker, boston crab, standing surfboard, heart punch, pressure points, sleeper and neck breaker.

Running Time: 82:30

Submission Strip to Win

Rose (5' 8" - 121lbs) and Toni (5' 7" - 114lbs) start their match in dresses. The loser of each fall has to forfeit an article of clothing until one is left stripped and k.o.'ed. Submissions used included: matchbook pin, reverse chinlock/neck stretch, boston crab, reverse face pin and a bare fisted uppercut followed by an elbow smash. Fran (5' 6" - 137lbs)and Zoe (5' 8" - 134lbs) catfight and wrestle with the winner using her red cape to play matador with her victim before the final tie-up, body shampoo and tickle torture.

Running Time: 89:00

Camel Clutches and Chinlocks

This special compilation tape consists entirely of camel clutch and chinlock submissions from 56 different matches, featuring a total of 37 different ladies.

Running Time: 48:05

Submissions with Candi and Brenda

Little Brenda (5' 0" - 102lbs) went up against veteran Candi (5' 7" - 129lbs) in this 30 minutes submissions match. Ten submissions were recorded: body cradle, hammerlock, leg lock, reverse head lock, side head lock, reverse face pin, iron claw, bear hug, over the knee back-breaker, and hangman reverse chinlock. Although the match concluded in the allotted time a post-match encounter back in the locker room area finally settled matters.

Running Time: 61:45

Two Tied for the Night and (Done in) By Cellular Instructions

Fran and Samantha double team Sasha to teach her a lesson. The deadly duo used belly punches, kicks, breast and crotch grabs as well as finishing smothers to render Sasha helpless. The two then went after each other with the end result being two tied tight for the night. Candi is dispatched by cell phone to eliminate Rose. Rose is waiting for her. After a vicious catfight/wrestle one lady is choked out, stripped, tied and made ready for the final spied heel to the forhead finish as the mysterious caller listens in to the loser's demise.

Running Time: 75:10

Breaking a Mistress and Forever a Slave

Mistresses Jade and Rose battle for ultimate supremacy in an effort to break the will of their opponent and render her subservient. Mistress Lee controls Slave Niki by continually knocking her out only to revive her for more punishment. The end is never in doubt as Mistress Lee ruthlessly dominates her poor slave.

Running Time: 50:30

Naked Tag Teams

Naked Tag Teams pairs Candi (5' 7" - 133lbs) and Jade (5' 9" - 121lbs) against Niki (5' 5" - 126lbs) and Toni (5' 6" - 119lbs) in a best of 7 falls submissions only match. Finishing holds included: iron claw, surfboard, reverse hangman's chinlock, breast smother/grapevine, pressure points K.O., pretzel pin, camel clutch and sleeper.

Running Time: 46:00

Blonde Boat

Resourceful Rose and her assistant Katrina are called on to eliminate Sasha and her henchwomen: Fran, Niki and Heather who are aboard a docked boat. Hitlady Rose must use all her cunning and guile as she confronts her most formidable adversary to date, who subjects her to the agony of the Chinese Water Torture. Could this be the last call for Rose?

Running Time: 123:00

Winner and Losers Vol XIX

This two hour plus compilation tape of closing matches features 27 different segmants with 22 different ladies. This tape is priced at $49.95 and would count as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 72:50

Mixed Competitive Wrestling

Long time wrestle mates Sasha (5' 5" - 136lbs) and David (5' 7" - 152lbs) continue their friendly rivalry in this thirty minutes pins and submissions match. Three submissions were recorded in this intense and interesting wrestling encounter. Niki (5' 5" - 123lbs) wrestles topless against Ted (5' 11" - 165lbs) in a thirty minutes subsissions only showdown. Four submisssions were attained: ankle-lock/head-lock combo, figure 4 headscissors, grapevine and reverse face pin.

Running Time: 68:20

They Are All Mine and Battle Royale

Mistresses Rachel and Jade bet their slaves in an all or nothing naked four for all. With the stakes this high even the mistresses join in. In Battle Royale (II) five competitors went at with reckless abandon: Sasha (5' 5" - 133lbs), Sarah (5' 5" - 105lbs), Fran (5' 6" - 136lbs), Candi (5' 7" -131lbs) and champion Rose (5' 8" - 120lbs). Finishing holds included: grapevine breast smother, double scissors, sleeper and iron claw. The action ended with four stripped and knocked out competitors and one lady left standing.

Running Time: 62:00

Spy vs Spy

Two spies struggle for possession of a yellow diskette. In the course of action which went from a battle in a car to fights in the locker room, on the mat and in the office a Baker's Dozen of knock out holds wre used: sleeper, forearm throttle, reverse headlock, choke-out, knee throttle, hand smother standing head-scissors, breast smother, pressure points as well as variations of strangle, smother and choke finishes.

Running Time: 152:35

April 2000 Tournament

Our April 2000 Tournament featured six ladies (Zora, Fran, Lee, Niki, Toni and Candi) in 15 topless matches. All the ladies wrestled the others in six minute pin and submissions matches but with an added twist: the last minute of each match introduced a bikini claim rule which would allow for someone behind in the tally to win the match in dramatic fashion if she could pull off her opponent's bikini brief. The result was that the ladies went into overdrive during the final minute of each match with unexpected consequences.

Running Time: 72:40

Best of 5 falls and Payback

Confident veteran Candi (5' 7" - 133lbs) faced offf against Dive Girl (5' 3" - 103lbs) making her wrestling debut. This best of 5 falls match went the distance with five finishes: full-nelson , waiste scissors, chin lock, boston crab, cross pin with reverse headlock and jack-knife pin & submission. In Payback, Beth catches up with Zora and vents her frustration with her by stripping and dominating her on the mat and off. zora mounts a game defense against the unexpected onslaught of Beth's fury.

Running Time: 71:10

Dave vs Jill and Lee

Brave Dave went up against two of Woman's World toughest when he faced Lee (5' 8" - 129lbs) and Jill (5' 6" - 129lbs) in two thirty minute pins and submissions matches. The first match had five recorded pins and submissions. The second match featured six, including: match-book pin, head-scissors and head-locks.

Running Time: 75:25

Best of 5 Falls

Both matches on this tape feature topless best of five falls submissions wrestling. Raquel (5' 6"-111 lbs) and Rose (5' 8"- 129 lbs) wrestle for possesion of a pair of silver shoes to die for. Finishing holds included: grapevine with breast smother, pile driver, schoolgirl pin with hand smother, reverse head scissors and reverse face pin. Katie (5' 6"-121 lbs) and Niki (5' 5"-122 lbs) tangle as four submissions were recorded: hand smother, breast smother, reverse figure 4 headscissors and clothesline followed by headscissors.

Running Time: 51:00

Mr Johnson's Revenge

The ever groping, hands on Mr. Johnson has a plan to pit two of his secretaries against one another to do his dirty work for him. But as we all know: the best laid plans of mindless men often go astray. Mr. Johnson is forced to endure the wrath of two scorned women as the tables quickly turn.

Running Time: 73:50

2 Competitive Matches

These two topless competitive amtches were 30 minute pins and submissions. Fran(5' 6" -137 lbs) and Randi (5' 6" - 138 lbs) went at it with non-stop intensity as eight pins and submissions were acheived. Rose (5' 8" - 131 lbs) and Rachel (5' 10" - 139 lbs) were paired next in a similar formata but with the last five minutes of tlhe match bikini claim rules. 11 pins and submissions were tallied along with one bikini claim.

Running Time: 82:30

USA vs Germany

These three matches were purely competitive as U.S. A. representatives (Toni 5' 6"-120 lbs., Shelli 5' 6"-130 lbs. and Lee 5' 8"-125 lbs) faced off against their German rivals (Susanne 5' 8"-118 lbs and Kairin 5' 4"-128 lbs) in a rough and tumble wrestling action. This tape is also being issued by our British Associates, The Private Collection under number TPC 14/00.

Running Time: 74:45

No Rules Matches

Rose and Lee tangle in a taped fist no rules endurance match. This was a brawl where no pins and submissions counted only knock outs. The ladies mauled and bloodied one another through an hour of fierce feminine fury until one lady finally prevailed.

Running Time: 65:30

Upstairs Punchout and Extreme Match

Rachel and Rose settle matters in an empty upstairs apartment. An envelope of money awaits the winner. They start fully dressed but strip and fight rules apply. The Masked Dominatrix (Candi) takes on the new girl in the gym: Louise (5' 5" - 152 lbs) in this extreme rules match. The loser is left bloody, stripped and counted out.

Running Time: 59:30

Entertain Me

Mistress Lee assembles all her slaves for her wrestling entertainment. Eight matches were held with winning finishes including: iron claw, neck breaker, sleeper, pressure points, reverse hangman, atomic drop and old fashioned two hand choke out.

Running Time: 71:00

Best of 5 Falls and Motel Intruder

Rose (5' 8" - 129 lbs) goes up against the formidable Les (6' 4" - 255 lbs) in this best of 5 falls semi-pro match. The only finishing submission used by both grapplers were: boston crab and camel clutch. In Hotel Intruder, Candi is taken by surprise by a masked man as she must fight against this unexpected room service.

Running Time: 39:30

2 Extreme Matche

These two extreme matches include boxing and wrestling. They both end in K.O.'s and strips. Toni (5'6"-122lbs) goes up against Sasha (5'5"-135lbs) while confident veteran Rose (5'8"-129lbs) tangles with the rookie Louise (5'5"-152lbs).Both losers were ten counted out, tied up and posed over by the victor.

Running Time: 62:20

Naked Brawlers

Aquel and Fran tear into each other with naked intensity, starting on th sofa and continuing in the shower, locker area, carpet and mat. Breast and hand smothers, crotch and breast grabs, punches, kicks, face gouges and chokes were used by these naked hellcats in an effort to subdue the other. With both brawlers left bloody one is finally beat and hog-tied.

Running Time: 123:00

Victorious Lee

Since Lee joined us she has gone through the competition like a buzz saw. Here's the proof: 17 different opponents all dispatched then made to suffer: Cruel-Lee, Ferocious-Lee and Merciless-Lee. This tape is priced at $49.95 and could count as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 152:25

Sweet Samantha-Subdued and Defeated

Sweet Samantha came out on the short end in these 24 different encounters. Always game and spirited she was often over matched ond overwhelmed as this tape compilation proves. This tape is priced at $49.95 and could count as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 71:15

Competitive with David,Jackson,Suzanne and Katrina

Suzanne (5' 7" - 132 lbs) and Katrina (5' 7" -134 lbs) make their mixed wrestling debuts. Skilled Suzanne goes up against crafty David (5' 7" - 148 lbs) in a 30 minute match during which two pins and two submissions were attained. Next pretty Katrina goes to work against gentle Jackson, putting him through the enjoyable rigors of leg scissors and face pins over the course of their 30 minute match

Running Time: 73:10

3 Custom Video Matches

The first match features Jill and Sasha in a best of three falls submissions struggle with the brutal bearhug being the submission of choice. The Masked Destroyer (Candi) takes on Jenny (5' 4" - 105 lbs) who makes her wrestling debut in a 30 minutes submissions match. Brenda and Rose start and finish matters on a massage table with the loser naked, K.O.'ed and tied up.

Running Time: 71:15

More Domination and The Punisher

Mistress Jade resumes her domination of Slave Candi. she subdues her with a sleeper, neck scissors, breast-smother, reverse face-sit and pressure points as she totally controls her helpless victim. The punisher (jill) has an assignment to teach a lesson to a cheating secretary (Niki) while the wife listens in by cellphone as the punishment is inflicted.

Running Time: 79:10

Scissor Contest and Scissor Torment

Sarah and Zora take turns putting one another in scissor holds to see who has the best leg scisors. The friendly contest turns nasty when one girl refuses to abide by the rules so tlhe two go at it until one is scissored unconscious. Brenda (5' 0" - 100 lbs) and Tori (5' 3" - 115 lbs) scissor submission one another in this best of 5 falls match with the loser of each fall forced forfeit one article of attire.

Running Time: 50:30

Nude Wrestling and Pugil Sticks

Brandi (a.k.a. Dylan - 5' 3" - 126 lbs), Jade (5' 9" - 122 lbs), Niki (5' 5" - 124 lbs) and Zoe (5' 8" - 129 lbs) are paired against each other in a series of one fall submissions matches. Finishing holds included: breast smother, camel clutch, boston crab, standing reverse head-scissors, standing reverse chin lock and pressure points. In a grand finale the four use pugil sticks in wild four for all until only one lady remains standing.

Running Time: 74:40

Shampoo Team and Shampoo Warmup

Jill and Rose are members of the Bikini Cheerleaders Team. When Lee inquires about joining the two team up against her. A soapy head and body shampoo awaits the stripped and tied loser. Candi has to get past Katrina if she wants another chance at reclaiming her Shampoo Queen title. Afinilshing sleeper holds sets the loser up for a messy head to toe shampoo

Running Time: 64:20

One Fall to Win

Four one fall submission and strip matches comprise this tape. Rachel (5' 10" - 140 lbs) and Toni (5' 6" - 120 lbs) tangle twice with victories achieved by an atomoic drop and reverse hangman chinlock. Rose (5' 8" - 127 lbs) goes against the tag team of Raquel (5' 6" - 100 lbs) and Heather (5' 6" - 110 lbs) in two handicap matches. The finishing submissions used were: full-nelson, jack-knife pin comobo and head-scissors .

Running Time: 63:00

KO and Hogtie and Test of Strength

Niki (5' 5" - 124 lbs) and Randi (5' 6" - 132 lbs) were paired in this topless best of 3 falls match. Each fall ended with a K.O., strip and hog tie. Finishing submissions included: one arm choke out, pressure points and arm-bar choke out. In Test of Strength veteran Zora (5' 8" - 124 lbs) and new girl Lita (5' 8" - 139 lbs) are paired in a topless best of three falls match. Finishing holds included: neck breaker and reverse chin lock

Running Time: 64:00

Submissions and Topless Action

Three new girls made their wrestling debut on this tape: Coco (5' 7"- 167 lbs), Diamond (5' 10" - 139 lbs) and Jessica (5' 7" - 136 lbs). Coco faced Candi in a best of 5 falls wrestle. Finishing holds includeed: choke out, iron claw, sleeper, jack-knife pin and Coco-butt breast smother. Diamond and Jessica joined Niki and Brenda in a series of topless one fall matches. Finishing holds used were: reverse head-scissors, grapevine-breast smother, cross pin-reverse headlock, standing surfboard, cobra clutch and bearhug.

Running Time: 55:50

Extreme and Double Header

Rose (5' 8" - 132 lbs, Fort Lauderdale, Florida) takes on Suzanne (5' 7" - 132 lbs, Montreal, Quebec) in this Extreme best of 5 falls match. Submission or K.O. was the only way to win. The loser was left naked and counted out. Tough Louise (5' 5" - 152 lbs) agreed to fight both Candi (5' 7" - 133 lbs) and Niki (5' 5" - 133 lbs) in this Extreme Rules Match: knocked out, stripped and ten count to win.

Running Time: 58:45

More Fancy Footwork

Jill works Steve over once again in four separate scenarios: grinding him down with determined precision then keeping him powerless under her heels

Running Time: 65:00

Spy vs Spy vs Spy

A hotel provides the setting as three spies fight to the finish, using chokes, smothers, sleepers and chloroform. It only ends when two of the three are done in.

Running Time: 61:15

Suzanne vs Jackson

Lovely Suzanne (5' 7" - 132lbs) scissors and pins Jackson through a one hour, one-sided romp

Running Time: 75:35

Play Horsey

Rachel and Xena followed by Katie and Toni test each other's strength as they mount their opponent's back for a ride. The second encounter ends in a wrestling match with cobra clutch and sleeper finishes being the decisive holds.

Running Time: 55:55

3 Matches One Fall Submissions

Candi (5' 7" - 132 lbs), Fran (5' 6" - 132 lbs) and Katrina (5' 7" - 127 lbs) face one another in three one fall to submission matches. Finishing submissions included: jack-knife pin, reverse figure-four head-scissors, pressure points and heart punch.

Running Time: 74:50

The Executioner and Office Discipline

The Executioner (Sasha) toys with Niki, vowing that she won't last the full 30 minutes. She overwhelms her with pins, scissors, leg locks, knee drives, breast and foot smothers, an over the knee back breaker, sleeper and reverse hangman, leaving Niki down and out before carrying her away. The punisher (Jill) is assigned to deal with an embezzling company secretary. Living up to her name, she dominates Rose with her superior wrestling skill then adds to her torment by tickle torture and forcing her to drink Vodka until she passes out.

Running Time: 122:30

Winners and Losers Vol XX

Winners & Losers Volume XX brings the climatic action you have come to expect in 21 different encounters: gym matches, apartment catfights and outdoor locales. This two hour tape costs $49.95 and would count as 2 videos in a 4 for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 35:00

Black Angel

Black Angel (Lee) emerges as a lethal vision to wreak havoc upon the foursentries guarding a waterfront home. Black Angel saps the strength of her victims with face claws and grapevines before dispatching each with a smothering kiss of death.

Running Time: 122:50

Wilted Rose Vol II

This is the second volume we compiled of Rose in the loser's role. The 21 segments featured include both indoor and outdoor action. This two hour tape costs $49.95 and would count a s 2 videos in a 4 for $100.00 package deal.


Running Time: 78:40

Competitive Matches

Two competitive pins and submissions matches are featured. Lee (5' 8" - 128 lbs) and Suzanne (5' 7" - 129 lbs) wrestle topless with seven pins and submissions recorded. Veteran Candi (5' 7" - 131 lbs) goes up against Brigette (5' 7"- 134 lbs) making her wrestling debut. Five recorded pins and submissions were obtained. Both matches ended with a victor

Running Time: 39:20

In Search of LeCarre

Our favorite Hit Lady (Rose) searches for the mysterious LeCarre while Raquel and Niki close in on her. The crafty duo tie and interrogate Rose. Using their powers of persuasion they try to break Rose's "will" and subdue her once and for all.

Running Time: 56:45

3 Custom Videos

This tape features three custom videos all with knockout endings. One lovely loser is dispatched via head butt, heart punch and sleeper

Running Time: 71:35

Was it all a dream

Niki and Candi are involved in two individual modeling and mixed wrestling encounters, leaving each to wonder whether it was real or all a dream.

Running Time: 54:05

Ties that Bind

Four treacherous girlfriends turn against one another is this knock 'em out and tie 'em up story. The ending leaves all naked but one emerges victorious and free to dominate the other three bound victims.

Running Time: 66:45

Koed and Koed again/Whos Crying Now and Im Sorry

Fitness girls Lee, Jill and Sasha tangle with bodybuilder dynamo Kaye (5' 0" - 135 lbs) then mix it up together in this knockout, shoulder hoisting, tie up slug fest. Masseuses Coco and Lee rub Raquel and Rose the wrong way with the result being a best of 5 falls submissions match. Chin-locks, iron-claws and pressure points decided the outcome.

Running Time: 82:50

Squeezed by Two

Jack must be a glutton for punishment or how else can you explain taking on Toni then Rose? He is scissored and face pinned by the dynamic duo both individually and together.

Running Time: 63:00

Hotel Hand Smothers and Domestic Problems

Candi and Zora hand smother each other in a hotel room suite in an effort to render their opponent unconscious. Rose hires Randi and Zoe then leaves them to fight it out for the job. Unfortunately, the new hire becomes a problem which Rose has to take care of herself.

Running Time: 110:40

2 Competitive Mixed Matches

Feisty David wrestles against statuesque Maggie (6'1" - 155 lbs) in two competitive matches. The first match is for a gold medal. The second is a best of 9 falls endurance match.

Running Time: 48:45

Slave Rebellion

Mistress Candi works over slaves Brenda and Isis with a series of punishing knock-out holds. She uses the iron-claw, sleeper, reverse head-scissors, pressure points, face sit, stomach claw and choke out to subdue them. With the two tied and unconscious Candi returns to resume her severe discipline session.

Running Time: 78:00

Submission and Best of 7 Falls

Rachel (5' 10" - 141 lbs) and Randi (5' -6" - 137 lbs) wrestle topless in this best of 7 falls submissions match. Finishing holds included: leg lock, leg nelson, grapevine/bresat smother, jack knife pin, cobra clutch, neck breaker and double axe handle smash. Rose (5' 8" - 119 lbs) and Toni (5' 7" - 116 lbs) tangle in a topless best of 3 falls submissions match. Finishing holds included: double ankle lock/neck breaker, head lock, body cradle and bearhug.

Running Time: 47:00

Tag Team Submissions

Candi and Niki team up against Sarah and Lita in this tage team submissions match with a twist: each loss requires the forfeit of an article of attire with the result that a tag team turned into a handicap match. Finislhing submissions included: leg nelson, bow and arrow with pressure points, full nelson/reverse grapevine combo, double ankle and arm lock, sleeper and reverse hangman.

Running Time: 41:50

Spy vs Spy in After the Money

Arch enemies Rose and Zora struggle and subdue each other repeatedly in quest of a valuable envelope. The ladies dispatch each other with scissors, chokes, sleepers and smothers.

Running Time: 48:20

Scissors and pins with Figure 4 and more

Raquel and Heather wrestle and catfight in three separate encounters ending with either a pin or scissor finish. Sarah and Zora test each other's pain threshold in a figure four challenge match which ends with an unexpected wrestling match and stripped and tied loser.

Running Time: 64:40

What a little girl has to do and Submission Challange

These two very one sided matches pit Tori (5' 3" - 107 lbs) vs Candi (5' 7" - 127 lbs) and Zora (5' 8" - 122 lbs) vs Jill (5' 6" - 129 lbs). In the first match eight submissions were obtained before one wrestler could nolonger continue. The second match consisted of a series of sleepers and cobra clutches which rendered the victim unconscious and finished for the day.

Running Time: 57:00


Sasha and Zora agree to a nude best of 3 falls submissions match. Two reverse face sits and a reverse hangman decided the victor, who then had her way with the gagged and tied loser.

Running Time: 58:30

Quit while your ahead and Pantyhose Power

Both matches feature ladies wrestling in pantyhose. A reverse head scissors and bear hug were used to finish off the victim who was then stripped and bound with the pantyhose.

Running Time: 76:15

4 part competition

Zora (5' 8" - 128 lbs), Xena (5' 8" - 126 lbs) and Lee (5' 9" - 127 lbs) competed in this four part competition consisting of: arm wrestling, pins wrestling, submissions wrestling and a swimsuit claim finale.

Running Time: 65:30

Shampoo Queen and Round 2

Candi challenges Zoe for the right to get back her Shampoo Queen title. The ensuing mayhem involved a sleeper finish, a head dunking in a bucket, two body shampoos and final humiliation of being shaved bald. In addition, we included behind the scenes footage filmed after the match. In Round Two and enraged Lee follows Sasha to the gym and attacks her with the intent of settling a past score. The end comes with a standing sleeper followed by an over the shoulder carry and a bizarre fashion makeover.

Running Time: 76:50

Two Executioners and Masked Destroyer vs Ms Punisher

Rose and Sasha both claim to be the dreaded Executioner. As is only fitting this was a submissions only, no quarter given fight to the finish with the loser carried unconscious off the mat. The Punisher receives a call for her next assignment. At the same instance the Masked Destroyer receives a similar call. The two arrive to accept the challenge then hold nothing back in their attempt to subdue the other. A reverse face sit and sleeper leaves each wrestler subdued and awaiting her complete subjugation by the victress.

Running Time: 51:35

10 Count and KO and Strip

The ladies face off against one another in 7 extreme matches, all end with a 10 count knockout, strip and victory pose. Among the K.O.'s used: sleeper, cobra clutch, heart punch and one arm choke out.

Running Time: 83:35

The Drunk and The Interviewer

Bodybuilder bartender Christine brings home the obnoxious and tipsy Steve. He insists on being amorous so she decides to teach him a lesson in manners. She pins, scissors and foot smothers him into seeing the error of his ways. A pesty reporter (Quin) gets more than he bargains for when he encounters fitness babe Sasha at the gym. Sasha not only provides an interview she also wrestles, boxes and uses pugil sticks to batter him. After having her way with him she marches him off to the shower and leaves him there to cool off.

Running Time: 50:30

Kiss of Death and Maid of Masseuse

Rose and Zora continue their personal attacks, rendering their rival unconscious with scissors, smotherrs, sleepers and chokes. The climax of this running battle is the final kiss of death which leaves one naked, bound and lifeless on a cold wooden floor. Katie is stretched out naked on a massage table in search of a masseuse. Katrina, in her maid's outfit, is reluctantly called to offer her services. Clearly, a mistake is in the making that has to be settled between the two.

Running Time: 56:20

Scissor Therapy

Dr. Jack tries to counsel his new patient: Suzie Scissors. Their therapy session turns physical as Suzanne proves true to her name.

Running Time: 78:00

More Horsey

Both matches concentrate on the ladies riding and walking one another on the mat and on a table. Both end with brief wrestling matches which leave one wrestler stripped and unconscious.

Running Time: 59:00

Scissors,Knives and Clubs and The Executioner and The Punisher

Rose and Candi battle through five encounters using spears, knives and clubs. Each segment ends with a blodied and defeated loser who is stripped and posed over by the victress. The Executioner (Sasha) battles the Punisher (Jill) in a fight to the finish with the unconscious and naked loser carried off the mat.

Running Time: 63:20

Scissored and Pinned

Candi challenges Jackson to a scissors match. Candi applies head scissors, figure-four scissors and reverse scissors while adding front and reverse face pins to dominate the action.

Running Time: 123:00

Winners and Losers Vol XXI

Volume XXI of our popular Winners and Losers series picks up the action right at the moment you have come to expect: the climax. This tape includes 19 segments involving 26 different ladies. This tape is priced at $49.95 and would count as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 123:00

Mixed Bag Vol IV

This fourth edition of our mixed bag series is the biggest and best yet: with thirty segments featuring sixteen different ladies in action. Each segment has a definitive conclusion. Also included is never before released mixed wrestling material. This two hour tape costs $49.95 and would count as two videos in a four for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 66:00

Grudge Match and Blondes vs Brunettes

Two new girls (red-headed Jessica 5' 7"-139 lbs and blonde Staci 5' 6"-138 lbs) took an instant dislike to one another and decided to settle matters on the mats. Both amply endowed young ladies wrestled and catfighted until naked. The end came for one suddenly, leaving her sprawled on her back and unable to continue. We matched two veterans (Candi 5'7"-132 lbs and Brenda 5' 0"-100 lbs) against two novices (eve 5' 8"-1458 lbs and Nina 5' 3"-102 lbs) in a best of 5 falls tag team match. Finishing submissions included: over the knee back-breaker, bearhug, reverse hangman, standing head-scissors, surfboard and double sleepers.

Running Time: 72:30

Reversals and Bikini Forfeit

Rachel (5' 10"-137 lbs) and Suzanne (5' 7"-130 lbs) squared off in this best of five falls topless tangle which featured all reverse submission holds: reverse head lock, reverse chinlock, reverse head scissors and reverse face pin. We next matched Candi (5' 7"-124 lbs) and Niki (5' 5"-121 lbs) and Toni (5' 6"-116 lbs) in a series of bikini forfeit matches. Finishing submissions included: side head lock, standing surfboard, boston crab, iron claw and sleeper.

Running Time: 73:20

Masked Match and Shampoo Queen

Jill gets Katrina to agree to a masked match. In this case the mask is one of shaving cream. The two struggle fiercely in an effort to avoid suffering the indignity of losing. Shampoo Queen Zoe is reluctant to grant Lee a chance to seize her title but Lee is not taking no for an answer. The two wrestle and catfight out of their shoes and tops before a finishing sleeper takes one out of action. Only to face the humiliation of a head to toe body shampoo

Running Time: 56:20

3 Ladies in 5 scenes

Jessica, Fran and Sasha all take part in five vignettes which always end with one or two of the ladies stripped and bound by duct tape. The losers are also gagged and made to suffer at the hands of the victor to the point of passing out.

Running Time: 72:00

Bodybuilder vs Fitness Model

The intriguing question of how a fitness model would do against a bodybuilder is answered in these two wrestling matches. Kaye (5' 0" - 130 lbs) takes on Candi (5' 7" - 130 lbs) and Rose (5' 8" - 128 lbs) in these two best of five falls contests.

Running Time: 69:55

Win and Strip/4 Scenes

Candi and Sasha start out fully clothed as they agree to wrestle and catfight with the loser obliged to forfeit one article of attire after each defeat. Lee and Xena tangle topless in four separate encounters. The loser is left stripped and unconscious.

Running Time: 65:30

Competitve with Suzanne and Marie and Just Jill

Suzanne (5' 7" - 132 lbs) and Marie (5' 4" - 122 lbs) face off in a thirty minutes pins and submissions format. This topless struggle features multiple pins and submissions until a victor emerges. In just Jill, we have fan favorite Jill pose and model in fived different costumes.

Running Time: 50:30

Kept in Place

Novice Staci (5' 5" - 139 lbs) is introduced to the mixed wrestling scene in this encounter with Jackson. The young and strong blonde beauty seems well suited to her new career and we have the proof right here.

Running Time: 59:50

No Surprises/Whoever She Is

Bodybuilder powerhouse Kaye takes on Candi, Brenda and Tori in an encounter which features multiple knockouts via: sleeper, scissors, smother and claw. Losers are hoisted over the shoulder and carried around in triumphant display. Sarah is informed of a mysterious new challenger (Marie) and agrees to meet her. The surprise comes after the match is decided.

Running Time: 71:40

2 Mixed Competitive Matches

These two mixed competitive matches are 30 minute pins and submissions format. Lovely newcomer Marie (5' 4" - 122 lbs) takes on Jack (5' 6" - 137 lbs) goes up against veteran David (5' 7" - 145 lbs). Both matches featured multiple recorded pins and submissions and end with a clear cut winner.

Running Time: 81:30

Naked Submissions and Extreme

Katie (5' 6" - 128 lbs) and Sasha (5' 5" - 127 lbs) square off in a 30 minute submissions only match. Finishing holds included: sleeper, seated back-breaker, boston crab, camel clutch, leg nelson and iron claw. Marie (5' 4" - 119 lbs) and Tori (5' 3" - 108 lbs) are paired in a extreme rules match with each fall ending in a knockout.

Running Time: 57:10

Short Work

Poor Jack makes the mistake of taking body-builder dynamo Kaye (5' 0" - 130 lbs) too lightly. After enduring his snide comments about the "vertically challenged" Kaye proves to him strong legs also come in small packages.

Running Time: 63:00

KO Rematch and The Beating

Shelli and Lee resume their K.O. mano a mano with multiple knockouts and over the shoulder carries. Aquel takes on her latest challenger: Kaye. This no holds barred street fight leaves both nude and bloodied until one emerges victorious.

Running Time: 123:00

Pressure Point Knockouts Vol 2

Pressure Point Knockouts feature the writhing agony of ladies subjected to excruciating pain as they kick and flail before passing out. This two hour tape features 42 segments with 27 different ladies capturing the application of the hold and the unconscious aftermath that it brings. This tape costs $49.95 and would count as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 43:40

Submissions with Candi and Jessica

Lean and mean fighting machine Candi (5' 7" - 131 lbs) take on the voluptuous Jessica (5' 7" - 137 lbs) in a best of five falls submissions match. Both ladies wrestle all out naked. Finishing holds included: head-scissors, smother, reverse face pin, boston crab and pressure points K.O. A final hogtie and foot smother awaited the loser.

Running Time: 72:20

Horsing Around and Horsey Encore

These two videos are custom amed for the horsey set. If you like the idea of beautiful ladies riding one another bare back then add this one to your collection. The ladies are playful and sensuous as they mount and ride their trusty steeds.

Running Time: 79:50
Secret Agent Girl and Mixed Masked Match

Secret Agent Girl (Candi) lures an enemy agent to her apartment with the purpose of subduing him and bringing him back to headquarters for interrogation. A long fight ensues between two evenly matched adversaries. In Mixed Masked Match the opponents grapple on the mat until one is totally vanquished then dominated.

Running Time: 61:35
A Series of Submissions and Batteries Included

Jill and Sasha practice take-downs and specialty holds before agreeing to a match. The fast paced action which follows is highlighted by multiple submissions with emphasis on: reverse scissors,l camel clutch and boston crab. In Batteries Included, Lee and Suzanne square off in a knockdown and knockout rumble. The end comes suddenly as one wrestler's battery wears out.

Running Time: 48:15
Another Lesson

It seems that some guys never learn. When Jill catches Steve arranging a date she decides to teach him another lesson, proving to him that she is more woman than he can possibly handle.

Running Time: 61:30
Three Way KO and Off to Rio

Bridgette, Lee and Shelli trade punches and knockouts as they pair off. The action then turns into a three for all with the result being that two of the three lie k.o.'ed on the mat. Raquel has her bag packed and a rendezvous with Sarah's husband in mind. The only obstacle awaiting her plan to go off to Rio is Sarah.

Running Time: 62:45
Scissor Control

Breathtaking Bridgette (5' 7" - 137 lbs) makes her mixed match debut against Jackson. She uses her legs to keep him in scissored control.

Running Time: 58:15
Just Rose

Fans of ravishing Rose are in for a treat. Rose models in five scenes: as Aphrodite, harem boxer, French maid, dive girl and gladiatrix. In the sixth scene she wrestles against herself. In 2 Encounters Rose and Anka catfight in high heels and bikini bottoms until one is subdued, stripped and posed over.

Running Time: 52:40
Toetal DeFeet

Rose takes pleasure in grinding Steve beneath her heels in these five crushing encounters. Steve is face sat, foot smothered , forced to toe suck and made to massage her feet as Rose toetally dominates the poor lad.

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