Videos 001 - 099

Running Time: 45:00

Night Job Fight

When two Beautiful women apply for the same job the sparks are sure to fly! A fantasy featuring Kayla vs. Rachel.

Running Time: 45:00

Mixed Wrestling

This video contains two matches. The first pits Steve against the awesome Sasha. This match was filmed at the end of our November 94 Tournament when Steve volunteered to wrestle Sasha. This is real, dominating wrestling. The second match is Jack vs. Jill in the Medal Fight. It seems that the beautiful Jill has been wrestling too rough for the judges's taste and it is up to poor Jack to break the news to her. The judges want Jill to return her rightfully earned wrestling medal. Unfortunately for Jack, Jill is none too pleased with their decision, and she takes it out on Jack. Total wrestling domination ensues.

Running Time: 50:00
Candi Catfights

Two topless catfights highlight this video. When Candi grows tired of Aguel's poor housekeeping they take matters to the gym. Slapping, biting, hair-pulling, and name-calling keep these roommates at each other's throats. The second match begins when Candi takes offense to some remarks directed at her by Sasha while the two are working out. How convenient that a wrestling ring is nearby to settle their differences. They may be in a wrestling ring but this is first and foremost a catfight.

Running Time: 69:00
Mixing It Up

The fiery, athletic, Brandi (5'4" 125 lbs.) goes into battle against big Dave. Brandi gave it her all, but Dave gives as good as he gets. Brandi had her hands full and we have it all for you.
The second match involves Jack and Christine in a case of mistaken identity, compounded by some disparaging remarks directed at our resident Body-Builder/Personal Trainer (Christine) by the uninitiated Jack. The only place to settle the matter is in our ring. Later, in a second encounter, our man Jack does it again. Jack's part-time job as a pizza deliveryman gets him into trouble with Christine. It seems Christine just can't stand sausage on her pizza or late delivery men with bad attitudes. Poor Jack, he has to wrestle for his tip.

Running Time: 60:00
Bikini Brawlers

Pretty girls, hard wrestling, and skimpy bikinis highlight these two action packed matches. First, Aquel and Candi have at it. The next match has Sasha and Candi battling in the ring.

The endings are definitive: the victor is standing over her vanquished opponent.

Running Time: 65:00
Custom Videos

This tape features three custom videos. The first, "Soapy Mess", has Jill and Candi wrestling, with the loser getting a messy, soapy, humiliating shampoo. The next segment, "Sleeper Action", is a pro-style wrestling video with Sasha vs. Aquel and a referee ringside. Each of the three falls ends in a finishing sleeper hold. The last match called "Queen of the Gym" has a brassy Sasha and the perky Beth tangling. It seems as though someone has laid claim to being the "Queen of the Gym" and the only way to settle it is in the gym's wrestling ring. This was filmed in a campy, cartoony style making this video quite unique.

Running Time: 53:00
Real Wrestling

These two real wrestling encounters were filmed ringside at our Club. The first match pits Jill (5'6" 140 lbs.) against Sasha (5'5" 140 lbs.). They are our most evenly matched competitors.

This was a thirty minute, multiple falls match, where only one can emerge the victor. The second match features New Zealand native Lisa Marie (5'11" 155 lbs.) against Candi (5'7" 130 lbs.). The girls battle topless and for real in this evenly fought contest.

Running Time: 00:00
Vicious Vixens

In these two matches we are treated to some naked female bodies, in some of the most exciting matches I have seen. This one is a must for the collection!

Running Time: 40:00
Gym Catfights

Three topless catfights to keep you on the edge of your seat! If you don't have this need it!

Running Time: 40:00
Sizzling Scissors

In this match we are treated to some of the most erotic scissors ever witnessed. If long scissors are your thing, then you need SLV-10!

Running Time: 40:00
Dominating Dominatrix

Look at the picture and look at the name....I think that says it all!

Running Time: 40:00
Ring Rival Cats

In this tape we see two matches featuring some awesome bikini wrestling. I hope if you buy this one you have the fireproof gloves to handle it....OUCH!

Running Time: 45:00
The Job Interview

Ever have that bad interview and you wanted to show the 'boss' who was the King of the Hill? Well in these two mixed matches you are treated to just that.

Running Time: 47:00
Three Topless Tussles

Three hard fought matches featuring Chelsea, Rachel, and Sasha, comprise this video. Each lady wrestled twice in submission style combat.

Running Time: 57:00

Bare Butt Wrestling

Vetern Candi and new girl Alecia battle for wrestling supremacy in this exciting best of three falls match. These battling beauties wrestle mean, uninhibited and bare butt naked.

Running Time: 39:00
Submission Smother

Three evenly matched ladies (Beth, Liz, and Raquel) wrestle each other in three seperate topless matches. All winners were determined by submission-smother finishing holds.

Running Time: 45:00
She is Done and International Domination

The first match pits Christine against Julie. Hard wrestling and gut punches take their tole until one girl is finished off with a sleeper hold. The second match has two dominatrixes battling: Bobbi (England) vs. Monica (Sweden). Hard wrestling and belly punches follow until the loser is subdued, dominated, and stripped naked, with wrists and ankles cuffed.

Running Time: 50:00
Submit and Smother

When the petite ladies (Liz and Sheena) meet the big ones (Rachel & Alexis) wrestling domination ensues. These two topless matches are best of three falls and each ends with the loser smothered into unconsious submission.

Running Time: 56:00

Fought To A Tie & Mat Domination

The first match has Alecia and Liz wrestling naked. Good holds and good action follow with the loser subdued and left tied up by her wrists and ankles. The next match has Rachel vs. Shannon. If a one sided domination wrestling encounter is your interest then this is your match.

Running Time: 55:00

The two matches on this video are highlighted by fancy footwork finishes. The first match has Shannon and Devon in a topless best out of three falls with the loser tied up and helpless. The second has Roxy and Raquel battling in bikinis. Once again the loser is finished off by having her opponent's feet in her face.

Running Time: 59:00

Jacks Back

Jack gets his in these two matches with Candi and Chelshea. Do you think that Jack has a chance against either of these two curvaceous beauties?

Running Time: 47:00
Fit to be Tied

Rachel and Candi go at it in this best of three falls match-up. To make it more interesting the loser was stripped of her bikini!

Running Time: 59:00
Blondage and Topless Tangle

In this matchup new girl Niki went up against the powerful Christine, and then to make matters worse she took on Liz in a best of three fall encounter. You have to respect this girl for going up against two powerful opponents!

Running Time: 52:00
Boxing and Big Girls Battle

Our first boxing match features Shannon and Liz. The girls box topless and are evenly matched. The second match features Rachel and Devon in a three part ring encounter. Each match ends with a decisive winner!

Running Time: 47:00
Secret Holds

Candi and Liz wrestle each other totally NUDE! Although the girls may be naked they are in fact hiding a dark, secret, punishing hold. Get this video to find out what it is!

Running Time: 60:00
Domination Time and Overwhelmed

In Domination Time strong lady Laurel wrestles against Niki and Shannon. Then Niki and Shannon team up against Laurel. Each loser is left stripped and tied up. Overwhelmed is a one sided domination mismatch with Niki and Alexis. The loser is stripped, bound, and tickled with a feather.

Running Time: 47:00
Scissored and Smothered Times 3

Three matches, three ladies: Raquel; Liz; and Devon. This is topless wrestling where scissors and smothers dominate. Each loser is left naked as her victor poses triumphantly over her.

Running Time: 46:00

Blond Submissions

When beautiful blonds battle topless for submission supremacy you have real wrestling action. This best of 3 falls match has Alexis and Alecia, with the loser stripped and bound in ring center.

Running Time: 60:00
Scissor Showdown and Bound to Lose

Sasha and Shannon battle over the same boyfriend, putting their beautiful legs to work as they determine who has the most lethal leg scissors. This is a topless best of three falls scissor submission match. And to top it off, the loser has her bikini bottoms snatched off by the winner. The second match features two beautifully dressed ladies (Raquel and Liz) who bet money and jewelry that the loser will be left stripped and bound. The final humilation is then recorded as a parting souvenier.

Running Time: 60:00
Soapy Mess Part II and Agent vs. Spy

Jill and Candi are back for a revenge rematch. This best of three falls bikini wrestling match ends with a finishing sleeper hold and a humiliating shampoo in center ring. The second match has Agent (Shannon) vs. Spy (Rachel) in this fantasy scenerio. Fierce bikini wrestling and a special shampoo "brainwashing" make for a unique video.

Running Time: 66:00

Bare Butt Battle

Alecia and Raquel wrestle naked in this best of three falls match. The loser is subdued and tied up with her own bikini. Rose and Niki take it to the ring in a fight over the same boyfriend. The loser is stripped and cuffed and left in center ring as the victor seeks to bring back the boyfriend to witness her triumph. This sets up the rematch and a reversal of situations.

Running Time: 87:00

Three Custom Videos

In The Senusous Vampire Ilenna (Niki) attacks the sleeping Vampire (Alexis) and a life and death topless battle ensues. The Exercise Session has Liz join Christine in her workout routine. Christine's routine uses Liz to replace her dumbbells, offering piggyback rides, calf-raises and push-ups with the petite Liz riding the muscular body builder. In Hair Trilogy Alecia and Niki catfight through three different scenarios, with heavy emphasis on hair-pulling throughout.

Running Time: 60:00

Strip Sleeper Showdown & Mrs. Marin's Proxy

Rose and Liz wrestle best of three falls to determine who has the most punishing sleeper hold. Each loser gives up her bikini top. They then battle to keep their bikini bottom.
Mrs. Marin's Proxy (Rachel) pays a visit to one Nicole Wilson (Alecia), who has been seeing way too much of Mr. Marin. This apartment catfight goes the ultimate distance, with the loser srtipped and bound, while the victor takes photos of her humiliation.

Running Time: 28:00
Four Girls in the Ring

Four beauties take it to the ring to see who is the toughest wrestler. The losers are knocked out and their bikini tops are claimed as trophies by the winner. One girl survives the onslaught to claim all the tops and enjoys a victory pose over three unconscious opponents.

Running Time: 43:00

Bare Butt Battle

This best of three falls nude wrestle went the distance as these two battled to victory. The Boston Crab, Standing Surf-Board and Camel-Clutch Sleeper were the finishing hols.

Running Time: 41:00


This topless submissions wrestle features ring veteran Alecia against novice Lynette. The winner had to accumulate four submissions. The Bow & Arrow, Figure-Four Leg Lock, Boston Crab, Standing Head Scissors and Standing Reverse Sleeper were all employed to attain victory.

Running Time: 51:00
Special Pins: Liz-Devon-Shannon

Each lady wrestled twice. All matches were topless and decided by finishing eight count pins. The pins themselves were slightly out of the ordinary. And just to add a little more spice to it, the losers were unceremoniously stripped of their bikini bottoms as the victors posed over them.

Running Time: 60:00

Jackson's Mixed Fantasies

So many women, so little time; so Jackson makes the most of his. This video has segments of Jackson play-wrestling with NINE of the beauties of Women's World Wrestling Club.

Running Time: 41:00
Submissions: Lynette vs. Liz

Two petite ladies, Lynette (5'0" - 119lbs) and Liz (5'3" - 110lbs), battle topless through seven falls until a winner emerges. The finishing submissions include: abdominal stretch, standing head scissors, back-breaker, bow and arrow, figure-four leg lock, Camel Clutch, and Boston Crab.

Running Time: 59:00
Boston Crab: Sonya vs. Christine and Christine vs Laurel

In the first match, Australian bodybuilder Sonya (6'0" - 180lbs) wrestles Christine (5'3" - 150lbs) in a best of three falls challenge. The ladies wrestle in one piece suits. All three falls are decided by Boston Crab submission. When bodybuilders Christine and Laurel (5'7" - 160lbs) exchange insults during a pose down, they settle the matter in the ring. This best of three falls bikini match features the following finishing holds: grapevine pin, boston crab, bear-hug, back-breaker, and sleeper.

Running Time: 44:00

Ring Dominatrixes: Kayla vs Alecia & Raquel &
Raquel vs Niki

These two matches are total one-sided domination extravaganzas. The poor losers are stripped, whipped, restrained and face-sat into complete subjugation.

Running Time: 58:00

The first match has Niki (5'5" 115lbs) and Devon (5'3" 114lbs) in a topless tangle with the loser left knocked-out and naked. The second match has Devon and Rose (5'7" - 120lbs) locked in topless combat until one lady is face-sat into oblivion.

Running Time: 60:00

The Contract: Jack vs Lynette
Jackson's Fantasies Continue

In The Contract, bossman Jack tries to put one over on sweet Lynette. However, hell hath no fury like a lady wrestler with a score to settle. With Jack squeezed, pinned and pounded, perhaps he may want to renegotiate. The second match continues Jackson's wrestling odyssey. His ring sirens include: Amy, Lynette and Chelsea.

Running Time: 57:00
Submissions Smother Wrestling Niki vs Shannon

Niki (5'5" 115lbs) and Shannen (5'6" 115lbs) battle topless through five falls. Each winner is determined by submission smother. The final fall witnessed the loser relieved of her bikini bottom and the victor posing triumphantly over her.

Running Time: 45:00
Blonde Battles

This seven fall, topless, submission match was between blonde beauties Shannon and Rose. The finishing holds used were standing, reverse, and figure-four head scissors, camel-clutch, boston crab, and standing reverse sleeper.

Running Time: 43:00
Topless Triple Treat

This topless ring wrestle first has Shannon and Niki battling Chelsea individually. Then they team up against her. The victors claim the loser's bikini bottom as a winning trophy.

Running Time: 41:00
Ring Catfight

This topless, best of three falls, wrestle and catfight, pitted dark-haired Devon against strawberry-blonde Aquel. Scissors, breast grabs, leg-locks, and chin locks highlighted the action. Each fall climaxed with a face-sit finish and the loser left bare-bottomed.

Running Time: 44:00
Her Last Pony Ride and Garbage Out

Her Last Pony Ride has dominating Raquel forcing Shannon to be her horse. A domination encounter ensues until one is subdued. Garbage Out features Rachel against masked intruder Niki. This apartment battle leaves both combatants naked. The finish comes when one is scissored and face smothered into unconsciousness, then tied up by her ankles and wrists.

Running Time: 74:00
Jackson vs. Lynette

This video has the entire Jackson-Lynette match complete with: nipple twisting, flying fists, and a wicked wedgie. Poor Jackson never had a prayer.

Running Time: 61:00

Winners & Losers

Nineteen different closing segments capture the moment when victory was achieved and the aftermath defeat.

Running Time: 60:00

Lets Play Pony/Ring Domination

The first match is a topless apartment wrestle between Shannon and Rachel, both attired in pantyhose. The loser is made to serve as a trusty steed and give the winner an around the apartment pony ride.
The second match features mean mistress Raquel initiating Sasha in the ways of domination in this ring wrestle lesson.

Running Time: 70:00
Big Girls Do Cry/One Sided

The first match is a topless ring wrestle with big girl Chelsea (5'11" - 135lbs) against Niki (5'5" - 110lbs). This best of three falls match only went to two. A figure-four reverse neck scissors and reverse face-sit were the victory holds.
The next match had Chelsea squaring off against Rose (5'7" - 119lbs) in a submissions only topless ring battle. One-sided, dominating, wrestling was the highlight. Finishing submissions included: figure-four head-scissors, standing surfboard, reverse chin-lock sleeper, and waist-scissors sleeper combo.

Running Time: 50:00
Four Girl Topless Tournament

Our first Lightweight Boxing Tournament featured: Liz, Devon, and Shannon in elimination competition. Each lady boxed twice with knockdowns and knockouts recorded, until one winner emerged.

Running Time: 55:00
Ring Catfighters/Fantasy Battles

In Ring Catfighters, Aquel (5'0" - 122lbs) is matched against Lynette (5'0" - 119lbs) in this best of three falls topless ring battle. The finishing holds include a boston crab, camel clutch, and sleeper.
The second match has the evil mistress (Raquel 5'5" - 115lbs) against Wondergirl (Niki 5'5" - 110lbs). Breast and crotch grabs are highlighted until a finishing punch renders one combatant knocked-out and stripped bare. At that point the fun is just beginning.

Running Time: 54:00
Jackson Still Again!

Once again Jackson takes his chances with the Ladies of Women's World. Visiting German amazon Eternal (5'10" - 165 lbs) is the first to scissor and smother Jackson, softening him up for Aquel and still more wrestling punishment.

Running Time: 71:00
Three Custom Videos

This tape is comprised of three custom matches. The first is a professional style ring battle between good-girl champion Christine and bad-girl challenger Aquel. The second match is a hair-pulling catfight between Rachel and Niki. While the third is a strenuous locked-tight battle of brawn between Laurel and Sasha for the right to call Bill their own.

Running Time: 53:00
Domination Championship

This mixed Domination Championship combines both boxing and wrestling as the defending champion Black Mask stakes his title against two opponents. The winner is determined by accumulated points which carries the action right to the very last fall.

Running Time: 57:00
No Rules Match

Both of these best of three falls topless ring battles goes the distance. In No Rulles Match, Lynette and Devon wrestle, grab and grope in an effort to achieve victory. In Cuffed Battles, Rose and Raquel are cuffed together at the wrists and ankles. Each wrestle to attain a sleeper submission domination of their opponent.

Running Time: 59:00
No Love Lost/ The New Girl

The first match pits Beth and Niki in a three-stage topless competition: pugil sticks; boxing; and wrestling. Knockouts and a sleeper sub-mission are the outcomes.
In The New Girl, Sarah applies for a job at the gym. Veteran Rachel tests her wrestling knowledge in this topless battle to determine if she is qualified to join the Women's World Wrestling Club team.

Running Time: 62:00
Sleep Tight/Best of Three

The first match has Rachel and Devon battling topless in a best of three falls, sleeper submission match. The loser is stripped and handcuffed for good measure.
The second match is a three part topless tussle between Alexis and Niki. Both start out in fancy dresses which get ripped and torn off. Face-sit smothers decide two of the outcomes.

The third match is a nude shower battle with both combatants locked in the narrow confines of the stall.

Running Time: 59:00

Burglar Buster/Human Dumbbell

The first match has Rachel battling two masked burglars. Will our fair damsel escape from the clutches of these two evil-doers? Leave it to Rachel.
Our second match has curious Art stumbling into the gym while bodybuilders Christine and Laurel are posing. Art is a great fan of female athletes. He comes with his own tape-measure and a trove of questions. The ladies are more than happy to complete his education in the ways of wrestling and workouts. Art finds himself used as a combination dumbell and tackling dummy. Lucky Art!

Running Time: 52:00
Total Control/Dog and Pony Show

The first match involves Raquel and Rachel and some hanky-panky with husband Richard. The action starts out in the office with the two ladies dressed, then moves into the gym where lessons in domination and husbandry await the poor loser.
The second match is the classic big girl vs. little girl battle as Raquel and Alexis go at it. A face-sit smother sets the stage for a dual dose of domination. The loser is made to serve as dog-girl then pony-girl for her new mistress.

Running Time: 68:00
Sleeper Submission/Power Wrestle

If one-sided wrestling action is your interest, then both of these matches are a must. The first match has Rose and Rachel in a special sleeper submission showdown: the first to accumulate four is the winner. The end came quickly for one wrestler. And the surprise tickling finale was a bonus.
The second match features Chelsea and Raquel in topless ring action. Once again a rather one-sided romp is the result with the following finishing holds: standing head-scissors, surf-board, seated back-breaker, and sleeper. The loser is stripped and tied while the winner poses on her.

Running Time: 53:00
The Realtor/ Devonstated

In the first match Rachel is showing Raquel an apartment for rent when the two get into a name-calling, hair-pulling spat which leaves both topless. They battle from room to empty room until one is subdued and gagged with her own panties. Devon and Rashon square off in this topless best of three falls ring match. Finishing holds include: shoulder sit leg spread combo, half-Boston Crab leg breaker combo and the devastating atomic drop, which leaves the loser with a bloody nose and lip.

Running Time: 65:00
Four Girl Lightweight Competition

The lightweights of Women's World had a competitive wrestling tournament to decide a champion. Pins and submissions were used to determine the winner in four rugged matches: Beth vs. Rashon, Rashon vs. Sarah, Zora vs. Beth & Sarah vs. Zora.

Running Time: 40:00
7 Submissions Liz vs Sarah

Sarah and Liz wrestled topless through seven falls before a winner emerged. Finishing holds include: bow & arrow, neck & body cradle, reverse standing head scissors, head scissors & bearhug combo, surfboard, Boston Crab and chin-lock/sleeper combo.

Running Time: 51:30
Tall Girls Tangle

Both matches are topless submission mat wrestling, best of three falls. Finishing holds in "Tall Girls Tangle" include: figure-four leglock, abdominal stretch & over the knee backbreaker, and standing reverse chin lock/sleeper combo. Finishing holds featured in 3 submissions are: figure-four head scissor, Boston Crab and Camel Clutch.

Running Time: 51:00
Ride Em Cowboy/12 Sleeper Segments

Ride 'Em Cowgirl has Cowgirl (Sasha) and a Lawyer (Rachel) fighting for the affections of the same man. The action starts outdoors and ends in the ring. One poor lady is knocked out cold, stripped of her clothing, jewelry, and money. Then she is rode around the ring and hog-tied. Sleeper Segments contain 12 sleeper finishes. The settings are in the ring and office. The attire is: sports bra, bikini, and aerobic shoes (ring). And mini-dress and pumps (office). The final ending has one lady stripped of her clothing and left alone in peaceful slumber.

Running Time: 60:00
Competitive Mixed Wrestling

This competitive mixed wrestling video has David (5'7" - 150lbs) wrestling Shannon (5'6" - 120lbs) then Chelsea (5'11" - 130lbs). If a fast-paced even wrestling match is to your liking then this exciting video double-header is a must-see.

Running Time: 68:30
Smother Wrestling

This video contains two, best of three falls, topless, smother submission matches. Breast and face-sit smother endings are the highlights. In the end, the loser is relieved of her bikini bottom, tied by interlacing her own fingers and toes and then posed on.

Running Time: 73:00


Surrender was a best of three falls topless submissions match. In each fall the loser was stripped of her bikini bottom and tied-up with either rope or handcuffs and ankle restraints. Leg-locks, armlocks, and chin-lock combos were the highlighted finishing holds.
In Submissions Request the wrestling format was slightly different: the winner had to make her opponent submit by a specific requested submission hold. The finishing submissions included: breast scissors, bearhug, full-nelson, back-breaker, Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, and sleeper.

Running Time: 73:00

Blonde on Blonde / Seven Submissions (Sarah vs. Summer)

Blonde on Blonde featured Niki against Zora in a best of three falls topless submissions match. figure-four head scissors, reverse standing chin-lock, and face-sit smother were the winning holds employed. The finale had a naked loser propped up and posed for the camera before being finished off for good with a karate chop.
Seven Submissions pitted blondes Sarah and Summer in a seven fall battle. The seven submissions included: reverse head-scissors, arm and leg-lock scissors combo, over the knee back-breaker, reverse chin-lock back-breaker combo, Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, and sleeper.

Running Time: 52:00

Topless Tag Team / Bare Fisted Brawl

This topless tag team was a best of three falls submissions match between brunettes Brenda and Vanessa against blondes Sarah and Summer. When one side chose to bend the rules a four lady free for all ensued. Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, and a double sleeper hold were used to achieve victory.
Bare Fisted Brawl had Rose and Zora bare chested and bare knuckled. Real belly punching action was recorded. Both ladies were left bloody but only one was left standing triumphant.

Running Time: 62:00

Muscle Match

In the first match muscle-girls Sandy and Angel locked up in a best of three falls competition. The finishing holds included: reverse upside down bear-hug, figure-four leg lock, and over the shoulder back-breaker. The poor loser was left rubbing her sore back as the winner posed over her.
The second match had big bodies Michelle and Cathy squaring off. They started with pugil sticks then moved to wrestling. A final pin and submission ended the match with one lady clearly dominant and fully enjoying it.

Running Time: 65:30

3 Custom Videos

This tape consists of three custom videos. Hair Trilogy III has Rose and Zora wrestling and hair pulling in three separate segments. Tight Surrender has Sarah and Summer in dance-skins wrestling and going for the final pin. When the end comes the loser has her tights pulled straight over her bare breasts. In Muscle Bound body-builder Laurel is interviewing prospective roommate Devon. When things get nasty the two go after each other. The end result leaves one lady bound and gagged.

Running Time: 48:00


Escalation is a best of three falls topless submissions match. A vicious chin-lock, sustained Boston Crab, and devastating reverse seated sleeper are the finishing submissions.
In Racula the confrontation between Robin and Raquel concern terms of employment. When Robin is informed that she has been terminated she attacks Raquel. This seemingly one-sided battle suddenly turns when a strange metamorphosis takes place. If you like your wrestling with a bit of bite then this will serve you well.

Running Time: 68:00

10 Count Pins

This video has two topless 10 count pins matches. The first pairing is between blondes Brook and Sarah. Three straight victories made short work of one game, but overwhelmed, opponent. The second match between Zora and Devon went five falls before the loser was pinned and face sat for good measure.

Running Time: 52:00

Slave Revolt/Sleep Sleep Strip Strip

Slave Revolt is a wrestling turning of the tables when the dominating wrestler is given a sudden and surprising dose of her own medicine. Face sitting smothers followed by a strict lesson in slave training highlight this match.
In Sleep Sleep/Strip Strip Sarah and Raquel wrestle topless in a best of three falls sleeper submission match. The loser of each fall was stripped and tied up.

Running Time: 54:30

Wicked Woman/Smother me Smother You

Wicked Woman has all the makings of a one-sided romp until an unexpected maneuver turns the tide. One lady is left stripped and bound. Smother Me/Smother You is a best of three falls topless smother submission wrestle. Face-sit endings and naked, subdued losers highlight the action.

Running Time: 46:00

Smother Struggle

This topless five fall smother submissions battle features Devon and Magalie, attired in g-strings, spike-heeled sandals, sunglasses, and leather gloves. The smother finishes include breast, foot and face-sits. The end finally comes for one valiant lady as she is smother subdued, stripped, and posed over by the victor.

Running Time: 66:00

3 Mixed Custom Matches

This video contains three custom mixed matches. Male Control has Fred interrupting Raquel's workout and suffering the consequences.
In Double Tied, Jill has to work overtime as she wrestles two male opponents. In Punching Man, Mike has his back literally up against the wall as Liz lets him have it with two-fisted fury. Real punching action highlights this video.

Running Time: 57:00

The Hillbilly vs. The City Slicker and Soapy Mess

This video contains two bikini wrestling matches. In each, victory is achieved by sleeper hold and in each the loser is given a long humiliating shampoo. The first match contains Sasha (5'5" - 145 lbs) vs. Raquel (5'5" - 115 lbs). The second match contains Jill (5'6" - 135 lbs) vs. Candi (5'7" - 140 lbs).

Running Time: 51:00

Catspat Wrestle

These two topless matches combine wrestling and catfighting.
The first match is a five fall submissions wrestle/catspat. The wrestlers are Alexis (5'9" - 150 lbs) and Vanessa (5'2" - 125 lbs). The loser has her bottoms removed for good measure. The next match is the classic big vs. small lady. The wrestlers are Rachel (5'10" - 140 lbs) and Magalie (5'4" - 110 lbs). Heavy emphasis is placed on punishing head-scissors holds.

Running Time: 64:30

Submissions: Jill vs. Christine, Naomi vs. Terri

In the first match, Christine and Jill square off in a multi-submissions bikini match. The finishing holds include: figure-four leg scissors, reverse bear-hug, backbreaker, Boston Crab, Airplane Spin into a Camel Clutch, and Pile Driver.
The next match features two English ladies in a best of three falls wrestle. Finishing holds include: Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, and Sleeper.

Running Time: 67:30

Dominatrix Wrestling

The first match is a catfight/wrestle between two competing dominatrixes, Aquel (5'0" - 122 lbs) and Rachel (5'10" - 140 lbs). When one is finally subdued by face-sit smother, the tools of the trade are brought out for an intense slave training session.
The next match has an exotic dancer (Brenda) trapped between two ladies, Sandy (5'5" - 170 lbs) and Rashon (5'6" - 125 lbs) who come to collect their money. This one-sided pounding leaves the loser bloody and unconscious. The final humiliation is a message written on her belly.

Running Time: 58:00

Another Day, Another Slave / Domination Derby

This video contains two matches in which black clad and booted dominatrixes Aquel (5'0" - 122 lbs) and Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs) battle for supremacy. The second match contains Raquel (5'5" - 115 lbs) and Zora (5'8" - 118 lbs). In each match the loser is face-sat and subdued. She is then put through a rigorous lesson in obedience. Each victorious mistress employs her own slave training regimen to full effect.

Running Time: 72:00

Sleeper Battles / Sleeper Match

The first match has 14 sleeper hold finishes: seven on the mat and seven in an office. The loser in the gym is left stripped. The loser in the office is stripped, bound, gagged, and left posed atop the office desk. The wrestlers are Katie (5'6" - 115 lbs) and Zora (5'8" - 118 lbs).
Sleeper Match: Stripped and Tied is a wrestling variation of strip poker. The loser of each fall has to forfeit an article of clothing until one is left naked and tied. But just when it looks like the end, a surprise awaits. The wrestlers are Candi (5'7" - 140 lbs) and Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs).

Running Time: 62:45

Mixed Competition: David vs. Rashon, David vs. Chelsea

This video features David in two lively, action-filled, competitive matches. The first match is against a fit and toned Rashon. The second match is a rematch (see SLV-69) between David and wily veteran Chelsea.

Running Time: 50:00

Bikini Wrestle/Test of Strength

The first match is a bikini battle with ten recorded submissions including: figure-four head-scissors, standing head-scissors, Boston Crab and surfboard. The wrestlers are Jill (5'6" - 135 lbs) and Sasha (5'5" - 140 lbs). The next match is a submissions only wrestle between bodybuilders Sandy (5'5" - 170 lbs) and Theresa (5'3" - 170 lbs). The submissions include: chin-lock, Boston Crab, standing head-scissors and arm-lock combo, head-scissors and chin-lock combo, and Sleeper.

Running Time: 57:35

Boston Crab Submissions/Leg Scissor Assassin

Liz (5'3" - 110 lbs) and Zora (5'8" - 118 lbs) wrestle topless in a best of five falls match. Each wore a different set of panty-hose to start each fall. Each fall victory was achieved by Boston Crab submission. Leg Scissor Assassin features four ladies (Candi 5'7" - 140 lbs, Rachel 5'10" 140 lbs, Sarah 5'5" - 100 lbs and Zora 5'8" - 118 lbs) with an apartment house set and story-line.

Running Time: 60:30

Panty Pin Submissions/Slave Battle

Vanessa (5'2" - 125 lbs) and Zora (5'8" 118 lbs) wrestle topless in panty-hose in this best of three falls face-sit smother submissions match. Zoe (5'7" - 128 lbs) and Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs) battle while Mistress Alexis looks on. The winner must leave her opponent knocked out, stripped and tied.

Running Time: 56:30

Rope Wrestle/Three for All/Tied and Tickled

Rope Wrestle and Three For All features Candi (5'7" - 140 lbs) Rose (5'8" - 120 lbs) and Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs). They wrestle individually then in a three way romp. Two losers wind up stripped and rope tied together. Raquel (5'5" - 115 lbs) and Rashon (5'6" - 120 lbs) match up. The poor loser is stripped, tied and feather tickled until she passes out.

Running Time: 59:35

Bikini Challenge/Z Battle

Devon (5'3" - 114 lbs) and Mystery Masked Woman wrestle in a best of three falls submissions match. The loser lies naked in the center of the ring. Zora (5'8" - 128 lbs) and Zoe (5'7" - 128 lbs) wrestle topless in a best of three falls submissions match. Head scissors and a facesit smother are the finishing submissions applied.

Running Time: 69:00

SLV-95 or TPC 5/97 3 Topless Tussles

This video offers three topless matches featuring long full face pins and submissions. Devon (5'3" - 114 lbs) vs. Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs), Aquel (5'0" - 122 lbs) vs. Vanessa (5'2" - 125 lbs). This video combines great action and beautiful ladies.
*This video is a joint Anglo-American cooperative venture. For that reason the price will be $49.95. If combined in a four for $100.00 package, this tape would count as two of the four.

Running Time: 61:55

SLV-96 or TPC 6/96 Topless Competitive Wrestling

This video is part of the Anglo-American Competitive Challenge Series. The two topless matches between Sasha (5'5" - 140 lbs) and Terri (5'6" - 140 lbs) and Zora (5'8" - 118 lbs) and Naomi (5'4" - 125 lbs) were pins and submissions format. Each match was 30 minutes. The second match ends in tears for one wrestler who is finally forced to submit. *This video is a joint Anglo-American cooperative venture. For that reason the price will be $49.95. If combined in a four for $100.00 package this tape would count as two of the four.

Running Time: 58:20

Topless Smothers/Under Her Thumb

The first match between Rachel (5'10 and 140 lbs) and Rashon (5'6 and 120 lbs) is a topless best of three falls smother submissions contest: Finishing smothers include:Face-sit, breast and foot: The second match has Alexis (5'9 and 150 lbs) vs Sarah (5'5 100 lbs) in a classic big vs small lady battle: The end comes for one as she is totally dominated and smothered into submission.

Running Time: 58:30

Submission Struggles Katie vs. Rashon, Brandi, Raquel, Sarah

The first match is a topless five falls submissions struggle between Rashon (5'6"-120lbs) and Katie (5'6"-115lbs). The finishing submissions include: leg nelson, fulcrum neck scissors, eagle-surfboard, small package leg/arm lock and sleeper.The second match iks a three part wrestle. Brandi (5'4"-120lbs) first takes on Sarah (5'5"-100lbs), then Raquel (5'5"-115lbs) and then both in a special handicap match. The losers in each segment are scissored into submission, stripped and tied.

Running Time: 62:20

Cuffed Submissions

Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs) and Taylor (5'7" - 130 lbs) wrestle topless and cuffed wrist to wrist with instructions to leave their opponent knocked out, stripped, and bound. Zoe (5'7" - 128lbs) and Rachel (5'10" - 135 lbs) wrestle through seven falls. Finishing holds include: reverse head scissors, surfboards, seated back-breakers and standing chin-lock sleeper. The loser is stripped and tied and face-sat for good measure.

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