Videos 100 - 199

Running Time: 57:00

Mat Mayhem/Three for All

Rachel (5'10" - 135 lbs) and Devon (5'3" - 114 lbs) team up in a topless best of three falls submissions wrestle against Rose (5'8" - 120 lbs) and Magalie (5'4" - 110 lbs). This is a double submissions match with all four ladies on the mat at the same time. Boston Crab, Camel-Clutch, head-scissors, face-sits, seated back-breakers and sleepers are all utilized. Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs, Sarah 5'5" - 100 lbs and Taylor 5'7" - 130 lbs) wrestle each other in this three for all. The two losers wind up stripped, piled atop each other, and hog-tied.

Running Time: 65:00

Mixed Competitive Wrestling

This video features David (5'7" - 150 lbs) in competition with three of the ladies of Women's World: Vanessa (5'2" - 122 lbs), Rashon (5'6" - 120 lbs) and Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs). Each of the ladies is interviewed briefly prior to the start of the match.

Running Time: 51:30

2 Topless Handicap Matches

This video has two topless handicap matches. The first match pits Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs) against tag-team partners Katie (5'6" - 115 lbs) and Sarah (5'5" - l00 lbs). This one-fall submission match was decided by a sleeper hold. The next handicap match-up was with Rachel (5'10" - 135 lbs) against Magalie (5'4" - 110 lbs) and Raquel (5'5" - 115 lbs). This was a best of three falls submissions wrestle. Finishing holds include: sleeper, camel-clutch and face-sit.

Running Time: 74:40

3 Custom Videos

Three custom videos fill this tape: The first video has Jill (5'6" - 135 lbs) against Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs) in a best of three falls bikini wrestle. A finishing sleeper, shampoo, and a shaved bald head awaits the loser.
In a pro-style match Mad Dog Sandy (5'6" 165 lbs) tangles with Catfighter Aquel (5'0" - 120 lbs). Fists and a chair fly in this wild melee. The final match pits Sasha (5'5" - 135 lbs) against Angel (5'5" - 145 lbs) in a close-quarters struggle. It seems that both ladies planned to go to the same party in the same style dress. Unfortunately for one of them, her party plans are going to be altered.

Running Time: 61:00

Sorority Knockout / Topless Submission: Rachel vs. Samantha

Sorority pledge Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs) is the victim of a hell night initiation ritual directed by Rose (5'8" - 120 lbs). Sarah is stripped naked, her hands are tied behind her back then she is stood up against a wall for ten minutes of bare fisted pummeling. A bloody knockout climaxes this slugfest. Topless submissions has veteran Rachel (5'10" - 135 lbs) tangling with new girl Samantha (5'7" - 119 lbs) in a five fall submissions match. Finishing holds include: reverse head-scissors/ankle-lock combo, neck muscle claw, hammerlock, scissored leg split and knotted, figure-four head scissors. The loser is left flat on her back, stripped and unconscious.

Running Time: 58:15

Wrestling & Fistcuffs: Sarah vs. Zora / The Competition

Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs) and Zora (5'8" - 115 lbs) wrestle the first two falls then decide the match with a bare fisted brawl. The loser is knocked out, stripped and gagged. In the Competition, Rose (5'8" - l20 lbs) and Magalie (5'4" - 110 lbs) box, fight with pugil sticks and wrestle to determine a winner. Two recorded knockouts and a face sit smother end each segment.

Running Time: 62:00

Bound to Lose / Vanquished

Rashon (5'6" - 120 lbs) and Zora (5'8" - 118 lbs) wrestle through five falls in this topless submissions struggle. Finishing holds include: fulcrum neck scissors, body stretch, Boston Crab, chinlock and bow & arrow/headscissors combo. The loser is stripped and hogtied.
In Vanquished, Sasha (5'5"- 135 lbs) and Devon (5'3" - 114 lbs) wrestle topless in a submissions match-up. The finishing holds include: seated back-breaker, standing head-scissors, reverse head-scissors, bearhug and Camel Clutch. The loser is left butt naked in ring center with the winner posing over her.

Running Time: 66:35

Submission Slaughter / Submission Romp

These two matches feature the awesome Aziza (5'11" - 165 lbs) against Rachel (5'10" - 140 lbs) and Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs). Aziza, wrestling in a body suit, overwhelms her competition. These two, thirty minute matches, contain over a dozen recorded submissions. A final humiliation awaits the two losers.

Running Time: 59:35

Gangbuster / The Burglar

These two mixed wrestling videos feature Rose (5'8" - 115 lbs) and Jill (5'6" - 135 lbs) in action: Rose does battle in 7 seperate segments against the ski-masked members of the "gang". Every punch and kick is real as Rose takes care of business. When hapless burglar Mike burgles Jill's house, he quickly discovers that he made a terrible mistake. This is one tough lady!

Running Time: 53:00

Bondage and Discipline / Stomping Lady

Bondage & Discipline pits Alexis, (5'9" - 155 lbs) against Niki (5'6" - 145 lbs) in an apartment catfight which leaves the loser bound, whipped, and tied to a cross, ball-gagged, and finally, thrown into a steel cage as punishment. Stomping Lady has Rachel (5'10" - 135 lbs) and Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs) wearing spiked heels and smoking cigars. After squishing strawberries, bananas and eggs, they turn their attention to each other. One lady is left knocked out and stripped while the victor poses with her spiked heel parting her lips.

Running Time: 56:15

Knocked Out / Strip Boxing / Double Submissions

Knocked Out pits Magalie (5'4" - 110 lbs) against Raquel (5'5" - 115 lbs) in a no rounds, no time limit boxing match. The rules are simple: winner by knockout, loser stripped. Strip Boxing is a similar format where Rose (5'8" - 115 lbs) squares off against Samantha (5'7" - 119 lbs). When over-zealous referee Rachel gets involved we wind up with a double knockout and two of the ladies tied together. The third match is a topless, tag-team, best of three falls. Candi (5'7" - 140 lbs) and Zora (5'8" - 120 lbs) take on Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs) and Rachel (5'10" - 135 lbs). At the end, three ladies are knocked out and one team lays claim to victory.

Running Time: 61:15

Smother/Smother, Smother/Topless Pins Katie vs. Rose

The first match is a topless smother submission bout between Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs) and Samantha (5'7" - 119 lbs). The one-sided action features two face-sit smothers and one foot smother. The loser is stripped while the victor face-sits and figure-fours her legs. The second match has Katie (5'6" - 120 lbs) and Rose (5'8" - 115 lbs) in a nine fall topless pins match. School-girl, cross and face pins were all used to achieve victory.

Running Time: 67:45

Mixed Competitive David vs Samatha Sasha Maggie

The intrepid David matches wrestling skills with three different ladies: Samantha (5'7" - 119 lbs), Sasha (5'5" - 135 lbs) and Maggie (6'1" - 158 lbs) in lively competitive action. Pins or submissions are recorded in all three matches.

Running Time: 56:00

Competitive Wrestling

The first match is between Jill (5'6-135lbs) and Rose (51811-120lbs). Both ladies wrestle in tights. Rose is topless and barefoot while Jill wrestles in boots. This 30 minute pins and submissions match ended at the 26 minute mark with one wrestler knocked out. The second topless match is between Terri (5'6-140 lbs) and Aquel (Sherry) (5'0-122lbs). This even battle went the distance with both ladies achieving pins and submissions from their opponent. *This video is a cooperative venture between Women's World Wrestling Club and Women's International Sports Club. The price of this video is $49.95. If combined in a four for $100.00 package, this tape would count as two of the four.

Running Time: 60:30

TPC-12/97 Competitive Naomi, Zora, Terri, Sasha

This is the second of a series of Anglo-American competitive matches. The ladies wrestle topless in wrestling boots. The first match between Naomi (5'4" - 125 lbs) and Zora (5'8" - 120 lbs) had 7 recorded pins and submissions, including: Camel Clutch, seated back-breaker and Boston Crab. The Sasha (5'5" - 140 lbs) and Terri (5'6" - 140 lbs) match had 9 recorded pins and submissions, including double hammer-lock and figure-four head scissors. *This video is the second of the Anglo-American Competitive Series, which is a cooperative venture between Women's World Wrestling Club and Women's International Sports Club. The price of this video is $49.95. If combined in a four for $100.00 package this tape would count as two of the four.

Running Time: 54:05

Subdued and Stripped / Masked Match with Niki and Candi

The first match is a topless four fall battle between Liz (5'3" - 110 lbs) and Samantha (5'7" - 119 lbs). Finishing holds include: over the knee back-breaker, seated back-breaker, Boston Crab and standing head-scissors which renders one of the ladies unconscious. The second match is a topless "Texas rules" wrestle: the loser is stripped and hog-tied. Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs) and Niki (5'5" - 135 lbs) wrestle in black masks until a finishing sleeper hold does one in.

Running Time: 51:25

Submissions / Topless Handicap Match

Katie (5'6" - 120 lbs) and Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs) wrestle topless through five grueling falls. Finishing holds include: chin-lock submission, reverse head-scissors, leg-nelson, reverse head-lock & hammer-lock combo and pin-smother. Rachel (5'10" - 135 lbs) takes on a tag-team of Rose (5'8" - 120 lbs) and Samantha (5'7" - 119 lbs) in this one-fall submission match: A sleeper hold concludes the action. The final tie-up and a happy face drawn on the side of the loser's foot is the added flourish to a fine match.

Running Time: 57:15

A Photo Session / Manhandler

When Raquel (5'5" - 115 lbs) agrees to a photo session with Fred, a sleazy photographer into the bondage scene, she has to fight her way out of trouble. When matters conclude one is left hand-cuffed and gagged. Poor Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs) is bound at the ankles and wrists by Fred, who is very much into tickling. Will Sarah be able to escape this ticklish situation? You will have to see for yourself.

Running Time: 61:10

Stomache Claw / Catburglar / Tickling Maid / Mad Masseuse

These four custom, mini-videos, feature eight different ladies in various topless and nude wrestling scenarios. Stomach Claw is a one fall submission match between Raquel (5'5" - 115 lbs) and Magalie (5'4" - 110 lbs). Cat Burglar has Zora (5'8" - 119 lbs) breaking into the apartment of Rose (5'8" - 120 lbs) and Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs). Tickling Maid has a fastidious Sarah feather-dusting everything in sight, much to Rachel's (5'10" - 135 lbs) annoyance. Mad Masseuse has Niki (5'5" - 133 lbs) kneading Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs) until some unsolicited remarks provoke a fight.

Running Time: 50:20

Blonde Destroyer / Made Submissive

The first topless match has Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs) and Magalie (5'4" - 110 lbs) wrestling in four one-sided falls. Finishing holds include: head-scissors, face-sit & stomach claw, standing head-scissors and standing chin-lock sleeper. The tables turn when the loser attacks the winner in a knockout finish. In Made Submissive, Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs) and Zora (5'8" - 118 lbs) wrestle topless. A face-sit ending leads to a stripped and tied-up loser.

Running Time: 51:00

The House Guest

This is Women's World first authentic underwater wrestling video. The non-stop action is captured by four different cameras as Jill, Raquel, Rose and Samantha battle each other underwater. Three ladies wind up topless and are left draped by the side of the pool, waterlogged and exhausted, by the victor. *This video is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 videos if ordering a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 65:20

Jackson vs. The 2 Lynettes

In two seperate matches, Jackson squares off against blond and brunette Lynette. Blond Lynette (a.k.a. Alecia 5'7" 135lbs.) and Jackson battle for advantage in even wrestling action. Brunette Lynette (5'0" 125lbs.) totally dominates poor Jackson to the extent that he loses his pants and winds up tied up with them during the course of the match.

Running Time: 58:52

No More / G-String Wrestle / Office Battles

In No More Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs) and Katie (5'6" - 120 lbs) have it out over the same boyfriend. One lady is left stripped, tied and subdued until she begs for no more. G-String Wrestle matches Zora (5'8" - 118 lbs) and Magalie (5'4" - 110 lbs) in a one fall submission. Both ladies grab at their opponent's bikini bottom until one achieves success. The disrobed wrestler is then finished off with a match ending sleeper. Office Battle has two dressed for success secretaries going at one another in the office. Jill (5'6" - 135 lbs) and Sasha (5'5" - 135 lbs) wrestle over a promised promotion until one is scissored unconscious, left naked and set up for a fall.

Running Time: 61:00

5 Submissions / Smother Mistress

Alexis (5'9" - 147 lbs) and Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs) wrestle topless through five falls until a winner emerges. Finishing holds include: breast smother, reverse face-sit smother, reverse head-lock, head-scissors/bow & arrow combo and sleeper/leg lock combo. Rashon (5'6" - 120 lbs) and Rose (5'8" - 120 lbs) wrestle topless in a three falls submissions match. Breast grabbing action was the prelude to three smother finishes: foot, hand and sleeper. The loser is then stripped and rope tied.

Running Time: 61:05

Scissored, Squeezed and Smothered / Exhausted

The first match has Sasha (5'5" - 135 lbs) and Samantha (5'7" - 119 lbs) in a best of three falls topless wrestle. Finishing holds include: scissors, bear-hug and face-sit smother. Rachel (5'10" - 135 lbs) and Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs) pair off in the second topless match, which proved to be very one-sided. Finishing submissions include: sustained stomach claw, reverse head-scissors/ankle-lock combo, chin & leg lock combo and shoulder sit. The exhausted loser was stripped and gagged.

Running Time: 42:10

Three for All/Four for All

In Three For All, Candi, Rose and Rashon wrestle each other topless until two ladies are subdued, stripped and left rope tied together. In Four For All, Rachel, Zora, Candi & Sarah go at it in a topless free for all. The end comes with three ladies unconscious while the winner claims their bikini bottoms as victory trophies.

Running Time: 69:30

Mixed Competitive

The first match has Mike (5'8" - 160 lbs) wrestling Aziza (5'10" - 155 lbs) in a pins and submissions format. The action was sustained and quite even. The second match is between Doug (5'5" - 125 lbs) and Rachel (5'10" - 143 lbs) in a thirty minute submissions only format. Finishing holds included: head-scissors, waist-scissors, body cradle and grapevine.

Running Time: 55:55

Competitive/The Competition

The first match was a topless best of three falls submissions only between Vanessa (5'2" - 122 lbs) and Zoe (5'7" - 128 lbs). Submissions included: body cradle, head-scissors & hammerlock combo and double ankle-lock. The second match was a three part topless competition between Zora (5'8" - 118 lbs) and Samantha (5'7" - 119 lbs). The three segments included: pugil sticks, boxing and wrestling. Two knockouts and three submissions were recorded.

Running Time: 47:50

Dungeon Dual/The Missed Appointment

The first encounter was filmed in a dominatrix's studio. Alexis (5'9" - 155 lbs) and Poisin (5'4" - 125 lbs) fight naked to determine who is the more dominant woman. The hapless loser is further humiliated and subjugated with restraints and verbal abuse. The Missed Appointment has Magalie (5'4" - 110 lbs) all dressed up and ready to go out on a date when Katie (5'6" - 115 lbs) suddenly appears. The two wrestle until one is over-powered, stripped and bound tight with rope.

Running Time: 56:15

The Better Woman/Ticklish Situation

In the Better Woman, Magalie (5'4" - 110 lbs) and Liz (5'3" - 115 lbs) fight it out to decide who the better woman for Steve really is. It starts with both ladies fully dressed in an office and concludes topless in the gym. The loser is face-sat into submission, stripped, rope bound and shampooed. In Ticklish Situation Rose (5'8" - 120 lbs) and Rashon (5'6" - 120 lbs) settle a long simmering feud in a topless wrestle/catfight. A face-sit smother finishes off one lady but the punishment is just beginning. The loser is stripped, tied and unmercifully tickled until she repeatedly passes out.

Running Time: 68:10

Winner and Losers Part III

This is the third installment of our continuing Winners & Losers series. This video contains 20 finishing segments and highlights 25 different ladies, all captured at the moment of total triumph.

Running Time: 68:10

Back Breakers!/Nothing Personal

Back-Breaker is a best of five falls topless match between Sasha (5'5" - 135 lbs) and Zora (5'8" - 118 lbs). All victories were achieved by painful back-breaker submission. Nothing Personal is a five falls submissions match between Rachel (5'10" - 135 lbs) and Jill (5'6" - 135lbs). The ladies wrestled in black one piece suits. Finishing holds included: head-scissors, reverse head scissors, standing head-scissors, over the knee backbreaker and Camel Clutch.

Running Time: 64:45

Submissions/The Power Ladies

Submissions (8 Falls) was a 30 minutes pins and submissions bikini wrestling match between Rachel (5'10" - 135 lbs) and Maggie (6'1" - 151 lbs). Some of the finishing holds included: grapevine, surfboard, reverse head-scissors and sleeper. The Power Ladies featured Theresa (5'3" - 160 lbs) and Aziza (5'10" - 155 lbs) in a 30 minute submissions only match. Some of the submissions used: body cradle, head & body scissors, head-lock and ankle lock.

Running Time: 61:20

Panty Bound/The Key to Victory

Panty-Bound is a best of five falls topless pins and submissions match between Vanessa (5'2" - 122 lbs) and Rose (5'8" - 120 lbs). The ladies wrestle in panty hose until the winner strips and binds the loser.
The Key to Victory is a best of three falls topless submissions match between Raquel (5'5" - 115 lbs) and Katie (5'6" - 115 lbs). The ladies are cuffed at the wrist for the first fall, then joined at the ankles and finally bound together with both ankle and wrist restraints. Finishing holds include: stomach-claw, sleeper and choke-out.

Running Time: 51:35


Enslaved is a topless face-off between Aquel (5'0" - 120 lbs) and Rose (5'8" - 120 lbs). The two segments feature a face-sit and sleeper finish. The loser is stripped and dominated. Subdued is a one fall submission match between Rachel (5'10" - 140 lbs) and Katie (5'6" - 1l5 lbs). The ladies are topless and evenly matched until one applies a finishing sleeper then claims the loser's bikini bottom.

Running Time: 51:00

Brooke vs Starr/Sandy vs Aziza

This video contains two bikini wrestling matches. Two Atlanta girls, Brooke (5'3" - 110 lbs) and Starr (5'4" - 120 lbs) match up in a lively fast-paced battle that was highlighted by great take-down action until a winner emerged. The second match was between the big body-builder ladies: Sandy (5'6" - 165 lbs) and Aziza (5'10" - 165 lbs). This rugged best of three falls submissions match featured head and body scissor and chin lock endings.

Running Time: 64:00

Overpowered/Favorite Submissions

Overpowered is a one sided topless match between Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs) and Sasha (5'5" - 135 lbs). Finishing submissions included: chin-lock waist scissors combo, reverse head-scissors, choke-out, over the knee back-breaker and Camel Clutch. The loser was further humiliated by being stripped and cuffed by the ankles and wrists.
Favorite Submissions was a best of three falls topless match between Rashon (5'6" - 120 lbs) and Samantha (5'7" - 119 lbs). Each Lady used her favorite hold to force her opponent to submit.

Running Time: 66:20

A Real Soapy Mess/Bully Girl

A Real Soapy Mess is the continuation of the running battle between Jill (5'6" - 135 lbs) and Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs). This bikini wrestle is settled with a finishing sleeper and humiliating shampoo. But then it goes one step further: the loser is stripped, bound and photographed.
Bully Girl has Sasha,(5'5" - 135 lbs) and Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs) in a topless best of three falls submissions match. The finishing holds included: over the shoulder back-breaker, leg-nelson and chin-lock. The loser was made to suffer the indignation of having her bikini bottom removed and then was gagged with it.

Running Time: 68:30

Scissor Slave/Take Her Breath Away

Scissor Slave was a topless one fall submission match between Raquel (5'5" - 115 lbs) and Samantha (5'7" - 119 lbs). A standing head scissor settled the matter but then the domination began. The loser was stripped and cuffed and continually scissored until repeatedly passing out. Take Her Breath Away was a best of five falls topless smother-submissions match. The submissions included: breast smother, foot smother, front face-sit, reverse face-sit and hand smother.

Running Time: 68:25

Frustrated/No Chance: Out Like Lite

Frustrated was a mismatch between Zora (5'8" - 118 lbs) and Aziza (5'10" - 155 lbs). Poor Zora didn't have a chance. Aziza racked up nine submissions before forcing Zora to pass out with a punishing figure-4 head scissors. No Chance: Out Like a Light was also a one-sided romp as Jill (5'5" - 135 lbs) had her way with an overmatched Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs). A final sleeper put one wrestler out of action and unable to continue.

Running Time: 48:30

Bound Moments

This special compilation video captures 6 different defeated ladies all trussed up with no where to go. The camera lingers on these beautiful losers whose restrains keep them bound tightly in defeat. There are 61 individual segments to this video.

Running Time: 68:20

3 Custom Videos

This video contains three custom video packages.
In Hit Lady, Raquel and Sasha cross swords as unfriendly competitors working for rival elimination agencies. The action takes place in dresses and shoes. Hair Trilogy IV has Raquel and Rose in a three part hair-pulilng series. They wrestle in both dresses and bikinis. The final segment is a six round "Scrunchie Wrestle", whereby a scrunchie queen was proclaimed. In I Give, Aquel and Vanessa wrestle pro-style in jeans and shirts. Weapons of Choice included a garbage pail and board. Blood flowed until one combatant said the magic words which ended the contest.

Running Time: 55:45

Hillibilly vs City Slicker/Easy Money

Our first match between Raquel and Sasha is the long awaited rematch. A finishing sleeper hold, shampoo and final stripping conclude the issue until next time. In Easy Money Aquel takes a call to wrestle. She explains that she only wrestles for money. The match is arranged and her opponent Magalie arrives. The ladies wrestle topless in this very one-sided match. The loser is face-sat, stripped, bound, scissored, tickled with feathers, scissored some more then further humiliated by having photos taken of her.

Running Time: 50:15

Pins Match/Naked Agression

Pins Match is a best of three falls topless face-sit battle between blond Aquel and brunette Vanessa. Naked Agression features three birthay suit battlers: Raquel, Candi and Sasha. The end result leaves two of the three ladies defeated by the crafty third.

Running Time: 66:00

Mixed Competitive

David returns yet again to wrestle Sasha (5'5" - 135lbs) and Robin (6'1" - 160 lbs) in two thirty minute competitive pins and submissions matches. The match against Sasha had 3 pins and 4 submissions. The match with Robin was settled all by pins.

Running Time: 64:15

Scissored Sir/The Burgular

These two mixed, fantasy scenarios incorporate scissors and smothers.
In Scissored Sir, Jack the Promoter tries to escape the "Anaconda", scissored squeeze of Christine the Bodybuilder. In The Burglar, Rose is caught off guard by a sneak-thief. But when she gets done she has him wishing he never entered her apartment.

Running Time: 60:45

Money Match/Bad Blood

Money Match pits Rashon (5'6 and 120 lbs) against Aquel(5'0 and 120) in a face sit submission encounter. With a prize awaiting the victor these two battle until both are stripped naked. A winner finally emerges and utterly subdues her opponent. In Bad Blood, Niki (5'5 and 130 lbs) and Zoe (5'7 and 130 lbs) wrestle topless in this sleeper, heart-punch and double-ax punch. The loser is left bloody and posed over by the winner.

Running Time: 64:20

Scissors Submissions/Fight For Steve

Aquel (5'1" - 125 lbs) and Niki (5'4" - 110 lbs) wrestle topless in a six fall scissor submissions showdown. Finishing scissor holds include: breast, head, figure-4, fulcrum, reverse and standing.
In Fight for Steve, Raquel (5'5" - ll8 lbs) and Zora (5'8" - 120 lbs) battle topless to win favor with a shared boyfriend. A finishing standing sleeper, tie-up and shampoo await the loser.

Running Time: 60:40

Camel Clutch Submissions/Topless Trilogy

Raquel (5'5" - 115 lbs) and Zoe (5'7" - 127 lbs) wrestle in a best of three falls topless submissions match. All submissions were by the dreaded Camel Clutch. In Topless Trilogy Sasha (5'5" - 135 lbs) wrestles against Rashon (5'6" - 122 lbs) and Niki (5'5" - 130 lbs) individually then as a team. Finishing holds included sleeper, bear-hug and standing chin-lock neck stretch. The loser was stripped and tied.

Running Time: 44:00

Submisson: Zoe vs Rashon

Rashon (5'6" - 120 lbs) and Zoe (5'7" - 130 lbs) wrestle topless in seven submission falls. Both wrestle in a specially provided female jockstrap. Finishing holds include: waist scissors/chin lock combo, standing head scissors/hammerlock combo, reverse figure four neck scissors, reverse face-sit/stomach claw, waist scissor with reverse head lock combo, chin lock/neck breaker and heart punch. The loser is out cold, flat on her back as the winner poses triumphantly over her.

Running Time: 76:00

Winner and Losers Vol 5

This video contains 17 new closing segments and features 20 different ladies captured at the climax of their victory.

Running Time: 43:30

Mixed Competitive

David (5'11" - 150 lbs) faces his tallest challenge when he takes on Robin (6'1" - 160 lbs) and Maggie (6'1" - 155 lbs) in this mixed competitive handicap match. Robin and Maggie work as a tag team in this thirty minutes pins and submissions match. In the next two encounters David wrestles Niki (5'5" - 115 lbs) and Alexis (5'9" - 147 lbs). Injuries force early conclusions in both matches.

Running Time: 62:45

Toetal Defeet/Defeeted

Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs) and Zoe (5'7" - 132 lbs) wrestle topless in a best of three falls submissions match: A strange victory ritual used by both wrestlers on their defeated opponents explains the choice of title:
The next match is a topless best of five falls match between Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs) and Samantha (5'7" - 120 lbs): Foot pins and foot smothers dominate the action: The loser is forced to kiss the winner's feet (even after being stripped and bound:)

Running Time: 46:00

Mixed Fantasy: The Coach

Just when the Coach (Fred) is about to give up on Jill (5'6" - 135 lbs) ever becoming an aggressive wrestler he decides to hypnotize her. He instills in her the killer instinct and creates a wrestling monster, who turns her new found powers on him.

Running Time: 62:15

Mixed Competitive: Fashion Show

Mike (5'8" - 160 lbs) wrestles Rashon (5'6" - 120 lbs) in a pins and submissions match. The format used was five rounds of ten minutes. To spice things up Rashon wrestled in 5 different costumes, including a maid's uniform, body stocking and jungle woman outfit. The finale has one wrestler done in by a sleeper hold and left hog-tied with rope.

Running Time: 60:00

Even/Battle for Brad/Waterfalls

Three custom videos comprise this tape. In Even, Rose and Katie (5'6" - 118 lbs) wrestle first in t-shirts and cutoffs then in bikinis to decide who the better wrestler is. In Battle for Brad, Jill and Zoe wrestle in jeans and t-shirts in an outdoor setting to settle the score. And in Waterfalls, Sarah and Samantha struggle naked in the close confines of a shower stall until one is throttled into submission.

Running Time: 35:00

2 Mixed Competitive

Mike (5'8" - 160 lbs) wrestles Aquel (5'0' - 120 lbs) then Zoe (5'7" - 130 lbs) in two topless competitive matches. Each match is fifteen minutes and is a pins and submissions format. Mike certainly had his hands full in these two lively action filled matches.

Running Time: 63:20

3 Part Competition / Double Crossed

The 3 Part Competition pits Samantha (5'7" - 122 lbs) against Niki (5'5" - 128 lbs) in pugil sticks, boxing and wrestling. Two knockouts and a head-scissors submission leaving one wrestler unconscious were the highlights. In Double Crossed Aquel is the victim of a setup. Her wrestling sponsor never bothered to tell her that this time she would have to battle two women to collect her money. This video had a number of surprises in addition to karate chops, neck claws, face-sits and sleepers. Naked and bound losers are posed during a long photo session.

Running Time: 43:30

Angel of No Mercy

Angel(5'5" - 155 lbs) and Jill (5'5" - 133 lbs) wrestle through five falls in this submissions match. Finishing holds include; Overhead Octopus Grapevine, Camel Clutch, overhead bow & arrow, back-breaker and bear-hug. The loser is dropped unconscious to the mat, stripped and posed over.

Running Time: 55:10

Total Dominion / Blonde Domination

Total Dominion matches Rashon (5'5" - 120 lbs) against Zora (5'8" - 118 lbs) in a topless best of three falls submission: The loser is stripped, breast tortured and verbally humiliated. In Blond Domination topless tag teams consisting of Raquel (5'5" - 110 lbs) and Kayla (5'4" - 105 lbs) against Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs) and Rose (5'8" - 118 lbs) wrestle in a one fall double elimination submissions match. The two losers are further worked over with prolonged face-sits, breast twists, crotch grabs and stomach claws. Their bikini bottoms are claimed by the triumphant winners.

Running Time: 59:40

3 Custom Videos

These three custom videos feature a total of six different ladies: Rachel, Jill, Sasha, Zora, Candi and Zoe.The first two videos feature knocked out ladies put on display. Punches fly and the ladies hit the canvas. In Shower Battles, Zoe and Candi struggle naked in a shower stall until one lady is subdued and left unconscious on the floor.

Running Time: 62:00

Submit to Me / Masked Dominatrix

These two videos feature one-sided domination wrestling. Angel (5'5" - 155 lbs) wrestles Rachel (5'10" - 140 lbs) to five submission victories. Finishing holds include: figure-four leg-lock, bearhug, Boston Crab, over the knee backbreaker and sleeper. A further Humiliation awaits which is "fit for a loser". Jill wears a mask while wrestling Zora in Masked Dominatrix. Both ladies are attired in black studded dominatrix bikinis. Finishing holds include: Boston Crab, standing head scissor, over the shoulder backbreaker and reverse standing chin-lock sleeper. The loser is unconscious and stripped naked while the winner poses triumphantly.

Running Time: 56:30

The Guy From Minnesota

This video is a no punches pulled, tongue in cheek, pie in the face mixed boxing/wrestling encounter as the Mighty Quin takes on Sasha and Rachel and winds up getting his just deserts.

Running Time: 67:45

Red, White and Blue... Black / La Conquistadora

Rose (5'8" - 118 lbs) and Zoe (5'7" - 118 lbs) wrestle topless in a best of five falls submissions match. Finishing holds include: breast smother, reverse chin lock sleeper and sleeper. An unexpected fourth fall develops and ends with a knockout. In La Conquistadora, Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs) in a black dominatrix bikini wrestles Rashon (5'6" - 120 lbs) in a gold g-string bikini. This is a best of three falls topless match. Finishing holds include: stomach claw, breast smother and sleeper. The loser is stripped, hog-tied and posed by the victor.

Running Time: 62:45

Five Submission / Challenge Match

The first match is a best of 5 falls submissions wrestle between veteran Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs) and rookie Jodi (5'7" - 125 lbs). The finishing submissions include: waist scissors, reverse head scissors and stomach claw. The second match pits Jill (5'6" - 135 lbs) and Rashon (5'6" - 120 lbs) in a bikini wrestle. Muscle posing, two reverse face-sits and rope tie-ups highlight this show.

Running Time: 66:00

Mixed Competitive

These two mixed competitive matches feature dynamite Dave (5'7" - 150 lbs) against wily veteran Rose (5'8" - 118 lbs) and newcomer Jodi (5'7" - 125 lbs). The format is thirty minutes with pins and submissions. The first match was a nip and tuck battle decided by one recorded pin. The second match has seven recorded pins and submissions.

Running Time: 58:30

5 Submissons/Tight Fight

Robin (6'1" - 165 lbs) and Maggie (6'1" - 152 lbs) square off in this best of five falls bikini wrestling submissions match. Finishing holds include: head scissors, over-the-knee backbreaker, full nelson & reverse grapevine combo, reverse head scissors and sleeper.
The second match pits Aquel (5'11" - 122 lbs) and Sasha (5'5" - 135 lbs) in a pro style wrestle and catfight combination. Both ladies wrestle topless in tights in a best of three falls match. Elbow and knee strikes as well as breast and crotch grabs were utilized in abundance.

Running Time: 55:40

Lights Out/Muscle Domination

The first contest is a knockdown and knocked out affair with Angel (5'5" - 145 lbs), Rashon (5'6" - 120 lbs) & Zora (5'8" - 118 lbs). Losers are posed for the camera and rope-tied until one is left standing. Then as a final flourish, bikini tops and bottoms are stripped off as well.
In Muscle Domination, Rachel (5'10" - 140 lbs) goes against strong lady Sandy (5'5" - 160 lbs) in a best of five falls match. One lady is completely dominated, subdued and stripped.

Running Time: 60:19

2 Topless Competitive Matches

These two 30 minute pins and submissions matches feature English girl Naomi (5'4" - 125 lbs). First she wrestles Liz (5'3" - 110 lbs) then she goes against Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs). Multiple pins and submissions are recorded in both of these even, hard-fought contests.

Running Time: 72:45

3 Submission Matches

These three matches are all topless and competitive. Rose and Teri wrestle in tights in this 30 minutes pins and submissions match. The next match was the one that sent Devon into retire- ment. The final pairing has Rose and Naomi. Rose seeks revenge for friend Devon's humiliation.

Running Time: 51:45

4 Girl Tag Team / International Tag Team

The four girl tag team features Theresa (5'3" - 160 lbs) and Sandy (5'5" - 160 lbs) against Cortney (5'7" - 160 lbs) and Gemini (5'4" - 125 lbs) in a competitive multi-fall submissions match. International Tag Team has the English girls (Teri 5'6" - 140 lbs, Naomi 5'4" - 125 lbs) against the American team (Sasha 5'5" - 140 lbs & Zora 5'8" - 118 lbs)in a showdown conclusion to their match series. These girls go topless in a best of three falls finale.

Running Time: 65:10

Signed, Sealed and Delivered / Scissored Captive

These two topless scissors submissions matches feature multi-fall scissor finishes. Rashon (5'6" - 120 lbs) and new girl Lexi (5'2" - 133 lbs) wrestle in a best of five falls match. Veterans Rose (5'8" - 118 lbs) and Raquel (5'5" - 110 lbs) match up in a best of three falls battle. Finishing scissor holds include: waist, head, figure-four, reverse and standing.

Running Time: 52:45

Its Personal / Best of 3 Falls Competitive

Jill (5'5" - 135 lbs) and Rachel (5'10" - 135 lbs) arranged for this bikini wrestle rematch. The format was a 30 minute submissions match which featured seven recorded submissions and a stripped and subdued loser. Jodi (5'7" - 130 lbs) and Gemini (5'4" - 125 lbs) bikini wrestled in a best of three falls submissions match. Finishing holds included: bear hug, head-scissors with arm-bar combo and chin lock neck stretch.

Running Time: 65:10

Topless Competitive / Best of 5 Falls

Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs) and Samantha (5'7" - 120 lbs) wrestle topless in a 30 minute submissions match which also featured plenty of hair-pulling. Finishing holds included: waist scissors, standing surf-board and reverse face-sit. Jill (5'5" - 130 lbs) and Gemini (5'4" - 125 lbs) were paired in a best of five falls bikini wrestle submissions match. Finishing holds included: full nelson & reverse grapevine combo, fulcrum neck scissors, seated back breaker and neck stretch. The loser was left unconscious and unceremoniously stripped of her bikini while the winner posed triumphantly over her.

Running Time: 56:45


Revenge features Rashon and Sasha in a one-sided, dominating encounter. After quickly subduing, stripping, gagging and tieing her opponent, one lady proceeds to administer a torrent of hairpulling breast-grabbing, slapping and name calling abuse from which her victim never recovers. In Submissions (Best of Five Falls) Sarah and Gemini wrestle in bikinis. Midway through the match, one wrestler begins a scratching assault. This incident leads to bad feelings and ultimately ends with one lady stripped and clearly beaten.

Running Time: 71:45

Ko-ed/Shampoo You/Close Quarters

In K.O.'ed & Tied, three bodybuilders (Angel 5'5" - 155 lbs), Cortney (5'8" - 160 lbs) and Theresa (5'3" - 165 lbs) trade punches until two ladies end up flat on the mat out cold and rope tied. In Shampoo You, Candi and Zoe battle in a three falls hair-pulling and slapping bikini wrestle. A finishing punch sends one to dreamland. A stripping and shampoo await the unconscious loser. Sarah and Zora tear into each other in Close Quarters. The first part begins in an apartment with a floor of pillows. The second ends in the close confines of a shower stall. They start out in dresses and end up in their birthday suits. A lot of belly punching is captured as well as two knockouts.

Running Time: 47:15

Mixed Wrestling with Candi and Jill

These two mixed matches pit Macho Man against two veterans of Women's World: Candi and Jill. Boston Crabs, Camel Clutches, double arm stretches and reverse chinlocks were some of the finishing submissions recorded in these two fast-paced, energetic matches.

Running Time: 70:05

Submissions / Another Go At It

Zora and Gemini wrestle in bikinis in this best of five falls submissions match. Finishing holds include: leg-nelson, Boston Crab, over the back neck stretch and smother. The loser has her bikini claimed as a trophy.
In Another Go At It, the mysterious Mr. B. uses the telephone to arrange a best of three falls bikini match between Jill and Rose. Finishing holds used include: Camel Clutch, Reverse Chin-lock sleeper, Double Arm Stretch and reverse face-sit. The loser is relieved of her bikini as the winner poses victoriously over her.

Running Time: 49:00

Face Sitting Submission/Stacked Deck

The first match between Kayla (5'4" - 108 lbs) and Raquel (5'5" - 110 lbs) is a three falls, face-sit submissions battle. The ladies wrestle in dresses, black dominatrix bikinis and t-backs. Changing outfits for each fall. The outcome however is always the same: a finishing face sit.
In Stacked Deck, Sarah and Zora pair against Gemini in a one fall handicap submission match. The action is fast-paced as the team tag often in an effort to wear down Gemini. The end when it comes is a total triumph for one and a humiliating defeat for the other.

Running Time: 45:00

Lightweight Tournament

This lightweights tournament features: Raquel, Rose, Sarah and Zora. There are seven topless matches as each wrestler faces the other three in submission battle. Bikini bottoms are claimed by each triumphant victor until one lady emerges as the over-all winner.

Running Time: 76:15

Winners and Losers Vol. 5

The fifth volume of our popular Winners & Losers series features 21 different ladies in 18 new closing segments. Experience the final moments of total triumph and complete surrender.

Running Time: 66:35

Silver vs. Gold

These two best of five falls submission matches feature four beautiful girls in gold and silver g-string bikinis. The first match is between veterans Jill (5'5" - 135lbs) and Sasha (5'5" - 135lbs). The second paring is between two new ladies, Jacki (5'2" - 105lbs) and Tara (5'5" - 105 lbs.). Jill and Sasha wrestle in bikinis and Jacki and Tara wrestle topless.

Running Time: 56:25

Shampoo Battles

These two bikini matches feature sleeper finishes and soapy, sustained shampoos. Both losers are further humiliated by being left naked, and one is made to endure having her head shaved bald.

Running Time: 67:30

Mixed Competitive

If you believe that the second time around is even better then you are right! David goes back into action against Vanessa (5'2" - 122lbs) and Robin (6'1" - 160lbs) in two thirty minute matches. A brief pre-match interview was held with Vanessa and Robin.

Running Time: 53:40

Naked Wrestle/Hand Smother Submissions

Aquel (5'0" - 120lbs) and Rashon (5'6" - 130lbs) wrestle naked to decide who will be the exclusive girlfriend of a shared romantic interest. The final breast smother and face-sit forces one wrestler to admit that her opponent has sole dibs on the boyfriend. Raquel (5'5" - 110lbs) and Rose (5'8" - 118lbs) attempt to hand smother each other into unconsciousness. They start out in mini-dresses and heels but the loser is tied naked to a chair and rendered helpless to resist the final awaiting hand smother.

Running Time: 65:20

Back Breaker Submissions/The Dominators

Rachel (5'10" - 138lbs) and Sasha (5'5" - 160lbs) wrestle topless over the course of 14 submission falls until one completely dominated lady yells, "No More! I quit!"
Vanessa (5'2" - 124lbs) and Rashon (5'5" - 120lbs) wrestle in dominatrix g-string bikinis. Finishing submissions include: heart punch, throttle, sleeper and bear hug. The loser is stripped and unconscious and bound with her own fingers and toes.

Running Time: 75:15

Topless Submissions/Strip Sleeper Submissions

The first series of matches pit veteran Sarah (5'5" - 100lbs) in one fall topless submission wrestling against newcomers Jacki (5'2" - 108lbs) and Tara (5'5" - 105 lbs). First she wrestles them individually then in a two against one match. The endings are decisive with the winner posing triumphantly over the prone loser. The next match has Candi and Vanessa paired in a best of 7 falls strip sleeper battle. Once the opponent is left unconscious the winner claims her wrestling outfit and her trophy. The ladies change attire for each fall.

Running Time: 50:30

Two Against One

This is a best of three falls topless submissions handicap match. The tag team of Rashon (5'6" - 120lbs) and Zora (5'8" - 118lbs) go up against Rachel (5'10" - 135lbs). Finishing submissions include: figure-four reverse head scissors, grapevine & full-nelson combo and reverse chin lock. The victor also adds a finishing foot smother to render her opponent unconscious.

Running Time: 46:30

Topless Tag Team:Black Team vs Red Team

This best of three falls topless submissions tag team pit the Black Team (Sarah 5'5" - 103lbs & Samantha 5'7" - 129lbs) against the Red Team (Katie 5'6" - 120lbs & Sasha 5'5" - 136lbs). Finishing submissions include: sleepers and reverse chin-locks. Losers are stripped, stacked and posed over by their conquerors.

Running Time: 42:15

Topless Tag Teams:Green Team vs Gold Team

This best of three falls topless submissions tag team matches the Green Team (Candi 5'7" - 128 lbs & Rose 5'8" - 117lbs) against the Gold Team (Rachel 5'10" - 135lbs & Raquel 5'6" - 110lbs). Finishing submissions include: reverse hangman chin lock, double ankle lock, back layover chin lock combo and sleeper. The victors claim their defeated opponent's bikini bottoms and pose over them in triumph.

Running Time: 43:20

Topless Tag Teams Blue Team vs Silver Team

This best of three falls topless submissions tag team pitted the Blue Team (Jacki 5'2" - 108lbs & Tara 5'5" - 105lbs) against the Silver Team (Rashon 5'6" - 120lbs & Zora 5'8" - 118lbs). Finishing submissions include: Boston Crab and chin lock. The losers were stripped of their bikini bottoms and posed with their own fingers intertwined between their toes.

Running Time: 74:30

Mixed Competitive David vs Sasha

Wrestling veterans David (5'7" - 150lbs) and Sasha (5'5" - 138lbs) agreed to a rematch. The match format was 5 count pins and submissions with a thirty minute limit. Sasha was interviewed before the match. Five recorded pins and submissions were made. A pulled muscle unexpectedly ended the match and set up a follow-up rematch of the Rematch, which was conducted in the same format. Four pins and submissions were obtained in the second encounter.

Running Time: 48:40

Freckles and 5 Falls/The Same Outfit

Rashon accuses Rose of flirting with her boyfriend Jamal. Rose and Rashon agree to wrestle for his benefit in a five falls match. The wrestling is topless and to submission. The loser is stripped and tied and humiliated in a very unusual fashion. When Rose and Jacki show up wearing the same outfits, fireworks were sure to occur. This catfight wrestle starts in dresses and ends with one lady stripped and knocked out.

Running Time: 48:10

Submissions/One Submission

Zora (5'8" - 118lbs) and Tara (5'5" - 105lbs) wrestle topless in this best of five falls submssions match. Finishing holds included: reverse grapevine, Boston Crab & Surfboard combo, stomach claw, reverse figure-four head scissors and a double hammerlock. The loser is stripped of her bikini bottom and tied wrists behind her back. She is subjected to a finishing sustained neck scissors which leaves her unconscious on the mat. The second match features Rashon (5'6" - 120lbs) and Jacki (5'2" - 109lbs) wrestling in one piece outfits in this one fall submissions match. A finishing Boston Crab forced one lady to submit. The winner poses triumphantly over her.

Running Time: 40:30

Topless Tag Teams/Black Team vs Green Team

This is a best of three falls topless submissions tag team match between the Black Team (Samantha 5'7" - 127lbs & Sarah 5'5" - 103lbs) against the Green Team (Candi 5'7" - 129lbs & Rose 5'8" - 117lbs). Finishing submissions include: standing head scissors, chin lock, and sleeper. The winners claim their opponent's bikini bottoms and pose them for the camera during their moment of victory.

Running Time: 49:15

Topless Tag Teams/Green Team

This is a best of three falls topless submissions tag team match between the Green Team (Candi 5'7" - 128lbs & Rose 5'8" - 117lbs) against the Silver Team (Rashon 5'6" - 119lbs & Zora 5'8" - 118lbs). Finishing submissions include: sleeper, figure-four head scissors neck-stretch/twist and heart punch. The victors stripped, tied and stacked their defeated opponents on top of each other before going through a long posing session over them.

Running Time: 47:00

Topless Tag Teams-Gold vs Red

This is a best of three falls topless submissions tag team match between the Red Team (Katie 5'6" - 120lbs & Sasha 5'5" - 135lbs) and the Gold Team (Rachel 5'10" - 138lbs & Raquel 5'6" - 108lbs). Finishing submissions include: sleeper, grapevine & throttle, saddle sit leg lock containment and clothesline. The victorious team went on to strip and hog-tie their defeated foes.

Running Time: 66:40

Fight for the Part/Harem Wrestlers

Both matches prove to be very one-sided and dominating.
In Fight for the Part, Kayla (5'4" - 109lbs) & Zora (5'8" - 118lbs) decide to box and wrestle to determine who will get a coveted movie part. Camel Clutches, back-breakers, stomach claws and breast torture await the stripped and beaten loser. In Harem Wrestlers, Sasha and Rose wrestle through four falls. Each fall ends in a smother until one wrestler is left naked and sat on. Smother holds include: hand, foot, breast and face-sit.

Running Time:

Topless Tag Teams-Green Team vs Blue Team

This is a best of three falls topless submission tag team match between the Green Team (Candi 5'7" - 126lbs & Rose 5'8" - 118lbs) and the Blue Team (Jacki 5'2" - 108lbs & Tara 5'5" - 105lbs). Finishing submissions include: sleepers and standing surfboards. The winners claim their defeated opponent's bikinis and stand on them in celebration of their victory.

Running Time: 44:00

Topless Handicap Match-Black Team vs Silver Team

This best of three falls submissions handicap match pitted the Black Team (Sarah 5'5" - 105lbs & Samantha 5'7" - 128lbs) against Zora (5'8" - 118lbs) of the Silver Team. Zora had her hands full against two hellcats intent on winning. Finishing holds include: fulcrum neck scissors, standing surfboard, reverse chin-lock and sleeper.

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