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Running Time: 59:00

Burglar Buster/Human Dumbbell

The first match has Rachel battling two masked burglars. Will our fair damsel escape from the clutches of these two evil-doers? Leave it to Rachel.
Our second match has curious Art stumbling into the gym while bodybuilders Christine and Laurel are posing. Art is a great fan of female athletes. He comes with his own tape-measure and a trove of questions. The ladies are more than happy to complete his education in the ways of wrestling and workouts. Art finds himself used as a combination dumbell and tackling dummy. Lucky Art!

Running Time: 52:00
Total Control/Dog and Pony Show

The first match involves Raquel and Rachel and some hanky-panky with husband Richard. The action starts out in the office with the two ladies dressed, then moves into the gym where lessons in domination and husbandry await the poor loser.
The second match is the classic big girl vs. little girl battle as Raquel and Alexis go at it. A face-sit smother sets the stage for a dual dose of domination. The loser is made to serve as dog-girl then pony-girl for her new mistress.

Running Time: 68:00
Sleeper Submission/Power Wrestle

If one-sided wrestling action is your interest, then both of these matches are a must. The first match has Rose and Rachel in a special sleeper submission showdown: the first to accumulate four is the winner. The end came quickly for one wrestler. And the surprise tickling finale was a bonus.
The second match features Chelsea and Raquel in topless ring action. Once again a rather one-sided romp is the result with the following finishing holds: standing head-scissors, surf-board, seated back-breaker, and sleeper. The loser is stripped and tied while the winner poses on her.

Running Time: 53:00
The Realtor/ Devonstated

In the first match Rachel is showing Raquel an apartment for rent when the two get into a name-calling, hair-pulling spat which leaves both topless. They battle from room to empty room until one is subdued and gagged with her own panties. Devon and Rashon square off in this topless best of three falls ring match. Finishing holds include: shoulder sit leg spread combo, half-Boston Crab leg breaker combo and the devastating atomic drop, which leaves the loser with a bloody nose and lip.

Running Time: 65:00
Four Girl Lightweight Competition

The lightweights of Women's World had a competitive wrestling tournament to decide a champion. Pins and submissions were used to determine the winner in four rugged matches: Beth vs. Rashon, Rashon vs. Sarah, Zora vs. Beth & Sarah vs. Zora.

Running Time: 40:00
7 Submissions Liz vs Sarah

Sarah and Liz wrestled topless through seven falls before a winner emerged. Finishing holds include: bow & arrow, neck & body cradle, reverse standing head scissors, head scissors & bearhug combo, surfboard, Boston Crab and chin-lock/sleeper combo.

Running Time: 51:30
Tall Girls Tangle

Both matches are topless submission mat wrestling, best of three falls. Finishing holds in "Tall Girls Tangle" include: figure-four leglock, abdominal stretch & over the knee backbreaker, and standing reverse chin lock/sleeper combo. Finishing holds featured in 3 submissions are: figure-four head scissor, Boston Crab and Camel Clutch.

Running Time: 51:00
Ride Em Cowboy/12 Sleeper Segments

Ride 'Em Cowgirl has Cowgirl (Sasha) and a Lawyer (Rachel) fighting for the affections of the same man. The action starts outdoors and ends in the ring. One poor lady is knocked out cold, stripped of her clothing, jewelry, and money. Then she is rode around the ring and hog-tied. Sleeper Segments contain 12 sleeper finishes. The settings are in the ring and office. The attire is: sports bra, bikini, and aerobic shoes (ring). And mini-dress and pumps (office). The final ending has one lady stripped of her clothing and left alone in peaceful slumber.

Running Time: 60:00
Competitive Mixed Wrestling

This competitive mixed wrestling video has David (5'7" - 150lbs) wrestling Shannon (5'6" - 120lbs) then Chelsea (5'11" - 130lbs). If a fast-paced even wrestling match is to your liking then this exciting video double-header is a must-see.

Running Time: 68:30
Smother Wrestling

This video contains two, best of three falls, topless, smother submission matches. Breast and face-sit smother endings are the highlights. In the end, the loser is relieved of her bikini bottom, tied by interlacing her own fingers and toes and then posed on.

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