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Running Time: 68:30

A Job Well Done: Mia Vs. Rose
Office Politics: Shelli Vs. Staci

Since Mia can't keep a secret Rose has to stifle her. The ladies settle matters on the mats with the loser slowly stripped and finished off with a long head dunking. Office Politics forces Shelli to take Staci
to the mats to show her who's boss.. The stripped and K.O.'ed loser is then carried back to the office for a final punishment.

Running Time: 68:40

Blonde Pony/Brown Pony: Alex Vs. Coni
Rachel: Knock Yourself Out

Alex and Coni take turns mounting one another to see who makes for the better pony. The ultimate pony girl is then walked and ridden around the mat by her mistress. Statuesque Rachel takes on herself
in a series of shadow boxing exhibitions which leave her k.o.ed on the mats.

Running Time: 71:30

K.O. & Strip To Win: Isis Vs. Niki
Here We Go Again: Rose Vs. Shelli

Niki (5'4"-136lbs) and Isis (5'4"-129lbs) match up well together in this K.O. and strip match. With both ladies down to their g-strings a final K.O. determines our winner. Fan favorites and arch rivals Rose and Shelli tear into one another yet again until one of the ladies comes out on top.

Running Time: 77:35

Stockings & Garters Match: Best Of 7 Falls: Niki Vs. Xena
Coni Vs. Tori

Niki (5'4"-137lbs) and Xena (5'8"-131lbs) are paired in this best of 7 falls ten count K.O. match. Among the finishes used were: Atomic Drop, neck breaker, iron claw and sleeper. Coni (5'7"-118lbs) and Tori (5'4"-114lbs) were also matched in a best of 7 falls battle. Finishes included: boston crab, breast smother, iron claw with
matchbook pin, atom drop and figure-four headscissors.

Running Time: 123:00

Knockout Scenes: Volume 3
47 K.O. Scenes With 38 Different Ladies

This two hour compilation video is a knockout lover's dream come true. Among the varied K.O.'s used were: heart punch, pressure points, hand, breast and butt smothers, sleeper, iron claw, and reverse hangman. This tape counts as 2 in a four for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 78:20

Smother Submissions: Best Of 7 Falls: Coni Vs. Niki
Shelli: Kinock Yourself Out

Coni and Niki use hand, foot, breast and butt smothers to subdue their opponent in this topless best of 7 falls smother submissions match. Athletic Shelli boxes herself in a series of scenes leaving her K.O.ed and exhausted after each encounter.

Running Time: 76:30

3 Erotic Pin Scenes: Niki Vs. Shelli
30 Minutes Pins Match: Tori Vs. Kaci

Niki and Shelli match up in three separate pin encounters with the loser firmly pinned and subdued by the victor. Lightweights Tori (5'3"-112lbs) and Kaci (5'3"-110lbs), making her wrestling debut, wrestle hard and evenly in this 30 minutes pins match. After the elapsed time a sudden death overtime was needed for one lady to win.

Running Time: 71:30

Stockings & Garters Match: Alex Vs. Coni
30 Minutes Of Submissions: Niki Vs. Shelli

Alex and Coni wrestling topless were paired in this best of 7 falls Stockings and Garters match. Among the finishes recorded: matchbook pin, reverse face sit, reverse headscissors, camel clutch and sleeper. Niki and Shelli wrestle in tiny g-strings for 30 minutes. Submissions included: breast smother, boston crab, reverse face sit, & sleeper.

Running Time: 62:30

Shelli: One Fall Fight To The Finish
Coni: 3 Sleepers And You're Out!

This video features two mixed wrestling matches. In both the ladies wrestle sans clothing as they use all available
feminine assets to achieve victory.

Running Time: 122:45

Winners & Losers: Volume 45
22 Scenes With 18 Different Ladies

We roll out our 45th volume of our Winners and Losers series with all the action you have come to expect to see. This two hour plus tape counts as two in a four for $100.00 package and costs $49.95.

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