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Running Time: 57:35

Boston Crab Submissions/Leg Scissor Assassin

Liz (5'3" - 110 lbs) and Zora (5'8" - 118 lbs) wrestle topless in a best of five falls match. Each wore a different set of panty-hose to start each fall. Each fall victory was achieved by Boston Crab submission. Leg Scissor Assassin features four ladies (Candi 5'7" - 140 lbs, Rachel 5'10" 140 lbs, Sarah 5'5" - 100 lbs and Zora 5'8" - 118 lbs) with an apartment house set and story-line.

Running Time: 60:30

Panty Pin Submissions/Slave Battle

Vanessa (5'2" - 125 lbs) and Zora (5'8" 118 lbs) wrestle topless in panty-hose in this best of three falls face-sit smother submissions match. Zoe (5'7" - 128 lbs) and Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs) battle while Mistress Alexis looks on. The winner must leave her opponent knocked out, stripped and tied.

Running Time: 56:30

Rope Wrestle/Three for All/Tied and Tickled

Rope Wrestle and Three For All features Candi (5'7" - 140 lbs) Rose (5'8" - 120 lbs) and Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs). They wrestle individually then in a three way romp. Two losers wind up stripped and rope tied together. Raquel (5'5" - 115 lbs) and Rashon (5'6" - 120 lbs) match up. The poor loser is stripped, tied and feather tickled until she passes out.

Running Time: 59:35

Bikini Challenge/Z Battle

Devon (5'3" - 114 lbs) and Mystery Masked Woman wrestle in a best of three falls submissions match. The loser lies naked in the center of the ring. Zora (5'8" - 128 lbs) and Zoe (5'7" - 128 lbs) wrestle topless in a best of three falls submissions match. Head scissors and a facesit smother are the finishing submissions applied.

Running Time: 69:00

SLV-95 or TPC 5/97 3 Topless Tussles

This video offers three topless matches featuring long full face pins and submissions. Devon (5'3" - 114 lbs) vs. Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs), Aquel (5'0" - 122 lbs) vs. Vanessa (5'2" - 125 lbs). This video combines great action and beautiful ladies.
*This video is a joint Anglo-American cooperative venture. For that reason the price will be $49.95. If combined in a four for $100.00 package, this tape would count as two of the four.

Running Time: 61:55

SLV-96 or TPC 6/96 Topless Competitive Wrestling

This video is part of the Anglo-American Competitive Challenge Series. The two topless matches between Sasha (5'5" - 140 lbs) and Terri (5'6" - 140 lbs) and Zora (5'8" - 118 lbs) and Naomi (5'4" - 125 lbs) were pins and submissions format. Each match was 30 minutes. The second match ends in tears for one wrestler who is finally forced to submit. *This video is a joint Anglo-American cooperative venture. For that reason the price will be $49.95. If combined in a four for $100.00 package this tape would count as two of the four.

Running Time: 58:20

Topless Smothers/Under Her Thumb

The first match between Rachel (5'10 and 140 lbs) and Rashon (5'6 and 120 lbs) is a topless best of three falls smother submissions contest: Finishing smothers include:Face-sit, breast and foot: The second match has Alexis (5'9 and 150 lbs) vs Sarah (5'5 100 lbs) in a classic big vs small lady battle: The end comes for one as she is totally dominated and smothered into submission.

Running Time: 58:30

Submission Struggles Katie vs. Rashon, Brandi, Raquel, Sarah

The first match is a topless five falls submissions struggle between Rashon (5'6"-120lbs) and Katie (5'6"-115lbs). The finishing submissions include: leg nelson, fulcrum neck scissors, eagle-surfboard, small package leg/arm lock and sleeper.The second match iks a three part wrestle. Brandi (5'4"-120lbs) first takes on Sarah (5'5"-100lbs), then Raquel (5'5"-115lbs) and then both in a special handicap match. The losers in each segment are scissored into submission, stripped and tied.

Running Time: 62:20

Cuffed Submissions

Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs) and Taylor (5'7" - 130 lbs) wrestle topless and cuffed wrist to wrist with instructions to leave their opponent knocked out, stripped, and bound. Zoe (5'7" - 128lbs) and Rachel (5'10" - 135 lbs) wrestle through seven falls. Finishing holds include: reverse head scissors, surfboards, seated back-breakers and standing chin-lock sleeper. The loser is stripped and tied and face-sat for good measure.

Running Time: 57:00

Mat Mayhem/Three for All

Rachel (5'10" - 135 lbs) and Devon (5'3" - 114 lbs) team up in a topless best of three falls submissions wrestle against Rose (5'8" - 120 lbs) and Magalie (5'4" - 110 lbs). This is a double submissions match with all four ladies on the mat at the same time. Boston Crab, Camel-Clutch, head-scissors, face-sits, seated back-breakers and sleepers are all utilized. Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs, Sarah 5'5" - 100 lbs and Taylor 5'7" - 130 lbs) wrestle each other in this three for all. The two losers wind up stripped, piled atop each other, and hog-tied.

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