Videos 200 - 299

Running Time: 76:20

Winners and Losers Vol VI

Our popular series of finishing segments include 21 new closing scenes with 25 different wrestlers captured at the moment of triumph and the celebration of victory.

Running Time: 48:10

Topless Tag Teams-Red Team vs Green Team

The Red Team (Katie 5'6" - 120lbs & Sasha 5'5" - 135lbs) go up against the Green Team (Candi 5'7" - 128lbs & Rose 5'8" - 118lbs) in this best of 3 falls topless submissions tag team match. Finishing holds include: reverse face-sit, stomach claw, and sleeper.

Running Time: 56:45

One Submission-Submissions Strip and Tie

This tape features five submission matches. The first pits Zora (5'8" - 118lbs) against Rashon (5'6" - 120lbs). Both ladies are outfitted in revealing one piece swimsuits. The match ends with a Camel clutch submission. The next series of matches feature: Candi (5'7" - 126lbs), Jane (5'3" - 128lbs) and Sarah (5'5" - 105lbs) in one fall submission bouts. Finishing submissions include: reverse figure-four head-scissors, sleeper, reverse chin-lock and neck-breaker.

Running Time: 44:00

Lights Out / All with Legs

In Lights Out, Jill (5'6" - 135lbs) and Kayla (5'4" - 110lbs) bikini wrestle in a best of five submissions match. The battle is rather even until the lights suddenly go out. When they come back on one wrestler is bound by the wrist and ankles and subjected to a spanking and hair-pulling domination session. In All With Legs, Candi (5'7" - 126lbs) and Rose (5'8" - 118lbs) are in bikinis and pantyhose. They compare legs then decided to settle the matter on the mat. Scissors dominate the action until one wrestler is left unconscious by a figure-four reverse head-scissors, stripped and hog-tied with her own panty-hose.

Running Time: 45:40

Topless Handicap Match- Silver Team vs Black Team

This best of three falls submission handicap match was a followup to Video SLV-199. This time Sarah (5'5" - 105lbs) takes on the challenge of wrestling both members of the Silver Team (Zora 5'8" - 118lbs & Rashon 5'6" - 120lbs).

Running Time: 61:00

Submissions: Best of 7 Falls

Scottish spitfire Jill (5' 6" - 135) takes on Brazilian battler Maggie (6' 1" - 150) in this best of 7 falls submissions match. Some of the submissions included: head scissors, Boston Crab and sleeper. The second match was between fitness model Rachel (5' 10" - 140) and bodybuilder Cortney (5' 9" - 160) in a similar format. Some of the submissions included: over the knee back-breaker, figure-four head scissors and bear-hug. All four ladies wrestle in one piece swimsuits.

Running Time: 54:00

Scissors, Sleepers Bikini Claim Tournament

This topless Tournament featured 5 ladies competing in 11 matches. Each wrestled the other four before an ultimate winner emerged. The only submissions allowed were scissor or sleeper. Each loser also suffered the indignity of having her bikini bottom claimed by the victor.

Running Time: 44:15

Topless Tag Team: Silver Team vs Gold Team

This best of three falls topless tag team match featured the Silver Team (Rashon 5'6" - 120lbs & Zora 5'8" - 118lbs) against the Gold Team (Raquel 5'6" - 110lbs & Rachel 5'10" - 135lbs). Finishing submissions included: chin-lock, reverse face-sit and pile-driver. The two losers were stripped and tied together

Running Time: 65:10

Brunette Battle/Texas Taped Fist Strip Match

Brunettes Samantha (5'7" - 126lbs) and Brenda (5'0" - 100lbs) wrestle topless in this best of five falls match. Scissors and face-sits were the submissions of choice. After each fall the loser was stripped and posed. In Texas Taped Fist Strip Match, Aquel (5'0" - 122lbs) and Sasha (5'5" - 135lbs) start out in jog tops and leotards but end up in t-backs as they trade punches while they wrestle. Each time one is forced to give, she must forfeit an article of clothing. The bloody end awaits one as she is knocked out, choked out, face-sat, tied up and posed on.

Running Time: 67:45

Submissions: Judi vs Candi/Judi vs Ivan

Judy from Tennessee (5'9" - 140lbs) made her wrestling video debut in these two thirty minute timed matches. Judy went up against Candi (5'7" - 130lbs) in a submissions only match. Finishing holds included: standing head scissors, Camel Clutch, reverse head scissors and double ankle lock/arm stretch combo. Judy's second match was against Ivan (6'1" - 165lbs) from the Republic of Georgia. This was a pins and submissions match with a referee on hand. Seven falls were recorded before time ran out and a winner was determined.

Running Time: 45:40

Topless Tag Team Blue Team vs Gold Team

This best of three falls topless tag team match pitted the Blue Team (Jacki 5'2" - 108lbs & Tara 5'5" - 105lbs) against the Gold Team (Rachel 5'10" - 135lbs & Raquel 5'6" - 110lbs). Finishing submissions included: reverse head-scissors, standing reverse chin-lock, bow & arrow and stomach claw. The losers were stripped and hog-tied by the triumphant team.

Running Time: 55:40

Tall Challenge / The Knockouts

Tall Challenge features Aquel (5'0-120lbs) against Robin(6'l-160lbs) as the smallest takes on the tallest.This one-sided domination match includes hair-pulling, pony-rides and head dunking in a bucket. The Knockouts, pit long time rivals Jill and Sasha in a multiple fall submissions match with face-sit finishes.

Running Time: 43:00

Mixed Boxing with Quinn Sasha and Joy

The Mighty Quin (a.k.a. Canvas Back) puts on the gloves to do battle with two topless lovelies Sasha (5'5-135lbs) and Joy 6'0-160lbs).The punches were all real as Quin absorbed a double dose of pounding from his two beautiful opponents.

Running Time:

3 Part Competition/Submission and Control

Our 3 Part Competition included pugil sticks, boxing and wrestling. Jodi (5'7-130lbs) faced new girl Sami (5'6-115lbs). The ladies fight in dresses, shorts and t-backs. Two knockouts were recorded and one finishing face pin as one competitor suddenly ran out of energy.Submissions & Control was a best of five falls submissions match between Zora (5'8-118lbs) and new talent Casey (5'6-118lbs). Finishing submissions included: Seated surfboard, hammerlock & reverse headlock combo, headscissors, chin-lock and a pressure point knockouts.

Running Time: 53:10

New Girl in Town / Second Time

New Girl Joy (6'0-160lbs) came to town and decided to challenge tough lady Christine (5'3-150lbs). The match was part wrestling and part bare fist brawl. Knockouts sleepers, head-butts, tie-ups and muscle poses were the order of the day. The second match was even more of the same with a surprise ending.

Running Time: 80:35

Winner and Losers Vol VII

18 now finishing segment featuring 25 different ladies highlight this latest release in our popular Winners & Losers video series.

Running Time: 68:00

Mixed Wrestling Rematches

This video contains two competitive pins and submissions matches. Each match had a thirty minute time limit. David (5'7-150lbs) L and Jodi (5'7-130lbs) wrestled with 4 pins and 2 submissions obtained. David and Maggie (6'1-160lbs) wrestled with 3 submissions and 1 pin recorded before time elapsed. Brief interviews with Jodi and Maggie precede these two grueling rematches.

Running Time: 41:30

Harem Girl Battles

Harem Battles feature Brenda (5'1-100lbs), Casey (5'6-115lbs) and Candi (5'7-130lbs) in four matches with strip endings. Each lady wrestles the other to Submission. The fourth match is a three way free for all which ends with two knocked out and stripped harem wrestlers.

Running Time: 49:50

Hand Smother Encounters/The Green Team:A New Beginning

Hand Smother Encounters offers 3 apartment confrontations, each ending with one lady hand smothered into unconsciousness, stripped and bound. In Green Team: A New Partner we watch as former tag team partners Candi and Rose tear into one another. The end comes with a finishing sleeper hold. The still angry winner then proceeds to claim her green bikini and kick her off her team.

Running Time: 63:40

Back Broken / Stretched to the Limit

If you like one-sided dominating wrestling then these two topless matches should be added to your collection. In Back-Broken, Zora (5'8-118lbs) takes on Sasha (5'5-133lbs) in a one fall to submission match. The second offering pits Rose (5'8-123lbs) against Rachel (5'10-133lbs) in a nine falls submissions romp which leads one wrestler to utter exhaustion and complete defeat.

Running Time: 83:45

Winners and Losers Vol. VIII

Our ever popular series continues on with 19 new closing finishes featuring 22 different lady wrestlers, If you like lots of action coming at you fast and furious then this is made with you in mind.

Running Time: 52:30

The Executioner/Pony Workout

Tiny Brenda (5'0-100lbs) is desperately seeking employment. Booking agent Sasha (5'5-140lbs) can line up a match with the Executioner: a masked dominatrix who takes no prisoners. How will Brenda do? Be ready for a most one-sided romp. In Pony Workout, Rose puts Rachel through a bare back riding discipline and exercise session. Wben Rachel resists Pose face sits her back to obedience.

Running Time: 55:35

Secretary Shampoo/Shampoo and Shave

Boss Lady Samantha fires her secretary Zoe but it's not the last she sees of her. The two meet up on the mats and the end for one comes with a special humiliation: shampooed and stripped just in time for the arrival of their fellow office workers. Long time rivals Candi and Zora meet up again. Zora seeks revenge for the last shampoo and shave that Candi administered to her. She even goes so far as to secretly weaken Candi so that her chances for victory are enhanced. The loser put into sleeper submission, lathered up, shaved bald, stripped and tied.

Running Time: 72:00

3 Way Battle/ New Girl Competition

Cortney (5'9-160 lbs), Joy (6'0-165 lbs) and Sasha (5'5-140 lbs) wrestle and trade punches in this multi-knockout encounter. The ladies look stunning in their one piece outfits as they go after one another until only one is left standing. Tara (5'4-105 lbs) and Casey (5'6-115 lbs) match up in a very special competition. An outdoor fitness challenge which included: 90 & 100 yard runs, situps, pushups, pullups, dips and leg raises was followed by a best of 3 falls submissions wrestling match, bare fisted boxing and pugil stick fight until a winner emerged.

Running Time: 47:50

10 Ways to Submission/Masked Spear Battle

Casey and Zoe rip into one another in a combination catfight and wrestle. Bikini tops are soon gone. A finishing sleeper hold ends tbe wrestling match but the fireworks just begin. The winner strips and bounds her foe then proceeds to make her submit,10 more times using a variety of wrestling and smothering holds. Masked Spear Battlers pits two topless warriors in hand to hand spear fighting. One is quickly dispatched, stripped and posed over.

Running Time: 83:45

Winners and Losers Vol IX

Our latest edition highlights 19 new closing segments with 17 different ladies caught at the most climactic moments of their matches.

Running Time: 72:00

My Work is Done/Ms. Popular

If you are of a fan of brutal, one-sided domination then this tape is for you. In both matches one lady is throttled into submission, stripped, bound and tormented by the cruel victor. Hairpulling, breast grabbing, spanking, tickling and verbal abuse await the poor and hapless losers.

Running Time: 34:30

The Organization

Sasha is sent to infiltrate a sinister organization headed by Rose. She arrives in time to witness her agent dispatched by a slow sustained neck scissors. She decides to take then out. Sasha goes on the attack against three determined adversaries in the close confines of a hotel room.

Running Time: 72:30

Wipe Out/Sneak Attack

Wipe Out is a best of 7 falls topless submissions match between vetran Sarah (5'5 and 100 lbs) and new girl Xena (5'8 and 120 lbs). One lady is clearly overwhelmed in four straight falls Finishing holds include:neck scissors, reverse chin-lock, fulcrum neck scissors, and arm choke out. Sneak Attacks again matches a veteran Samantha (5'7 and 128 lbs) with a novice Anks (5'6 and 110 lbs) This best of 5 falls match concluded in three falls. Finishing submissions used were:cross pin and reverse head lock combo, standing head scissors, and a strait jacket choke out. After each fall the loser was stripped and posed. But even when the match concluded there was additional action just waiting to happen.

Running Time: 63:45

Have Mercy/Submissions w/ Beth and Lynn

Have Mercy matches Candi (5'7 and 130 lbs) and Taylor (5'7 and 135 lbs) in a one fall submissions catfight/wrestle. After one wrestler prevails the loser is stripped and bound then subjected to a series of submissions culminating in a final hog-tied feather tickling session which leaves her passed out on the center of the mat. Beth (5'4 and 132lbs) and Lynn (5'4 and 143 lbs) wrestle topless in a best of 5 fall submission match. Finishing holds include: chin-lock and hammerlock combo, pin submission, chin-lock and reverse face sit. The winner layed claim to the loser's bikini bottoms while sitting pretty on her face.

Running Time: 48:20

Secret Agent/Secretary Replacement

Secret Agent Zora must aquire three diskettes. Since the ladies who possess them choose not to relinquish them, Zora is forced to aquire then the hard way,by force Three seperate fights occur: One in the hotel gym, one in the hotel elevator and one in the bedroom. In Secretary replacement, Mr. Fuller has decided to down size the office staff. That leaves Raquel and Tara to fight for their place in the company. The two lock up in the office in a catspat/wrestle. In the end, one has the job and a lunch date with Mr. Fuller while the other is bound and gagged and left by the back door exit.

Running Time: 54:20

Sleeper Mistress w/ Candi

Candi the sleeper mistress (5'7 and 132 lbs) must prove to Zoe (5'8 and 120 lbs) Anka (5'6 and 120 lbs) and Lynn (5'4 and 143 lbs) that she is worthy of her name. She matches with each individually then wrestles in a two on one handicap bout. All finishes sent the losers off to dream land where she is stripped and bound and put on display by the triumphant winner. The suprise ending also features a sleeper hold with the three naked ladies catching zzzzz's on the mat.

Running Time: 54:45

SHOWDOWN! Oceans 3 Parking Lot Brawl

These 3 videos were shot in a outdoor location. Jill and Sasha square off in a park in Showdown. Tara,Zoe and Lynn wrestle with the waves crashing into them in Ocean's 3. Rose and Anka tangle in Parking Lot Brawl with the action ending in the front seat of a car.

Running Time: 46:30

The Dunking/Wet and Wild

Of you who like ladies wet then these two matches are for you. In the Dunking, Aquel puts Rachel through her paces. It culminates in a head in a bucket finish In Wet and Wild, Anka,Rose and Tara struggle in the close confines of a shower stall until one lady slides to the floor passed out. Three seperate battles took place.

Running Time: 45:00

Sleeper Submisson/Bikini Claim Tourney

Katie (5'6-115lbs), Xena (5'8-120lbs) and Zora (5'8-118lbs) match up in a Sleeper Submissions Tournament. All the ladies start out in strapless tops and g-strings. Matters conclude with two of the wrestlers lying naked and unconscious at the feet of the winner.

Running Time: 75:10

Please the Mistress/Coming Back for More

Mistress Rose is being oil massaged by her two slaves (Anka & Tara) But the Mistress is bored and decides to have them wrestle for her entertainment. They are roped together at the wrists and wrestle until one is knocked out. The finale has the Mistress punishing them both. In Coming Back For More, Sarah and Anka wrestle and catfight. They start out in dresses but soon end up naked. They have three separate encounters: one on the sofa, one on a carpet and one in the shower.One lady finally dispatches her nemesis by tying her to a bar while tickling and choking her.

Running Time: 55:30

Nude Challenge Match/Nude Battles

New girl Anka (5'8 and 120 lbs) challanges veteran Zora (5'8 and 120 lbs) to a nude knockout match. After one lady is subdued her painful domination session begins. Aquel. (5'0-120lbs) and Rashon (5'6-120 lbs)are paired in a nude wrestling match. Finishing submissions included: breast smother, reverse face-sit, spread-eagle pin and sleeper. A final tie-up and foot smother leave the loser flat out on her back. A nude boxing match follows which ends with a knockout while the winner poses triumphantly on the loser.

Running Time: 81:00

Me and Ms Jones/I Want Some Fun/Stud Dogs Demise

Three themed mixed matches are showcased in this video. In Me & Ms. Jones our Mr. Johnson (Quin) has a bad case of roving hands. Ms. Jones (Sasha) has to put on the boxing gloves to teach him a lesson in the consequences of sexual harassment. Sarah wants a day at the beach while Mike insists she stay and work. What's a girl supposed to do for fun? How about beating up and tying the spoilsport? In Stud Dog's Demise, Mike wrestles Rashon in a best of five falls submissions match. Finishing holds included: neck scissors, sleeper, seated backbreaker, over the knee back-breaker and reverse face-sit.

Running Time: 78:40

Jackson vs Mistress Alexis/Stud Dog Return

Jackson has his hands full and his head squeezed when he tangles with the buxom Mistress Alexis. No top was ever made to contain her assets and Jackson soon finds what happens when they are used against him. In Stud Dog's Return, Mikedecides to challenge statuesque blond Joy (6'0-160lbs).Big mistake!Finishing sub- missions included: Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, seated back-breaker, reverse chin-lock and reverse face-sit.

Running Time: 51:00

Pantyhose Battlers/Masked Spear Battles

Samantha (5'7-129lbs) and Zoe (5'8-130lbs) wrestle topless in pantyhose in this best of three falls submissions match. The loser is left unconscious, stripped and spread-eagled. Our two Masked Spear Battlers clash in two separate and decisive encounters in which the loser is left stripped and beaten,beneath the triumphant posing victor.

Running Time: 63:15

Knockouts Tourney/Bikini Claim-Double Elimination

Anka (5'6-110lbs), Tara (5'5-105lbs), Xena (5'8-117lbs) and Zora (5'8-118lbs) compete in this double elimination bikini claim Knockouts Tournament. Finishing knockouts included: neck breaker, choke-out, sleeper, pressure points and standing reverse chin-lock. Three of the ladies are left stripped and layed side by side as our winner poses over them and display all their captured bikini trophies.


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Running Time: 65:50

Masked Match/The Real Dominatrix

Angel (5'5-155lbs) and Joy (6'0-160lbs) wrestle and trade punches, until one lady is finally knocked out and tied up. Jill (5'5- 130lbs) and Xena (5'8,-122lbs) wrestle in a best of five falls submissions match to determine who the real dominatrix is. Finishing submissions included: arm-bar, seated back-.breaker, over the knee back-breaker and over the shoulder back-breaker. The ladies are dressed in black dominatrix bikinis and gloves. The loss of a fall entails the surrender of an article of clothing until one lady is stripped, cuffed and made to suffer a pressure points submission before passing out.

Running Time: 78:30

Absolute and Total Control/Submission and Dominance

Rachel (5'10-140lbs) and Zoe (5'8-130lbs) wrestle in a best of three falls submissions match. The loser is left stripped and unconscious. She is then positioned in a series of dominating holds whicn include: Boston Crab, lay-over leg lock, grapevine and face-sit. In Submissions and Dominance veteran Rose (5'8- 126lbs) takes on newcomer Fran (5'6-132lbs) in a best of three falls submissions match. Finishing holds included: Camel Clutch, over the knee back-breaker and stomach claw. The loser is stripped and cuffed wrists and ankles to two stools.

Running Time: 62:20

Grudge Match/Hard Fought

Angel(5'5-155lbs) and Sasha (5'5-140 lbs) tangle in a best of five falls submissions match, decided by sleepers and a face claw. Katie (5'6-115lbs) and Samantha (5'7-128 lbs) wrestle topless through seven hard fought falls. Finishing submissions included: head scissors, neck breaker, bear-hug, reverse chin lock, one arm choke out, sleeper, and face claw. The loser is stripped and posed by the victor.

Running Time: 67:30

Smother vs Speed/The Bigger They Are...

These two matches pit smaller girls against the big ones. Alexis (5'9-135lbs) and Zora (5'8-118lbs) wrestle topless in a best of five falls submissions match. Can Speed overcome Smother? The questions is settled here. Lynette (5'0-110lbs)and Rachel (5'10 and 140lbs)lock up in the second match. The ladies are both attired in black dominatrix g-strings, gloves and masks. One lady subdues her opponent then puts her through a prolonged lesson in wrestling domination and obedience.

Running Time: 45:20

My Favorite Submission Hold

Tara (5'5-105lbs) and Zoe (5'8-128lbs) square off in topless best of five falls submissions wrestling. Each wrestler chose the one and only submission hold they would use in order to win. Zoe chose the grapevine. Tara chose pressure points. The end comes with one combatant unconscious, stripped and posed.Then to add a little extra helping of humiliation she is made to submit again by baving her own favorite hold turned against her.

Running Time: 61:20

Contained/Knockout Finish

Xena (5'8-118lbs)and Candi(5'7-128lbs) go to the mats in this best of five falls submissions match. One lady dominated the action, winning with a chin lock submission, leg drops and elbow smashes and finishing off her opponent with a reverse face sit. Rose (5'8-127lbs) and Beth (5'4-126lbs.) also paired off in a best of five falls submissions match. Finishing holds included strait jacket choke out, heart punch, reverse face sit, head scissors and neck breaker. Both matches featured on this tape were topless.

Running Time: 61:20

Knockout Tournament:Double Elimination

Newcomer Amber (5'3-100lbs) was matched with Anka (5'6-110 lbs) and Sarah(5'5 and 100) in this Knockouts Double Elimination Bikini claim Tournament. All matches ended with one lady knocked out. Finishing holds included: reverse face sit, arm choke out, throttle submission, fulcrum neck scissors and reverse chin lock. The two losers lay naked next to one anotner while the triumphant victor poses and displays the claimed bikinis.

Running Time: 69:45

Hand it Over/Surrender It!

Both matches are best of five falls submissions. The loser of each fall is forced to forfeit an article of clothing. Anka (5'6-110lbs) tangles with Xena (5'8-120lbs). Finishing holds included: Camel Clutch, Kneeling Surfboard, Seated Back-Breaker, Fulcrum Neck Scissors and Boston Crab. Newcomer Fran (5'6-135lbs) takes on veteran Candi (5'7-132lbs). Finishing holds included: Reverse Body Cradle, Camel Clutch, Standing Head Scissors, Waist Scissors and Reverse Headlock Combo and Seated Back-Breaker. In both matches the final fall was wrestled in the nude.

Running Time: 74:50

Here's Pie in your Eye/Submissions from Yesterday

Quinn and Sasha arrive late for a party.It seems as if the party has moved but a whole table of pies remain. Well one word led to another and before you,can say: Pie Fight! These two were at it. Muscle Lady Christine (5'2-140lbs) matched with Fred (5'5-155lbs) in a fifteen minute submissions match. Finishing submissions included: head scissors, Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, Over the Knee Back-Breaker and a Reverse Head-Scissors/Face Sit. Culled from our archives is Rose's first mixed wrestling match against Jackson. This is truly an oldey and a goodey as Rose dominates with a almost continuous series of head scissors.

Running Time: 91:15

Winners and Losers Vol. 10

We continue our Winners & Losers series with Volume Ten which features 19 brand new closing segments with 23 different ladies All action is caught at the climax then victory is finally attained.

Running Time: 67:20

Cat and Mouse/Spread Eagled Submissions

Cat & Mouse pit Beth (5'4-126lbs) against Anka (5'6-110lbs) in a topless best of three falls submissions match. One lady was clearly dominating and enjoyed toying with her over-matched opponent. The two finishing holds employed were: hangman chin lock and face-claw applied with an over the knee back-breaker. In Spread-Eagled Submissions, Candi (5'7-130lbs) and Rachel (5'10-138lbs) compete in a topless best of three falls submissions match. Both ladies are clad in tights as they wrestle for advantage. Finishing holds included: knee drive and elbow smash, double ax handle smash and neck claw. Both matches end with nude finishes.

Running Time: 47:45

Knockout Tournament/Apartment Brawl

Rose (5'8-128lbs), Samantha (5'7-128lbs) and Xena (5'8-123lbs) wrestle each other twice in this double elimination, bikini claim Knockouts Tournament. Knockout finishes included chin lock with a neck twist, double ax handle smash, reverse facesit, pressure points and head scissors. The winner strips and poses over her two defeated rivals. If you want another knockout finish then watch Rose and Zoe go at each other in Apartment Brawl. This rip-tearing apartment catfight ends with total nudity and a double knockout.

Running Time: 79:15

Double Dose of Domination/Strip Sleeper Submissions

Sasha (5'5-135lbs) takes on the tag-team combo of Xena (5'8-118lbs) and Zoe (51811-128lbs) in a best of seven falls topless submissions handicap wrestling match. Finishing submissions included: reverse face-sit, sleeper, standing head-scissors, over the shoulder back- breaker and hangman's chin-lock. A final foot smother concluded the match. Anka (5'6-110lbs) and new girl Tori (5'3-107lbs) competed in this best of seven falls strip sleeper submissions match. The- only finishing hold allowed was the dreaded sleeper. At the conclusion of each fall the victor claimed an article of clothing from her opponent until one wrestler was left naked and asleep on the mat.

Running Time: 72:15

Ruthless!/Submissions and More

In Ruthless, Sasha (5'5-138lbs) wrestles topless against Anka (5'6-110lbs) and Lynn (5'4-142lbs). She wrestles them first individually then in a handicap match. The rules are simple: the loser is knocked out, stripped and bound. Submissions and More matches Samantha (5'7-128lbs) against Fran (5'6-132lbs) in a topless best of 3 falls submissions wrestle. The loser is subdued and stripped then put through another sequence of submission holds which include:surfboard, Boston Crab, seated back- breaker, reverse face sit and pressure points submission.

Running Time: 81:25

Submission:Best of 7 Falls

Both matches featured are best of seven falls submissions wrestling. Rachel (5'11-140lbs) takes on Joy (6'0-160) Finishing submissions included: waist-scissors & reverse head-lock combo, cobra clutch necklock, back lay-over leg lock, Boston Crab, head-scissors with Bow & Arrow, and face claw & over the-knee back-breaker. Sarah (5'5-105lbs) and Fran (5'6-128lbs) wrestle topless. Finishing holds included: chin-lock, bow and arrow surfboard combo, hammer- lock, reverse head-scissors, school girl pin with leg stretch, arm choke-out and reverse figure-four head-scissors.

Running Time: 69:20

Mixed Wrestling/That Should Show Him

Another search of our archives found this old classic. Jackson wrestles Niki, a well-toned, extremely strong fitness model, in a lively, friendly match. In That Should Show Him, Rose and Zoe take turns hand smothering Fred after subduing him and tying him to a chair. The ladies are topless in mini-skirts and heels as they teach him a lesson about the power of smother.

Running Time: 73:00

Best of 5 Falls:Smother Submission and Face Pins

Tara (5'5-105lbs) and Samantha (5'7-128lbs) wrestle in this best of five falls smother submissions match. The ladies wrestle in bikinis and body stockings, changing outfits for each new fall. Breast, foot and face sit smothers achieve victory. The loser is stripped after submitting. Sarah (5'5-105lbs) and Tori (5'2-105lbs) wrestle topless in this wrestling encounter. Front and reverse face pins are used to obtain the win. The loser of the match is stripped and posed by the victorious winner.

Running Time: 62:35

Mixed Wrestling:Jackson vs Sarah

Sarah (5'5-100lbs) takes on Jackson in a light-hearted, multi-pin mixed battle of Florida. Sarah, representing Women's World & Fort Lauderdale, aggresively goes after Jackson from Jacksonville to determine our unofficial, unrecognized State Mixed Wrestling Champion.

Running Time: 61:20

Putting Her To Sleep/Sleeper Dominations

This tape is made up completely of sleeper submission finishes. Zoe (5'7-133lbs), Lynn (5'4-140lbs) and Anka (5'6-110lbs), wrestle one another in one fall topless submission matches. A fourth and final handicap match has 2 ladies sleeper finished, stripped and tied together. In Sleeper Domination, Sasha (5'5-138lbs) wrestles Brenda (5'0-100lbs) in a best of five falls match.

Running Time: 62:00

Mixed Bag

This mixed wrestling potpourri features 26 individual segments with 22 different ladies and 15 different gentlemen. Some footage includes never before released material. Note: Judy from Digital Ads does appear in this tape in her first Mixed Match! (She is in the First pic!)

Running Time: 68:30

Submissions:Best of 5 Falls

Raquel (5'6-110lbs) and Tara (5'5-106lbs) wrestle topless in this battle of the red heads. All submissions were by head scissors. The loser was stripped, tied with her own bikini bottom and head- scissored to unconsciousness for good measure. Zoe (5'7-130lbs) and Fran (5'6-130lbs) were paired in a topless submissions match. Finishing holds included: double ankle-lock & chin-lock combo, chin lock, forearm throttle, reverse head-lock and choke out. Once again the loser was unceremoniously stripped of her bikini bottom.

Running Time: 38:15

Topless Tag Teams:Red vs Brown

The veteran Red Team of Katie (5'6-112lbs) & Sasha (5'5-133lbs) take on the newly constituted Brown Team of Rose (5'8-124lbs) & Zora (5'8-120lbs) in this best of three falls topless submissions tag-team match. Finishes holds included: reverse figure-four head- scissors, standing head-scissors & arm stretch and double clothesline. The losers were stripped, posed, stacked on top of one another and tied together wrist to ankle with their own bikini bottoms as the victors celebrated over them.

Running Time: 65:55

Pro Style Submissions

These two pro style matches are 30 minute multi-submissions format. Body builders Sandy (5'5-166lbs) and Christine (5'2-147lbs) square off. Finishing holds included: double ankle-lock, chin-lock, scorpion leg-lock, overhead octopus grapevine, cobra clutch neck-lock and upside down bearbug. Sandy and Joy (6'1-165lbs) were next to grapple. Finishing submissions included: grapevine, Boston Crab, over the knee back-breaker, arm-bar and bearbug.

Running Time: 79:45

Gotcha!/Piece of Cake

Gotcha!: 5 K.O. Finishes matches veteran Candi (5'7-130lbs) with novice Lisa (6'0-153lbs) in a knockout submission and strip wrestling match. The ladies change outfits at the onset of each fall. Finishing holds included: reverse face-sit,standing head scissors, sleeper, Camel Clutch and face claw. When one-wrestler was unable to continue the match ended in a fofeit victory. In Piece of Cake, Xena (5'8-119lbs) and Zoe (5'8-128lbs) wrestle topless in a best of five falls submissions match. Each fall features a change of bikini attire and a strip ending. Finishing submissions included: Boston Crab, seated surfboard, seated back-breaker and reverse head scissors. The loser was again stripped, bound and foot smothered by the posing victor.

Running Time: 91:30

Winners and Losers Vol 11

Volume Eleven of our Winners and Losers series features 22 new closing segments and 30 different ladies in climactic action.

Running Time: 72:00

Mixed Competitive-Dave vs Zoe and then Beth

David (5'7-150lbs) takes on two new opponents in these two mixed competitive matches. First Zoe (5'7-129lbs) and then Beth(5'4- 125lbs) wrestle in a thirty minutes pins and submissions format. Both matches recorded multiple pins and submissions. Brief,interviews with each of the ladies preceed the lively action.

Running Time: 66:00

The Wrestle Lesson/The Exercise Girl

This domination video has four different segments. Making Video SLV-106 (Devon Vs.Sasha) is a rare behind the scene view of how a video is made. The Wrestle Lesson (filmed for Brazilian TV) has Christine putting on a wrestling clinic for Rose’s benefit. Next is Rashon in a topless and nude pose session. The final segment is a custom video with Rachel forcing a reluctant Raquel into a workout with weights as well as arm and leg wrestling.

Running Time: 62:45

Panty Hose Struggles/Squeezed and Smothered

In Panty Hose Struggles, Rachel and Rose wrestle in nylons with pins and head scissors the holds of choice. In Squeezed and Smothered, Sasha (5’5 and 135 lbs) and Fran (5’6-135lbs) wrestle topless attired in matching black g-string bikinis, gloves and masks in this best of five falls submissions match. Finishing holds included: head scissors, face claw, reverse face sit and foot smother.

Running Time: 64:30

Lady in Red/Lady in Black

Mike manages to antagonize two lovely ladies (Candi & Rose) much to his own regret and peril. These two fast paced encounters include great lifts and spins, reverse face sits and sleeper finishes as well as two humiliating and humbling conclusions.

Running Time: 78:20

Seven to Win/Fight to the Finish

In Seven To Win veterans Candi & Rose pursue their long running feud through a grueling twelve fall marathon. Some of the finishes included: hand smother, neck-breaker, pressure points, sleeper, heart punch and atomic drop. Fight to the Finish pits Xena (5’8-116lbs,) and Zora (5’8-118lbs) in a best of five falls submissions match. Each fall victory costs the loser an article of clothing until the final fall is wrestled nude. The victor poses and celebrates by standing on her flattened and unconscious opponent.

Running Time: 43:00

Diamonds are for Fighting/Gladiatrixes

Fran, Rachel and Xena wrestle each other in an effort to lay claim to a diamond bracelet. Finishing holds included: arm-bar, double leg drop and standing head scissors. A fourth match involving all three ladies was needed to determine the ultimate winner. In Gladiatrixes two ladies battle to the finish. One is armed with a battle ax and the other with a ball & chain. The loser is left bloodied, stripped and bound.

Running Time: 52:15

Tall Order/Better than You

Sleepers, face claws and breast smothers are the dominating finishes featured in these two videos. Tall Order matches Jill (5’5-128lbs) against Joy (6’1-175lbs) in a best of five falls bikini wrestling submissions match. Can the little girl survive the onslaught of the big one? You will have to see for yourself. In Better Than You, Alexis and Candi have a contest to see who can knockout Aquel the fastest. When the knockout times are disputed Candi and Alexis go after each other.

Running Time: 60:30

Double Your Trouble/2 Girl Challenge

Mike learns a painful lesson when he disappoints Rose and Rachel by not being ready for their dinner engagement. Vinny decides to challenge Katie and Sarah to see just how tough they are. Much to his own peril he is scissored, slapped, punched,,and smothered,by two determined hellcats.

Running Time: 53:00

Fighting Slaves/Fighting Slave Training

Mistresses Brenda and Raquel bet their fighting slaves in nude submissions wrestling. Then the two mistresses tangle in a knockout finish. Fighting Slave Training continues the story as Mistress Brenda delivers Candi to Mistress Alexis' dungeon for some toughening up. After putting her through her paces Mistress Alexis tries to lay claim to her.

Running Time: 62:20

Mixed Bag Vol. 2

Continuing the well received Mixed Bag Volume I collection we offer Volume II: 26 New Mixed wrestling segments with 13 different gentlemen and 21 different ladies, including some never before released archive material.

Running Time: 55:45

One Left Standing/Sleeper and Shampoo

Chris, Jill, Joy and Sasha wrestle and punch in this multi-knockout video. Although they start as teams it ends in a wild free for all until only one lady remains standing. Sleeper and Shampoo has Aquel and Xena wrestle in g-string bikinis to settle a boyfriend problem. The end comes with a sleeper soon followed by a head-dunking, strip,tie and head to toe shampoo.

Running Time: 45:30

Double Crossed

Zana the Warrior (Zora) is sent to rescue kidnapped Sarah. But first she must overcome the sentries (Xena, Candi, Fran & Rachel) which guard her before battling the Boss Lady (Raquel) and her lieutenant (Rose). This video was filmed in a nearly deserted mansion and contains outdoor action as well. The final surprise will explain the title.

Running Time: 75:45

Niki Ultimate Loser

Niki may have lost more than she won but she always did it in style. This compilation tape takes you through 22 different closing moments culminating in her inevitable defeat.

Running Time: 60:50

8 Lady Battle Royal

We assembled eight ladies (Xena, Fran, Candi, Raquel, Sarah, Zora, Rose & Rachel) to wrestle. The rules were simple: the winner would be the one left standing; 'the other seven had to be knocked out, stripped and tied. 3 Dominatrixes featured four dominating, knock- out matches between Xena, Candi & Beth. Finishing holds Included: arm choke out, pressure points submission, heart punch, clothes line and sleeper.

Running Time: 91:10

Winners and Losers: Vol XII

Winners & Losers Volume XII features 20 new closing segments with 24 different ladies. Once again the emphasis is on the climactic end of the match as we capture the victors in all their glory and the defeated utterly vanquished.

Running Time: 92:20

Zora: Beautiful Loser

This compilation tape highlights the beautiful blond battler Zora. We've purposely captured her during falls and matches in which she lost because few look more ravishing in defeat.

Running Time: 83:45

Devon: The Destroyer

Although Devon has long since retired from the ranks of lady wrestling she has left a legacy and a loyal following. Devon was a wrestling tigress who tore into her opponents and left them crumpled in defeat when she was through. We've compiled a tape celebrating her most complete and dominating victories.

Running Time: 92:30

Tag Teams: 16 Matches and 26 Ladies

This video features the fast paced fury of four combatants in wrestling action. There are 16 different matches with 26 different ladies high- lighted. All matches end with decisive victories captured. This tape is a clear case where more is in fact more!

Running Time: 30:00

Zanis Island

This is the sequel to Zana the Warrior (SLV-277). Zana (Zora) is returned by boat and under guard by ringleaders Sarah and Rose. They have planned her defeat in battle with the Island Princess (Rashon) so they can take control of the island. Will their carefully crafted plan succeed?

Running Time: 68:30

Shampoo Battles/Naked and Bound

Shampoo Battles has Candi, Jill and Zora wrestle to claim the title. of Shampoo Queen and avoid the loser's fate of being stripped shampooed and shaved bald. Two of the ladies succumb to finishing sleepers ind suffer the consequences. A final head to toe shaving cream ruodown leaves us with one thoroughly lathered loser and an undisputed Shampoo Queen. In Naked and Bonnd, Fran and Zoe wrestle and catfight in their birthday suits with emphasis made of breast grabbing, hair-pulling and slapping. The loser was left unconscious and further humiliated by being spread-eagled and tied to a pugil stick.

Running Time: 91:00

3 Girl Battles

If you are a fan of handicap wrestling matches or three for alls then this tape was made with you in mind. We feature 16 individual segments filmed to their decisive conclusion which highlight 27 of the ladies in action.

Running Time: 53:30

Mistress Candi,Brenda vs Mistress Rachel,Rashon and Zoe

Mistresses Rachel and Brenda decide to bet their slaves and the bragging rights that go to the victor in this best of three falls match. Slave fighter supreme Candi is pitted against two new adversaries: Zoe & Rashon. The ladies wrestle naked to submission or knockout. Finishes included: heart punch, sleeper and reverse full nelson with head scissors combo. The grand finale has the Mistresses go at it with the end result being the losing ladies are knocked out, tied up and left to be picked up for the following day.

Running Time: 75:10

Handicap Match/Pins and Submissions

This best of 7 Falls Handicap Match has Robin (6'1-160lbs) taking on Candi (5'7-130lbs) and Rose (5'8-127lbs) in a topless submissions struggle. Finishing holds included: head & waist scissors combo, grapevine, leg-lock, bow & arrow, sleeper, reverse chin lock and standing head scissors. New girl Emily (5'4-112lbs)debuts against savvy veteran Sarah (5'5-105lbs) in this topless best of 5 falls, pins and submissions match.The poor loser winds up knocked out and layed bare.

Running Time: 75:10

Reds/I Retired Her

Two fiery redheads (Raquel 5'6-110lbs & Xena 5'8-115lbs) wrestle in a best of three falls submissions lockup with the provison that "the winner can have her way with the loser." Choke-out, Camel Clutch and Reverse Face Sit Submissions precede an intence domination session which include: tickling, paddling, hand and foot smothers and pressure, point control. In "I'll Retired Her!" Aquel once again accepts a mysterious phone offer to wrestle a new opponent (Brenda). The sponsor wants a nude, knocked out and bound loser with photos of her humiliation Brenda and Aquel wrestle and catfight right out of their bikini, and finally settle things in bare and beautiful battle with the loser delivered according to the terms of the match.

Running Time: 92:45

Winner and Losers Vol.XIII

Number thirteen of our popular Winners & Losers series is your lucky number to sample 18 new closing segments with 25 different ladies captured in the crucible of victory and defeat.

Running Time: 71:45

3 Custom Videos

These 3 custom videos cover a wide range of interests. In Little Army Girl we have the classic big girl (Robin 6'1-165lbs) Vs. small girl (Sarah 5'5-105lbs) match up. Will Sarah's special Army training in "kicking big girl butt" be of help to her? Belly punches, crotch kicks, breast smothers and grabs are all part of the fierce action. In Foot Dominators, Sasha and Jill take turns in foot smothering and worshipping encounters. Both bikini clad beauties feel what it is like to be ground under the heel of the other. In One Fall Knockout Submission, Candi and Samantha tangle while their corner-girls (Fran & Sarah) bet on which fighter will leave her opponent knocked out and naked.In the end there are two ladies left on the mat done in by a nasty standing head-scissors pile driver and a well administered clothes-line.

Running Time: 47:15

3 Topless Competitive Matches

Rose (5'8-130lbs), Sasha (5'5-140) & Shelli (5'6-133lbs) square off in three 15 minute topless pins and submissions matches. Each match was intense with multi pins and submissions recorded.

Running Time: 51:25

The Belly Punchers

Four beautiful ladies (Candi, Fran, Samantha & Sarah) in three topless belly punching scenarios which focus on authentic belly punching. If good gut wrenching and pounding is what you are seeking then this tape is a must see!

Running Time: 64:20

Mixed Competitive

These two mixed competitive matches feature David (5'7-150lbs) against Zoe (5'8-128lbs) and Candi (5'7-129lbs) in a thirty minutes pins and submissions format. Among the finishing pins and submissions included were: school-girl and cross pins, ankle and chin lock submissions, headlock, cradle and Boston Crab.

Running Time: 72:15


These two matches are one-sided, dominating romps with the losers subjected to a series of finishing submissions culminating in their inability to continue. Sasha (5'5-135lbs) takes on Tori (5'2-108lbs) and Rose (5'8-126lbs) matches up with Xena (5'8-117lbs). Finishing submissions included: cobra clutch, sleeper, throttle and pressure points.

Running Time: 73:30

2 Topless Competitive Matches

These two topless competitive matches were 30 minutes in length with pin and submission rules. Rashon (5'6-120lbs) and Fran (5'7- 130lbs) wrestled with seven recorded pins and submissions.Candi (5'7-130lbs) and Shelli 5'6-133lbs) were paired next. Their match had six recorded pins and submissions.

Running Time: 55:10

I Will Be Back

Seasoned veteran Zora (5'8-118lbs) and newcomer Emily (5'4-112lbs) were paired in this special challenge match. This was a best of 7 falls pins and submissions format with a unique provison: the loser would be forced to leave Women's World for one year. Needless to say the motivation to win was most compelling. Finishing pins and submissions included: matchbook pin, waist scissors & full nelson combo, sleeper, reverse chin lock, atomic drop, knockout and pressure points. The loser's long sad farewell was duly captured.

Running Time: 61:00

Pressure Point Submissions

This compilation tape highlights one single devastating submission hold: pressure point knockouts. We feature 18 segments and 21 ladies in the final throes of agony before going unconscious.

Running Time: 89:30

4 Mixed Matches

Four beautiful ladies (Candi, Maggie, Sasha & Joy) put their legs to best advantage as they work over three hapless male opponents in four scissor domination matches.

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