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Running Time: 68:10

Back Breakers!/Nothing Personal

Back-Breaker is a best of five falls topless match between Sasha (5'5" - 135 lbs) and Zora (5'8" - 118 lbs). All victories were achieved by painful back-breaker submission. Nothing Personal is a five falls submissions match between Rachel (5'10" - 135 lbs) and Jill (5'6" - 135lbs). The ladies wrestled in black one piece suits. Finishing holds included: head-scissors, reverse head scissors, standing head-scissors, over the knee backbreaker and Camel Clutch.

Running Time: 64:45

Submissions/The Power Ladies

Submissions (8 Falls) was a 30 minutes pins and submissions bikini wrestling match between Rachel (5'10" - 135 lbs) and Maggie (6'1" - 151 lbs). Some of the finishing holds included: grapevine, surfboard, reverse head-scissors and sleeper. The Power Ladies featured Theresa (5'3" - 160 lbs) and Aziza (5'10" - 155 lbs) in a 30 minute submissions only match. Some of the submissions used: body cradle, head & body scissors, head-lock and ankle lock.

Running Time: 61:20

Panty Bound/The Key to Victory

Panty-Bound is a best of five falls topless pins and submissions match between Vanessa (5'2" - 122 lbs) and Rose (5'8" - 120 lbs). The ladies wrestle in panty hose until the winner strips and binds the loser.
The Key to Victory is a best of three falls topless submissions match between Raquel (5'5" - 115 lbs) and Katie (5'6" - 115 lbs). The ladies are cuffed at the wrist for the first fall, then joined at the ankles and finally bound together with both ankle and wrist restraints. Finishing holds include: stomach-claw, sleeper and choke-out.

Running Time: 51:35


Enslaved is a topless face-off between Aquel (5'0" - 120 lbs) and Rose (5'8" - 120 lbs). The two segments feature a face-sit and sleeper finish. The loser is stripped and dominated. Subdued is a one fall submission match between Rachel (5'10" - 140 lbs) and Katie (5'6" - 1l5 lbs). The ladies are topless and evenly matched until one applies a finishing sleeper then claims the loser's bikini bottom.

Running Time: 51:00

Brooke vs Starr/Sandy vs Aziza

This video contains two bikini wrestling matches. Two Atlanta girls, Brooke (5'3" - 110 lbs) and Starr (5'4" - 120 lbs) match up in a lively fast-paced battle that was highlighted by great take-down action until a winner emerged. The second match was between the big body-builder ladies: Sandy (5'6" - 165 lbs) and Aziza (5'10" - 165 lbs). This rugged best of three falls submissions match featured head and body scissor and chin lock endings.

Running Time: 64:00

Overpowered/Favorite Submissions

Overpowered is a one sided topless match between Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs) and Sasha (5'5" - 135 lbs). Finishing submissions included: chin-lock waist scissors combo, reverse head-scissors, choke-out, over the knee back-breaker and Camel Clutch. The loser was further humiliated by being stripped and cuffed by the ankles and wrists.
Favorite Submissions was a best of three falls topless match between Rashon (5'6" - 120 lbs) and Samantha (5'7" - 119 lbs). Each Lady used her favorite hold to force her opponent to submit.

Running Time: 66:20

A Real Soapy Mess/Bully Girl

A Real Soapy Mess is the continuation of the running battle between Jill (5'6" - 135 lbs) and Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs). This bikini wrestle is settled with a finishing sleeper and humiliating shampoo. But then it goes one step further: the loser is stripped, bound and photographed.
Bully Girl has Sasha,(5'5" - 135 lbs) and Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs) in a topless best of three falls submissions match. The finishing holds included: over the shoulder back-breaker, leg-nelson and chin-lock. The loser was made to suffer the indignation of having her bikini bottom removed and then was gagged with it.

Running Time: 68:30

Scissor Slave/Take Her Breath Away

Scissor Slave was a topless one fall submission match between Raquel (5'5" - 115 lbs) and Samantha (5'7" - 119 lbs). A standing head scissor settled the matter but then the domination began. The loser was stripped and cuffed and continually scissored until repeatedly passing out. Take Her Breath Away was a best of five falls topless smother-submissions match. The submissions included: breast smother, foot smother, front face-sit, reverse face-sit and hand smother.

Running Time: 68:25

Frustrated/No Chance: Out Like Lite

Frustrated was a mismatch between Zora (5'8" - 118 lbs) and Aziza (5'10" - 155 lbs). Poor Zora didn't have a chance. Aziza racked up nine submissions before forcing Zora to pass out with a punishing figure-4 head scissors. No Chance: Out Like a Light was also a one-sided romp as Jill (5'5" - 135 lbs) had her way with an overmatched Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs). A final sleeper put one wrestler out of action and unable to continue.

Running Time: 48:30

Bound Moments

This special compilation video captures 6 different defeated ladies all trussed up with no where to go. The camera lingers on these beautiful losers whose restrains keep them bound tightly in defeat. There are 61 individual segments to this video.

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